RF Project is a Monolithic Successor to RF Online

RF Project is a Monolithic Successor to RF Online

Arthdal Chronicles, Solo Leveling, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin.. and now RF Project? I don’t know where all of this momentum is coming from, but NetMarble are knocking out more MMOs and RPGs this year than I think any other developer.
And each and every single title not only looks incredibly unique, with their own specific style and aesthetic, but they’re from already established intellectual properties!

RF Project is a very different type of game to RF Online, its predecessor released back in 2004. RF was a very basic scifi MMO – a very hard game, but very basic, very traditional. It was slow. Had tab-target combat.
Honestly, it looked pretty good given when it was released. RF Project though, is taking this game in a direction nobody saw coming.
This looks like Anthem if EA hadn’t messed it up. And if Anthem were a large-scale MMO.

According to the little bit of information we have at present, Netmarble have no intention of changing the core game.
It is going to retain its science fiction theme, you’ll have large-scale Realm vs Realm PvP battles, it’s going to feature giant mechs, you’re going to be capable of wielding enormous weapons.
Although while the core game is going to be rebuilt from the ground up, they did want to stress that this is going to differ from the original to a degree – they want to introduce features into RF that were never present in previous incarnations of the game.
They were a little vague with that statement.. and that has me somewhat concerned. Netmarble might take a formula that works, and warp it into something much more predatory as has been done many times with games like Blade & Soul 2, the Lineage Mobile MMOs, Aion 2.
I’m not saying that that is the ultimate, definitive future of the game, but when they give vague statements like “we’ll keep things the same.. to build off of nostalgia, but also different enough where it’s a completely different game,” you have to wonder what the future of the game looks like to them.

Especially given this is going to be completely cross-platform compatible between PC and Mobile devices. Which, realistically, given how damn good that trailer looked, leaves me a little baffled as to how that’s possible unless it’s being built separately for each respective platform.

Regardless, the trailer looked sick. The info we have sounds good. A little concerning, but good nonetheless. I’m excited that Netmarble are developing so many different games that all look incredible in their own unique way. And I’m curious how many of them will actually turn out good games.

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