MMOARPG Path Of Exile Adds Pokemon Feature In New Update?!

Time To Become A Pokemon Master In The 3.2.0 Update For Path of Exile!

Will you become a Pokemon Master in the new Bestiary league 3.2.0 update coming for Path of Exile!

So with Path of Exile’s new patch you will be able to capture almost every creature within the game world.. of course you won’t be using a Pokeball, instead you’ll use an electrified net that you will throw over your target. There is no guarantee that you’ll capture it upon your first attempt however,
so it is recommended that you weaken it before any attempts to capture it even enter your thoughts. Do note that you should kill off any other creatures around that might want to interfere with your new conquest! Once captured, they’ll be transported away by professor Oak, I mean a mysterious NPC.. and stored in you personal horror filled zoo. Once your new slave is there you can look over at what you’ve achieved as you ask yourself why you decided to capture the weird zombie with its flesh falling off… yuck.

Your new companions aren’t just there for show, or for bragging rights, no! They actually serve a.. purpose, of sortsas you are able to use them ascrafting ingredients.

With this new patch you’ll gain access to your own unique bestiary that will keep track of every creature you’ve captured and how many of them you have remaining in your zoo.

Once you’ve got enough of the required.. materials you can then sacrifice them – however.. it does not utilize traditional crafting mechanics one would find in a normal MMORPG, instead you are sent into an arena where are required to engage your sacrifices in combat – having to fight all of your sacrificial ingredients simultaneously and emerge victorious. If do emerge the victor, the crafting will end successfully with the sacrifice being complete. Lose the battle and you will fail the sacrifice – the monsters returning to the wilds from whence they came. Do note, however; if the fights are proving to be too difficult to handle alone, as there is the potential to leave you engaged with quite a few monsters in tandem, there will be an option to have a friend accompany you!

Now this is just a very minute part of the additional content 3.2.0 adds into the game, which is actually quite incredible. It is no wonder Path of Exile is the #1 Action RPG of 2017.

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