Soul Keeper: Awakening – Soul Worker Mobile Launches In China!

Soul Keeper: Awakening Launches In China

The mobile iteration of the popular Anime inspired action brawler Soul Worker Online has finally launched in China under the title “Soul Keeper: Awakening.” Like Black Desert Mobile and Blade and Soul Mobile, Soul Keeper: Awakening brings the same fast paced action gameplay from the PC’s Soul Worker over to mobile devices.

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Soul Keeper: Awakening is currently available to play from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Do note though that while the voice acting is in Japanese, everything else is in Chinese – something that could make it increasingly difficult to play.

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    Fatezzzz says:
    GOOD LUCK!zzzzz...
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    Forrest T O'Farrell says:
    I would like a free copy of the game please. Tried to click and do all the things in the list, lol. ...
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    Sniffering says:
    I REALLY want to try this game, I have been trying mmorpgs since the past two years with no success,...
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    Micheal R Richter says:
    This looks to be a promising MMO I hope to be playing this soon saying that the MMO field has been p...
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    Mike says:
    Hopefully i can get a copy, really like how the game looks ^^...