Your Weekly Byte Of MMORPG News: Bless Online Release, New Star Wars MMO, Revelation Expansion

March, Week 3 In Review: Bless Online Release, New Star Wars MMO, Revelation Expansion

Bless Online

Let’s kickstart things with the most popular bit of news this week regarding MMORPGs. Or, this month even.
Bless Online has finally given a release date – May 2018. The game will launch onto Steam with a buy to play model in an attempt to squish pay to win problems often found in free to play MMORPGs.
They have plans on offering founders packs for people that want to get into the game before everyone else, and are even offering users a competition where they can win free Steam keys and merch before the game launches.

TERA: Godsfall

En Masse Entertainment has released a small little tidbit on their next update titled “Godsfall“.
In the little news article, they went on to detail how you will bear witness to Gods dying before your very eyes – and how you will be required to learn to conquer your own inner demons to awaken your special, innate power.


Elsword released a fairly large update regarding PvP earlier this week, implementing changes that affect things ranging from match making to extension of the season by an entire month.

Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu

Neverwinter is releasing a new update on April 24, titled Lost City of Omu – for consoles. Now, while PC players may already have access to this – console players do not.
They will be required to wait until April 24 before gaining access to the new campaign and storyline, along with new endgame trials that take place in Omu.

Revelation Online: First Contact

In their new “First Contact” update, Revelation Online will be offering players both cross-server content in the form of PvP, along with French and German localization.
The cross-server PvP content will include both 3v3 arenas and battlefields. They also noted that the update will come with the launch of a brand new EU-based server called Emollion.

Star Trek Online: Victory is Life

For those of you that are fans of Star Trek, or the Star Trek MMORPG even – we have great news for you. Star Trek Online is getting its fourth expansion titled Victory is Life.
The goal of the game is to offer tribute to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – so fans of the series will likely want to try this one out.
It brings new things such as the Jem’Hadar as a new playable faction, along with six additional episodes filled with familiar faces.. and voices, featuring Quark, Odo, Kira, Martok, and others, all voiced by their original actors.
The expansion launches in June for PC, while console players will be required to wait as it is unconfirmed when they will receive it.

Skyforge: Overgrowth

More expansion news – Skyforge’s Overgrowth expansion will be launching in April, and it brings with it the Goddess of Flowers’ return – and she’s bringing some friends along this time.
Now, with her return, players are given the ability to access a new mage class, called Grovewalkers, that is highly proficient in nature magic, and wears living armor that will allow them to function as tanks on the frontlines.
As we are all very well aware of just how much loves money, they’re offering playesr the ability to pick up the game, and the expansion with a new Collector’s Edition that offer things such as 14 days of premium, credits and more. Yay, how thrilling.

New Star Wars MMO

For those of you that are fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may be very excited to hear this news.
EA is reportedly working on a new open world online Star Wars game.
Although not necessarily revealed to be an MMO yet – they have listed that the game will have “online features and infrastructure”, which makes the possibility of it being a potential MMO a reality.
We will keep you all updated with more regarding the Star Wars online game, but until then, we’re sitting on the edge of our seats hoping for it to be an MMORPG.

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