Gran Saga Closed Beta Announced!

Gran Saga Closed Beta Announced!

There are a couple different MMORPG’s I know a lotta you guys are keeping your eyes on, and Gran Saga is one of them.
You’ll be happy to know then that Closed Beta registration has just begun for the game – this was announced both via their official Youtube channel, and via their social platforms.

I have a guide on how to pre-register for the closed beta if you’re interested in applying, all you gotta do is click the button below to be taken directly to it!

So, Gran Saga is one of the upcoming Anime MMOs that people are excited for. Blue Protocol, Tower of Fantasy, Gran Saga. Yeah there are other upcoming MMOs to look forward to but these 3 are going to compete for which holds the title of #1 Anime MMO – Blue Protocol from Japan, Gran Saga from South Korea and Tower of Fantasy from China.
Pre-registration for the game opened yesterday on September 9th and will be held until September 20th 2020.
Do note that this Closed Beta in specific is going to be held within South Korea as opposed to globally, but that in no way means that there won’t be a global Closed Beta being held next year, nor does it mean that they are putting priority on a South Korean release.
They’ve confirmed that a global release will be coming towards the end of 2021, at the latest the beginning of 2022. This was officially confirmed by the devs themselves.

I guess I should take this opportunity to mention that they released a small 30-ish second trailer for the Closed Beta test, too, since I’d forgotten about it up until this point.
So let’s go ahead and watch it real quick.

As you can tell, or rather, as should’ve already been evident, Gran Saga is an MMORPG. It’s a cross-platform MMO, yeah, between both PC and mobile devices, but much like Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, I believe this is being made for PC players in mind as well.
They’ve released several trailers thus far detailing quite a bit of the game. One was a full cinematic story-trailer, but the others showcased much more of the game, the world, the combat and what we have to expect from it.
This is a game that utilizes full action combat, providing players a plethora of different abilities to cycle through unleashing havoc upon your enemies. And while the combat definitely looks very impressive, the skill effects look even better.
Yet at the same time, while NPIXEL, the team behind Gran Saga have confirmed this will be a full MMORPG, as in, Massively Multiplayer, we’ve never seen more than a single person on-screen at any given time.
You’d have figured that when they’re this close to their Closed Beta, they would be showcasing what most people want to see, right? Content that features large groups of players all actively engaging in and participating in it together.
Nevertheless, the game is supposedly completely open-world, providing large zones for players to explore, to take quests in, to fight world bosses in.

One issue I’ve found with every trailer, including the Closed Beta trailer, is that they always show the player avatar as an actual character. The blonde girl, the generic brown haired guy, purple haired woman.
While yeah, we get to see them in various different outfits throughout the trailers, what I’m curious of is why they’ve never shown us any form of character customization.
When Tower of Fantasy released their trailer, they showed off their customization options right away. They even went a ways to do a dedicated customization trailer, showcasing the large variety of options you could use to create your masterpiece.
Gran Saga hasn’t. This is an MMORPG but we haven’t seen several of the aspects that make it feel like an MMORPG. Which is concerning, at least to me.
Again, they’ve confirmed that this is 100% an MMORPG so I’m not doubting that, I just want to be shown how much of an MMO it is. Is that just me? Or do any of you feel the same way?
And if there is no customization – does that mean the classes are instead going to function like heroes? ’cause while I can see how that might potentially work, I don’t like the idea of not having control of my characters’ aesthetics, so I really hope they elaborate on that a little.

Regarding the Closed Beta, the devs also announced that they’ll be holding a giveaway – with 100 Google Gift Cards worth around $40 each up as reward.
You can find out more about that on their website.

But this is it. The game’s finally about to be playable for the first time. We’ve been waiting all year for this and it’s almost time.
I’m excited to try out Gran Saga, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve done several videos on this game over the course of the year and I love the aesthetic look and feel of the game.
Hopefully you guys manage to jump through the hoops to pre-register for the Closed Beta, but if not, this is the first of several, more than likely. So don’t fret! You’ll get another opportunity to in the future.

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