MMORPG News: PSO2 PC, Elyon Closed Beta, Genshin Impact Closed Beta, ESO: Greymoor, ArcheAge Expansion

MMORPG News: PSO2 PC, Elyon Closed Beta, Genshin Impact Closed Beta, ESO: Greymoor, ArcheAge Expansion

We have another week filled with MMORPG News for all of you today. Lots of juicy news that will no doubt whet your appetite just a little.
So stand up, stretch those legs, and let’s jump into another Weekly Byte of MMORPG News!

Phantasy Star Online 2

Let’s start this off with what is perhaps the most important news this entire month: PSO2 is finally launching onto PC via the Microsoft Store on May 27th.
Yeah, literally in just a couple days. How epic is that? The team announced this via their Twitter account and went on to also announce a brand new Hatsune Miku vocaloid crossover event that will take place, featuring a plethora of different characters from that universe.
While there was no mention currently of a PS4 launch, it’s still expected, just.. you know: Eventually. One day.


We actually have good news concerning TERA for a change. See, a while ago Gameforge took over publishing rights for the South East Asia region, expanding their playerbase numbers substantially.
Now, as of June 4th, Gameforge will also be taking over publishing rights in Russia and all of the CIS territories, further expanding their playerbase to numbers the game may not have seen in years.
This all comes in close to their next anniversary event that features an adorable Little Red Riding Hood outfit, so if you’ve ever wondered whether or not the game is worth playing, this very well could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
Note that Gameforge publishes TERA within Europe, not North America. The North American version of TERA is completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Genshin Impact

Back on the 18th I did a video letting everyone know that miHoYo had announced their final Closed Beta date for Genshin Impact.
In preparation for this, they’ve opened up registration – meaning if you haven’t already applied to test the game out, you should. It’s unconfirmed how long this registration phase will be open for which means you should take advantage of it while it’s available.
I have instructions, including a link on how to register for the final Closed Beta which you can find if you click this link.
This Closed Beta in specific will be testing PS4 functionality, providing PC, mobile and PS4 players with cross-platform play for the first time, with hopes of fully launching the game towards the final quarter of 2020.

Elder Scrolls Online

It was confirmed earlier this month that the upcoming Greymoor DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online was going to be delayed until May 26th. You know what day it is right now, right?
Well, for me it’s Friday, May 22nd but when this video goes live, it’ll be Saturday, May 23rd. That’s just 3 days prior to the launch of Greymoor’s first chapter. What’s more interesting, though?
That Microsoft know this and have decided to launch PSO2 onto PC literally the very day after Greymoor launches, inhibiting the success the DLC would have had otherwise. Was this on purpose, or is it mere happenstance? We’ll never know, but I’m curious what you guys are going to be playing!

Project Gorgon

It’s always refreshing to see games like Project Gorgon receiving updates. Indie-developed MMOs that actually launched a product that the playerbase enjoys? Yes please.
With the latest announcement, the devs behind the game revealed that they’re hard at work on a content update that will introduce the ability to not only own, but also breed pets.
The update, specifically, is a few weeks away and will feature other enhancements like a UI upgrade, lots of bug fixes, and additional customization options. This all sounds plenty exciting! If you’ve been putting the game off for whatever reason, it might be as good a time as any to hop on in-game!


I did a video on Elyon last month, where I went on to discuss their rebrand from “Ascent: Infinite Realm,” and exactly the kind of overhaul Elyon would be.
If you want to be completely up-to-date, I recommend going ahead and watching that video, otherwise, it’s been revealed that the game is going to have a Beta test scheduled for July 25th, 2020.
We’ve already had several Beta tests for the game when it ran under the A:IR title, with Mrs Stix and I having done multiple videos on it in the past, and I hope that those accounts are still capable of accessing the Beta test in South Korea in July so we can capture footage of the game in its current form.
Beta registration will be open next month, and we’ll have instructions on how to apply for the Closed Beta on this website!

Blade and Soul

This is the perfect time for Blade and Soul to be receiving an update, considering this is one of the MMOs we’re currently streaming over on Twitch.
Not only will we be able to experience the launch of the Steel Bonds with all of you on stream, but – well, yeah. That’s the announcement, actually. The Steel Bonds update for Blade and Soul was released on Wednesday, May 20th.
While we haven’t had the ability to reach that point in the stream play-through yet, we hopefully will soon. This update in question will feature the next part of the Steelbreaker raid along with a brand new outfit.
There will be new weapon upgrades, new material to upgrade with, and.. yeah. If you’ve been absent from Blade and Soul for whatever reason, this is as good as any opportunity to jump in-game and try it out.


Closers rarely receives updates anymore, but here we are, with the game receiving an extension to their recent Busan content update in the form of a new Chapter 2, increasing the level cap up to 88 and featuring not only new content, but also new costumes and new events to help players reach the new level cap.
I wish there was more to talk about but that’s pretty much it with Closers.


TERA, Blade & Soul, and now Aion.. man this brings back memories. Reminds me of a time I used to do these news updates and every week there would be some form of update for these titles.
So, on May 27th, the next chapter is coming for the North American iteration of Aion, with changes to various zones – changes I’m sure you guys didn’t actually want, but are no doubt receiving. Or maybe this is an update you do want?
Regardless, with the alteration of a plethora of zones, we’re also receiving additional instances to explore and plunder like the Chaotic Vale and Altar of Ascension. Oh, and as always you can bet there are new weapons, new runestones, gemstones, and gear to grind out.
We also got a brand new cinematic trailer to accompany this news dump, so that’s pretty cool!


ArcheAge is getting a brand new content update next month on June 11th! If you felt as though there wasn’t really much to do recently, you’ll be glad to know that the new Garden of the Gods expansion was announced last week and it comes with a brand new trailer.
Granted, the trailer kinda looks like they hired someone from Fiverr to put it together, but hey, that’s alright! I’m sure all the money from the Unchained purchases went somewhere important!
The new expansion in question is going to introduce a new zone that brings with it 59 new quests, which.. probably won’t take too long to progress through but it’s new content and that’s what’s important!
Additionally, ArcheAge Unchained is providing players another free-trial opportunity, meaning that if you wanted to try the buy-to-play iteration of the game, this is your chance to get it completely free!

Dragon's Prophet / Savage Hunt

If you play either Dragon’s Prophet or Savage Hunt then you’ll be sad to learn that Gamigo is actually shutting down both games within Europe.
While neither MMO really took off, they were both very unique, interesting MMOs to play through launched back in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Yet even though the games are going to shut down, they will live on forever in our memory. And in video-form since I have videos done on them in the past!

And that’s it. That is all the MMO news that has been brought to my attention over the course of the last 2 weeks.
If you know of anything I missed, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Instagram with the link so I can talk about it.

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