ArcheAge Information

ArcheAge is a free-to-play MMORPG.

It utilizes high quality tab-target combat, and one of the most advanced class systems in a free MMO, allowing players to fully customize their style of play in ways that are normally unavailable.

Title: ArcheAge
Status: Released
Graphics: 3D
Developer: XL Games
Publisher: Gamigo
Playerbase: Medium
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The game utilizes a large, open sandbox world, allowing players huge areas to explore, plenty of quests to do, open-world PvP and overall exploring.

There are dungeons, raids, and various PvP modes to engage in.

ArcheAge is one of the highest quality free MMORPGs available right now. While the publisher may be killing the game, and it may be overrun with pay to win, the game at its core is one of the best around.

Video Review - Is ArcheAge Worth Playing?

Operating System: Windows XP / Sp3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8000 series 512 MB / Radeon HD 4000 Series or better
Hard Disk Space: 40GB

Operating System: Windows XP / Sp3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
CPU: Intel Core i5
Video Card: nVidia GTS250 1GB / Radeon HD 4850 1GB
Hard Disk Space: 40GB

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  • author image
    3yearsAAUPlayer Reply
    Feb 21, 2021 @ 13:11 pm

    Its not worth playing anymore because of the unbelievable level of greed and scams perpetrated by XL/gamigo. AAU IS PAY TO WIN and you will never be able to catch up to top players. Gamigo/XL is going forward with server “evolution”, its just a server merge, going down to 4 servers on EU. Here’s the catch: They made people pay for server transfers 30 days before this. What was the point of making us buyi server transfers if you were going to merge them servers in less than a month ?? Also, people paid access to fresh start servers and now they are merging the fresh starts with the other servers. And did I mention they started implementing pay to win items in the cash shop ?
    On AAU you get more labor (like about 35 labor pots more in the paid archepass column) if you pay real money for the archepass upgrade tickets. If they needed money to run the game all they needed to do was make AAU subscription based without the pay to win elements. Talk about idiots managing a game.

    Why people left the game:
    1. XL promises that all future contents would be free if we purchased the game once: FAKE. Garden of the gods and future DLC was as paid DLC.
    2. No pay to win items in the cash shop: The idiots definition of pay t o win is: any items which= can be obtained in game is not pay to win. But labor recharges in paid archepass instantly makes it paytowin. Also, if some one buys something which I have to spend like 3 weeks to get via coins which are gainable via only apass, that’s pretty pay to win to me. Ex: You buy mailbox with cash, I buy it with dilligence coins. Now you can buy another item 80 labor pots with those 400 dilli coins you saved, meanwhile i need to grind my butt off for another 400 dilli and the cycle repeats …
    3. Why the hell you sell paid server transders when you were going to merge the server anyways ?? (scam)
    4. After server merge you will not get any land if you are low GearScore or not be able to go online on that day, I guarantee you.
    5. They destroyed a lot of great classes because they were too “overpowered” which makes ” Archeage letsyou to do anything” promise null and void.
    6. Whatever you do, high Gear Score players WILL one shot you and it may be your own faction player !

    Stay away from this scammy company/publisher, they do not deserve our money or respect !

  • author image
    Elle Reply
    Nov 12, 2021 @ 2:45 am

    I’ve only been playing a little over a year on Akmit server, which I believe is the less populated of the 2 main servers. I started AAU because Aion did away with crafting & I wanted a pretty world with a complex crafting system to satisfy my OCD needs. I was actually amazed at how much more game I got. While I agree with a lot of what the previous comment says, I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I focused on economics & crafting, & it took awhile but I found really choice property locations. I met some really nice people & joined their guild; I’ve normally only played MMOs that my RL friends were playing but AAU solo has been anything but lonely for me. Group sport fishing, playing music together, trade pack runs… maybe I got lucky.

    As far as XP, I have actually never completed my race quest & I’m Ancestral 30 something. I don’t even know. I keep leveling from crafting, farming, gathering etc. I’m still not even halfway through my list of things I want to do/acquire. When I 1st started, the learning curve was pretty steep. There’s SO MUCH CONTENT, at least for me. There’s still stuff I don’t quite understand.

    I’m told there’s a server merge coming, which I’m unhappy about. It means I’ll lose all my precious land. It took me so long to find the right spots. But I’ll wait until after the dust settles to decide if I want to stay or go. So far though, very happy with this game. =)

  • author image
    3yearsAAUPlayer Reply
    May 29, 2022 @ 4:55 am

    OMG! Kakao actually managed to fix Archeage Unchained !!

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