Amazon Adds 34 New Regions for Lost Ark Players

Amazon Adds 34 New Regions for Lost Ark Players

On October 29th, a user named Max Bacon made a thread in the Lost Ark Steam Community that went on to claim that SteamDB, a website I use to track regular updates for MMOs via the platform, just added in a slew of new supported countries. 34 in total, we find out later on in the thread.
While your country may not be included in the additional countries that now have access to the upcoming MMO, I would advise you hold tight as there has been no confirmation that they’re done expanding the list of available, supported regions.

Initially, people were of the impression that Amazon had just updated the regions available to purchase the Lost Ark packs, but shortly after, Roxx, one of the developers that moderate the Lost Ark community over on Steam made an official confirmation.

Bumps because why not spread the news 🙂 With Closed Beta just around the corner, we have some exciting information to share. While working alongside Smilegate RPG to bring Lost Ark to new audiences in North America and Europe, our teams heard loud and clear that players in other regions were eager to venture into Arkesia. To ensure that this beloved game can be enjoyed by more players, we’ve collaborated with Smilegate RPG to add Estonia, Latin America, and Oceania (for a total of 34 new countries) to the list of regions that will have access to Closed Beta and at launch in early 2022. We’re ecstatic to welcome in additional players from around the world, and hope you’ll join us for the adventures ahead. Please stay tuned to our website next week for details.

Evidently, Amazon and Smilegate are definitely listening to players, trying to get as many of us into the game as they possibly can. The more regions that support Lost Ark, the more money they’ll make after all. They gain absolutely nothing from locking players – entire regions from accessing the game.
Now if we navigate on over to the SteamDB page in specific, you’ll find a list of every region that currently supports the game. Do note that the regions shown are subject to change as we continue to close in on the release date of the game within the next few months, with additional regions likely being supported over time.

As you should be well aware, the Closed Beta for Lost Ark is going to take place from November 4th at 9AM PST through until November 11th at midnight.
If you’re looking to get into the game, then this is your chance to. If you’d instead like to try the game out without the need to pay for Closed Beta access, then I have a guide on how to play the game from Russia using a fan translation.

Regardless, this is exciting news for Lost Ark players. I’m from Australia, so this is promising to see my home obtain access to the game. I hope we get Oceanic servers, though, as playing the game with 300 to 400 ping is going to make PvP impossible.

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