Gamigo Announce Brand New MMORPG

Gamigo Announce Brand New MMORPG

Whenever I hear the name “Gamigo” I laugh. Because honestly, they’ve published more failed MMOs than any other company in recent memory.
And while Nexon, Gameforge, and a ton of other publishers are all equally as bad as one another, only one publisher is known as “The MMO Graveyard.”
And that is Gamigo.

So, Gamigo is in the headlines right now. Well, okay, they’re not really “in the headlines.” But they’re being actively discussed right now due to the fact that they just announced in the last month their upcoming “innovative new sandbox MMORPG” that, in their words, already has a “growing community.”

Now I’m gonna be real with you all for a moment. When I received an email from Sebastian Halamuda using an official Gamigo email on November 4th.. I wrote it off as spam.
I mean, the title was “A new MMO approaches,” and included a clickable link to a website “” – that’s about as suspect as emails come. I sent them an email back asking for them to elaborate on it, so I could cover it in more detail.
I mean, if it’s legit, I feel like they’d be more than happy to discuss it. Even if I needed to sign an NDA. However, since November 4th I haven’t heard anything back from them.
Again, I wrote this off as spam. But, it has since been confirmed that this is, in fact, a brand new upcoming title.

Now, according to their financial report, Gamigo obtained 2 new licenses. The first game is Fantasy Town, a mobile game that will likely end up largely ignored. The second, however?
Well, they go on to state: “the newly licensed game is an innovative open world sandbox MMORPG that already has a growing community. Gamigo has acquired the worldwide IP rights for PC and console while it is currently only available for PC.
The game is MGI’s largest licensing deal to date. Already in November 2021, gamigo started the promotion of the game with a teaser campaign without revealing the name.
Information about the campaign can be found at: The management expects further game licenses in the coming quarter to further strengthen the company’s organic growth by increasing the pace of its portfolio expansion.”

So what we can gather from that is that this is the largest deal Gamigo has ever had. Even larger than their deal with the ArcheAge intellectual property. So theoretically, this game is potentially even larger than ArcheAge in scale.
This is going to be a sandbox MMO. It also already has a community of players – or fans at the very least. Which means that this is either a project that is nearing completion, or it is an MMO that is already complete and merely needs a Western publisher.
Either way, this is good news for us as MMO players.
What’s even better is the fact that, in their words, “Gamigo has acquired the worldwide IP rights for PC and console, while it is currently only available for PC.”
Meaning that this is an MMO that is built for PC right now, but Gamigo have every intention of porting the game on over to console as well.
I’m honestly not entirely certain how they’d manage that, as Gamigo haven’t shown themselves to be competent at.. well, anything other than pushing their own players away from their games.

Now Gamigo are being purposefully vague with this. They want to play the “mystery” card, and hope to draw as much attention to it as they can.
Although with how little they’ve actually revealed.. players are more irritated than anything else. I mean a month later, we don’t even have a title for the game.
I get if they don’t want players to know what they’re working on, but if this is an already existing game, which it definitely seems to be, then… they should just tell us.
I guarantee you they’ll find more success with their advertising campaigns if players actually know what to expect.

Now they don’t currently possess a definitive release date for the game. We can hope it’s some time in 2022, but until they confirm, we’re going to be left in the dark.
We also don’t know if it’s a Western MMO or an Eastern. But given how few Western MMOs are developed, it’s a safe bet to assume it’s some type of Eastern MMO that has yet to release in the West.
Maybe something like Moonlight Blade? Justice Online? Or they’ll bring back a long-since dead MMO and revitalize it with an overhaul. Who knows.

What do you guys think?

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