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Awakening Automata is a Brand New Upcoming Anime RPG

Do you like Anime waifus? ’cause I like Anime waifus.

Actually, you know what? That’s a stupid question, as who am I kidding. Of course you guys like Anime waifus. Who DOESN’T like Anime waifus? Or even Anime husbandos?
Now I know plenty of you still love both Honkai and Genshin Impact. They’re kinda.. staples of the cross-platform Anime gaming genre at this point, right?
Not only do they both look great, have plenty of lore, strong narratives, but also provide players some fantastic combat, intriguing worlds to explore and.. well. The waifus. I mean, come on. Look at them.

So I’ve been following this since it was announced last year, and I just realized there’s brand new footage for the game available.
Not only can we get a look at the game for literally the first time, but we’ll then possess a means with which to discuss what we saw.

A beta test was held for the game earlier this year in April. I’m not sure how extensive this test phase was, as I didn’t get to participate in it. Nevertheless, from what I’ve read from the official synopsis, Awakening Automata is a Japanese 3D action Anime title.
It features a narrative that takes place in the future, where Humanity receives data from Jupiter concerning a prehistoric civilization and the acquisition of the “automata technology.”
The player, us, get to take on the role of a “coordinator,” a special type of human being that possess the unique ability to adapt and control Automata. You’ll take control of these dolls and lead them back to Earth to retake it.

Or.. knowing you guys, do weird things with them. Yes, I know you. I see the types of things you guys retweet. The types of images you search Google images for. Or Gelbooru.

As far as I can tell from the last beta test, the game features fast action combat and plays much like Dungeon Fighter Online or Closers Online, utilizing a horizontal movement system across the field.
Outside of what little players got to participate in during the beta test, not much more is known.

Awakening Automata Release Date?

We don’t have a confirmed release date yet, but it is expected sometime during 2022 at the earliest.
The game hasn’t been confirmed for a global release yet, but given this is a Japanese game, it would be a missed opportunity if they opt to disregard us Western players.

Regardless…. this game legitimately looks sick. And I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Awakening Automata Pre-Registration?

Pre-registering for the next Beta test phase of Awakening Automata is simple. Just click the button below to be taken to the pre-registration page!

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