Lost Ark Introduces Brand New Striker Class

Lost Ark Introduces Brand New Striker Class

While we wait for Amazon Game Studios to finally announce an official release date for Lost Ark (other than “sometime in 2021”,) Smilegate revealed that they had a brand new class ready for South Korean players.

New classes are always fun, right? They breathe new life into a game, providing players the ability to re-roll and visit areas, along with content they likely haven’t for months or years – and often, they look and play pretty damn good.

In Lost Ark’s most recent March update, Smilegate went ahead and introduced the new male Striker into the MMORPG just a few days ago on March 17th.

That should give players something to look forward to and waste some time in over the course of the year while we wait for Amazon Game Studios to release the game over here in North America and Europe. For those of you that want to play Lost Ark right now, I have a guide for how to play Lost Ark in English, which you can watch either above, or by clicking the link directly to our written guide.

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