Mobile MMO & RPG News: Genshin Impact, Gran Saga, BnS Revolution, One Punch Man

Mobile MMO & RPG News: Genshin Impact, Gran Saga, BnS Revolution, One Punch Man

Alright, here we are. The beginning of a brand new month, and a ton of new info pertaining to a plethora of different mobile games.
This is the first time I’ve done this for MMOByte Mobile, but every month henceforth I plan on doing a news segment like this, talking about everything going on in the mobile world.
Hopefully in doing this, you guys can trust me to become your number 1 source for Mobile news, much like you already trust me to deliver the latest MMO news.
So, I guess let’s just go right ahead and jump right into this week’s Monthly Byte of MMO & RPG News.

ODIN: Valhalla Rising

Let’s start this off with some pretty sick news. A brand new MMORPG is in development: ODIN: Valhalla Rising. It was announced months ago as “Project ODIN,” but has recently received not only an official title, but it has a full, complete gameplay trailer and a publisher.
Yes, for those of you familiar with Kakao Games, the people behind Black Desert, you’ll be happy – or terrified with what they’re going to potentially do with the game.
The trailer showcased quite a bit of content: combat, the world, cities, NPCs, the environments, and even real-world interaction in the form of mountain scaling. While the game, interestingly doesn’t have an exact release window, it’s worth noting that they have confirmed that it will be launching within 2020. Yes, this year.

Royal Crown

Royal Crown is a brand new amalgamation of the RPG, Battle Royale and MOBA genres. The game just released onto Steam, but is completely cross-play between mobile devices, providing a large, active playerbase for players to combat.
Honestly, I’ve never really enjoyed either the Battle Royale or MOBA genres, being an MMO fan at heart but it’s worth noting that I did have some fun with Royal Crown. I have a full dedicated video of it up on the main MMOByte Youtube channel for those of you interested.
It’s definitely very reminiscent of Tree of Savior and Ragnarok Online!


For those of you highly anticipating the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG GRAN SAGA, you’ll be pleased to know that recently NPIXEL, the devs behind the game released a brand new trailer for the title, and let me assure you, it looks very impressive.
While I do have a dedicated video for it over on the main MMOByte Youtube channel, the reason I wanted to mention it in this month’s news video is due to the fact that it was revealed that even with the state of many game-releases right now, GRAN SAGA is 100% still on track to released later this year in 2020.
While the game will be releasing in South Korea as opposed to globally, it’s nice to know that it probably won’t take too much longer to get the title ourselves. Registration is not yet open, but here’s hoping they get on that soon!

Project MX

Yostar and NAT Games recently announced a brand new upcoming RPG titled “Project MX.” While very little has been revealed pertaining to the game thus far, these are the very same people behind OVERHIT, V4, Arknights and Azur Lane.
Thus far we know that you take on the role of a teacher and try to solve strange incidents that are occurring throughout the town. You’ll have access to a variety of firearms, tanks and other military-themed weaponry.
It will likely be a Gacha game considering what is present within the trailer, but we all love our Waifu collectors!

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

I actually just did a video on this last week, but there’s a brand new RPG on the market right now: Battle Divas: Slay Mecha.
Battle Divas is a new Gacha RPG: You progress through the game’s various Chapters, with each Chapter focusing on a different character in your group, you fight enemies in a tile-based semi turn-based combat system, and at the end of the day, I suggest trying this out if you haven’t already.
It’s a brand new Mobile RPG – what do you have to lose?


HIT, also known as Heroes of Incredible Tales was a hack-and-slash action RPG released on mobile devices back in 2015.
It never really found much in the way of success, but as of earlier this month it turns out that Nexon and NAT Games are working together on something super secret.
While HIT was closed last year, it seems as though they want to revive the IP and bring about a brand new HIT title in the form of an MMORPG.
Because every game these days needs to be an “MMORPG,” right? The new MMO will be developed using Unreal Engine 4, and is going to be a “complete next-gen mobile MMORPG.”

Genshin Impact

miHoYo, the devs behind both Honkai Impact and the upcoming Genshin Impact cross-platform co-op RPG have confirmed that they are holding their final Closed Beta.
Registration for the game is currently ongoing, and will close in June so if you want to jump into the world of Teyvat on either PC or mobile devices then make sure you go ahead and sign up.
I have a registration guide over here for those of you that need help, otherwise, I hope you all get to jump on in.
This test specifically is going to work on testing compatibility between PC, mobile and PS4 players, something that is sorely needed before the game officially launches later this year. Yes, they’re still slated for a 4th quarter 2020 release.

Blade & Soul Revolution

Earlier this month it turns out Netmarble, the developer and publisher of Lineage 2 Revolution opted to release Blade & Soul Revolution. Don’t confuse this with Blade & Soul 2 or Blade & Soul M, which are both being developed by completely separate companies.
Supposedly, this is a fully-fledged MMORPG unlike any other Mobile title currently available. Graphically, the title holds up well but from what I could tell, it’s more or less what Black Desert Mobile is to Black Desert Online.
If you’re attempting to play the game within North America or Europe, you’ll likely have to wait a little longer though as it isn’t currently available over here.. yet.
Additionally, the new Female Warlock was supposed to have arrived in May within South Korea, however we don’t currently have a release date planned for the West.

DK Mobile

How many of you remember DK Online? The PC MMORPG that did terribly, got shut down, was re-released, made a ton of money via Steam, and then is essentially shut down again? All in the span of.. a year I believe?
Well if you didn’t know of it, you do now. And it turns out earlier this month, Ntrance and Masangsoft announced their plans to release DK Mobile to the world, the mobile port of DK Online.
I’m sure some of the money that players no doubt spent in DK Online played a small part in this decision, alas, whether we want it or not it seems as though we’ll be getting this. They went on to detail the new classes coming to the title but little else.

One Punch Man: The Strongest

Everyone’s favorite bald superhero is coming to mobile devices as of June 2020. Yup, Saitima is making his mobile debut in the form of a brand new upcoming mobile title: “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”
A lot of players were highly anticipating the new One Punch Man mobile game, with over 2 million players pre-registering ahead of the launch.
There was a Beta test held in anticipation of the game releasing earlier this month where various content creators got to capture a lot of video footage – unfortunately I never got invited but I feel as though I’m much too small for that.
Supposedly the game will follow the original story with all of the voice actors reprising their roles from the Anime. The game will also be launching in English, which is definitely interesting considering I doubt they’ll utilize the dub voice actors.

Project SoulWorker

I know there are thousands of you that still play Soul Worker Online on PC, and there were millions of you that tried the SoulWorker Zero mobile game, but here we are, with a third iteration of the Soul Worker IP – a brand new upcoming Mobile MMORPG simply labelled “Project SoulWorker.”
Unlike SoulWorker Zero, Project SoulWorker looks as though it’s going to adapt the PC version of the game, but other than that little to no information has been revealed. I mean we don’t even have any official video footage or images yet, but this is highly exciting news!

Black Desert Mobile

Speaking of Black Desert Mobile earlier, who here remembers the Striker class? That is my second favorite class in BDO after the new Guardian. And you know what?
It turns out Black Desert Mobile is actually getting the class – and if you successfully level the character up, you’ll gain access to a variety of rewards as part of the brand new Black Desert Mobile leveling event. You have until June 9th! Which is only a little over a week away.
I don’t think the addition of the new class is enough to tempt me right now, but whenever they finally get around to releasing the Guardian class, you best bet I’ll be in there to take her for a ride.

Exos Heroes

So I’m actually in the process of recording the newly released Exos Heroes mobile RPG from LINE Games, and I’ll admit, it’s a hell of a game thus far.
The game just released onto mobile devices in a fully playable form and features a surplus of different heroes for players to spend their time collecting. 200 in total, actually. If you haven’t tried this out yet, then I urge you to take the time to. Otherwise you’ll be missing out!

Awakening Automata

Awakening Automata was actually announced back in April, but I wanted to go ahead and reiterate here that the title is a brand new upcoming 3D action Anime RPG. It doesn’t currently have a release date, and very little is known about the game.
What we do know is that it’s a futuristic side-scrolling brawler, with Humans and Androids living and working together to.. save the world I think. From aliens. Yeah, like I said, not much is known right now but the trailer looked so good I had to include this.

Luna M

Luna M has quite the troubled history. It has repeatedly been brought back from the dead, both the Luna Online PC MMO and the Luna M mobile MMO over the years, and as of May 2020, it seems as though the temporarily-dead title is coming back once again.
Apparently, T3 Entertainment have gotten rights to bring the game back from the edge of death once more. Whether or not it’ll remain alive long enough to make a profit remains to be seen, though.

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