Blue Protocol Announces New Closed Beta in November!

Blue Protocol Announces New Closed Beta in November!

Bandai Namco just held their most recent live stream earlier this week and with it revealed they’re entering into a brand new Closed Beta test phase. This took players by surprise, as other than some brief character customization updates via Twitter, the Blue Protocol team have been relatively quiet. Pre-registration for the Closed Beta test is currently open, and will remain open until October 26th, 2020, at 11:00AM. This test will, much like the first Closed Beta and the Alpha test before it, be limited to players that live within Japan exclusively, and have a Bandai Namco ID. This is easy to get around though simply by using a VPN, which most MMO players have in this day and age.

The purpose of this brand new Closed Beta test is to get an accurate gauge on the new match-making tweaks the team is in the process of testing. Everything else: Classes, areas, gear will all be the very same from the Beta test, however, it’s worth noting at the same time that all content that doesn’t revolve around the match-making and the dungeons specifically will be inaccessible.
There will be a grand total of 15,000 applicants allowed to participate in the Closed Beta, with players being chosen via lottery if more than 15,000 players apply.

We have a guide available on how to go about registering for the Closed Beta test for players that are interested, otherwise, we’ll see you all in-game sometime soon!

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