BLUE PROTOCOL: Changes are Coming due to Player Feedback

BLUE PROTOCOL: Changes are Coming due to Player Feedback

Since doing my last video, the Blue Protocol team released a large, all-encompassing news article on their website discussing player feedback, general thoughts and their opinions on changes and direction for the upcoming Closed Beta.
I want to take some time today to discuss all the changes with you guys – and attempt to condense it into as digestible a format as I can.

Before I do though, if you’re haven’t already, then I have a guide showing you how to apply for the Closed Beta.

Now, the Blue Protocol team are going to be holding their next livestream on Thursday, February 20th at 8PM GMT+9. You’ll have to convert that time to whatever timezone you’re in, but it’ll likely be several hours after this video goes live.
In it they’re going to be further elaborating on the game, with one final livestream going live ahead of its Closed Beta launch next month.
Now, they have broken the update into several parts: Character Creation, Combat, Classes, Exploration, Sound, Dungeon, Questing, UI, and Crafting. I’m gonna go ahead and merge some of these together to make it a little easier to digest.

Character Creation

Initially, during the Alpha test the character customization was somewhat limited. During the Closed Beta, they’re going to be adding additional hairstyles, alterations to current hairstyles, facial options like scars, and makeup.
Additionally, they’re providing further customization to character bodies, allowing you to set the minimum height lower than what was previously available. Yes, that likely means loli characters are probably going to be creatable now.
They’ve also added body shapes, with additional body types and face types in the future. They also have plans on expanding customization options periodically throughout the course of the development process.
Finally, there will be costumes in-game, with accessories capable of being worn on additional body parts in the future, such as head, eyes, cheeks, ears and up to 7 other slots.


They’re currently working on quite a few enemy-related AI changes. Players reported that the enemies seemed relatively weak, easy and required no strategy to engage.
To combat this, they’re working on having enemies team up more commonly, adding new types of damage, and even scaling damage all together to make encounters more threatening and dangerous.
They’ve added the option to disable special effects for skills if they’re too flashy. They’ve made changes to both the climbing animations and running animations after hearing the negative feedback from players.
Sprinting will now automatically sheath your weapon. They’ve changed how enemy aggression is displayed. It’s also been confirmed that enemies will not drop weapons, instead, dropping materials to craft items to strengthen weapons and other items.
During the Alpha, players were grouped with higher level players that made dungeons too easy. Going forward, content in dungeons will scale your level and gear down to an appropriate level.
Dungeons were also buffed for full 6-man groups. After completing a dungeon, you’re sent to the last town you were in, as opposed to the last map you were in. This is different for main scenario dungeons.


Each class has had a new skill added to their repertoire.
The Aegis Fighter has a Holy Attribute AoE, the Twin Striker has a Fire Attribute skill, the Blast Archer has an Earth Attribute CC skill, and the Spell Caster, like the Twin Striker has a Fire Attribute skill.
There have been “builds” added, allowing for players to choose a route to take for their character.
To compliment this, new skill points have been added to allow further growth in your direction of choice – such as a tanky Aegis Fighter or a high damage Aegis Fighter.
In the Alpha, you could only take a single class advancement quest. In the Beta, you’ll be able to take the advancement quest for all classes. They’re also planning on making dungeons easier to complete for solo players that can’t find a party.


They finally decided to add fall damage, which is one of the most commonly complained about things during the Alpha. They altered the detection range for enemy monsters, along with their spawns.
Due to this change, they’re not making alterations to stamina delpetion while in combat. They’ve added additional warp portals, however neglected to elaborate on how many exactly. They’re reducing the time it takes to gather.
They’re also working on improving sounds during combat, and altering various types of music found throughout the game.


When within towns, HP bars are now going to be hidden, along with the ability to hide your weapon. There’ll also be the option of displaying the HUD while out of combat outside of towns.
After considering enabling the map to remain open while moving, they’re opted to make no changes. However, Urgent Missions, which are now called Challenge Quests will be displayed on the minimap.
Additionally, there will be no minimaps within dungeons due to the design choices. Wait times for Warp Portals have been reduced from 10 seconds down to 5 seconds.
Since Blue Protocol utilizes segregated zones and channels, players within parties will get priority when entering new areas. Finally, they’ve added customization options to enable you to have more freedom over the look of your UI.

In the upcoming stream, they’re going to talk about additional Closed Beta content, raids and raid bosses, the PvP Arena, class roles and skills, the story, mounts and new areas. But otherwise, that’s all the information we have regarding the game since the last time I spoke about it.

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    Minifuzie Reply
    Feb 20, 2020 @ 9:00 am

    Do you know if Blue Protocol will also be playable on the European servers?
    would be sad if not :C

  • author image
    Jameson Reply
    Feb 20, 2020 @ 12:05 pm

    Watching the live stream now. The dev are having an Q&A with followers.

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