5 Best Tips to Train Your Herblore Skill in Old School Runescape

How to Train Your Herblore Skill in Old School Runescape

Herblore is a member’s only skill centered on herbs and the brewing of potions. As of this year, OSRS has around 47 different potions, all with different effects. At level 99, players are veritable masters of potion-making, and here’s how to reach that title.

Levels 3-15: Attack Potions

Eighty-seven attack potions will raise your Herblore from 3 to 15. Mix a guam leaf and eye of newt in a vial of water for 25 experience per potion. The method is likely to result in loss of gold but will take only about two minutes.

Levels 15-26: Strength Potions

At level 15, you may want to start making a hundred and twenty-seven strength potions. It will bring your level up to 26 and might take around five minutes. Each potion requires a vial of water, tarromin, and limpwurt root, and will give 50 experience. Alternatively, you may buy unfinished potions in the GE, which is faster and more convenient. However, this is expensive, so if you’re short on gold, be content with the vials of water.

Levels 26-38: Energy Potions

After making all those strength potions, it’s time to move on to energy potions. It’s also around this point when Herblore starts getting expensive. The potion needs a vial of water, harralander and chocolate dust or bars. To ease the burden on your wallet, you may collect chocolate dust at the Gnome Stronghold, or crush bars yourself. Mixing an energy potion gives 67.5 experience per potion, and you’ll need 322 to reach level 38.

Making Tars

At level 38+ opportunities open, one of which is making tars. The method is quite expensive, but it’s also very hands off. You can AFK it, with only the necessary movement of the camera to keep yourself from being logged out. Since tars have limited use (either as ammunition for the black and red salamanders or as bait), this method will result in much OSRS gold loss. It also doesn’t give much experience but being AFK-able might be a plus for those busy players.

Herb Cleaning

Herb cleaning won’t give much experience, but depending on the herb being cleaned, much profit can be made. It’s a click-intensive method, and the most ideally efficient player can clean up to 48K herbs an hour. Assuming you’re always cleaning Torstol herbs, that means 720K experience per hour, with a profit of about 220K! Of course, that’s just the ideal.

An average player only has a rate of about 10K herbs an hour, but that still nets you 150K experience and about 460K profit (still assuming you’re cleaning only Torstol herbs). Different herbs give different experience when cleaned. However, the process is quite tedious in long stretches of time.

Potion Making

If you want to, you can continue making potions. However, choose wisely which potion you’ll make because most of them are expensive to create, yet cheap to sell. Research carefully which potions are currently selling well, and you may even turn in a profit while leveling your herblore!

Here is a list of potions that will usually turn in a profit, while also giving much experience.

  • Prayer potions (requires level 38)
  • Super attack potions (requires level 45)
  • Super energy potions (requires level 52)
  • Super strength potions (requires level 55)
  • Anti-fire potions (requires level 69)
  • Ranging potions (requires level 72)
  • Stamina potions (requires level 77)
  • Saradomin brews (requires level 81)
  • Extended anti-fire potions (requires level 84)
  • Super combat potions (requires level 90)
  • Anti-venom+ potions (requires level 94)

A Few More Instructions

To unlock the Herblore skill, the quest ‘Druidic Ritual’ should be completed. As an alternative to making potions, you may do the ‘Jungle Potion,’ ‘Recruitment Drive,’ ‘Zorge Flesh Eaters,’ ‘Shades of Mort’ton,’ ‘The Dig Site,’ and ‘Eadgar’s Ruse’ quests. Completing these quests can raise your Herblore levels to 30+. The quests ‘My Arm’s Big Adventure,’ ‘Grim Tales,’ ‘Fairytale II – Cure a Queen,’ and ‘Heroes Quest’ will also raise the skill’s level.

Make sure to use an Amulet of Chemistry to save gold while leveling Herblore. It has the effect of a 5% chance to give an extra dose of the potion you’re making. It provides five charges before disappearing. Using the amulet when brewing a potion that is more than 1/5th of the amulet’s price can save you millions of coins. That’s a big deal with Herblore’s tendency to be expensive to level while not turning much of a profit.

If you have enough Farming levels, you may grow your own herbs to clean or use in brewing. It is somewhat time-consuming but might be worth the effort to save money.

Happy leveling!

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