Zenimax Bans Raid Group After Reporting Exploit in The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Bans Raid Group After Reporting Exploit in The Elder Scrolls Online

According to both Reddit and the official Elder Scrolls Online forums, a veteran group of raiders were reportedly banned recently after they reported an exploit to Zenimax.

Interestingly enough, there was.. an omission of certain information pertaining to the events that lead to their ban – And that is that according to Customer Support, the group in question were taking advantage of or utilizing that exploit for an undisclosed period of time before reporting it.
While it’s impossible to ascertain which of the two groups was truly in the wrong – with some players attempting to crucify Zenimax, claiming “so we can’t report bugs or exploits now?” and others noting how Zenimax typically only bans players when they are warranted.

One of Zenimax’s staff even came forward and replied to the Reddit thread stating “In general, if you come across a major bug in ESO, the best course of action is to not take advantage of it (doing so is considered exploiting).
Please stop whatever you’re doing and report it to us via /bug in-game, or messaging a ZOS team member on our forums or even here on reddit.”

This alludes to the fact that the group that reported the exploit may have done a little more than merely report it and move on. A user on Reddit, (eunit250) even went on to claim “They were exploiting it before they reported it and were caught streaming the exploit on twitch.”

How much of all of this is true remains to be seen, however, it’s definitely concerning should the reports of unwarranted bans be true.

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