Your Weekly Byte Of MMORPG News: Bless Online New Party Gameplay Footage, New Soul Worker Character

May, Week 1 In Review: Bless Online New Party Gameplay Footage, New Soul Worker Character

Bless Online

First and foremost I feel like I should start this video off with the latest news surrounding Bless as it is the most hyped MMORPG release at this point.
Neowiz have released class trailers for each of the classes available during Early Access earlier in the week and I have a video up with each of them – but then around 36 hours ago they released additional Paladin gameplay featuring party play.
That is what you are watching in the background right now. Bless Online’s first footage of actual party-combat-gameplay.
Finally, on May 11th – yes, in just a few days, Neowiz are going to be holding a press conference that will allow select Emissaries to stream Early Access for the game live – before anyone else.
If all goes according to plan, we should have a confirmed release date for the Early Access along with additional information on Founder’s Packs the same day.

Soul Worker Online

Next up we have Soul Worker’s latest update – bringing with it Jin Seipatsu – another male character that the game desperately needed utilizing my favorite fighting style in action games: Fisting.
I love fisting people. No, wait, that came out wrong. I love beating off people with my.. Okay, let me phrase it this way, then: Jin is a superhuman martial artist that boasts the highest HP pool in the game and goes all Hulk Smash on enemies.
Following the release of Jin, the update brings with it a new raid, The Golden Citadel. Like all other instances, The Golden Citadel will feature five seperate spaces – each with their own unique boss.
Players will earn special equipment if you’re able to conquer all 5 levels.
Additionally, Gameforge is offering players a special item pack containing various goodies such as Respawners, Bonus Keycards, a Silver VIP Booster and more that can all be redeemed to help start their journey with the new character.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is going down a new route with their new Eternal Night update coming May 9.
With the release of Eternal Night, players will receive reduced loot from various older heroic dungeons while newer dungeons will see all their rewards rebalanced based on time and effort required to complete the dungeon in question.
Yeah, so if you enjoyed running older dungeons, you will now be penalized for doing so.

Jade Dynasty / Swordsman Online

In a surprising (or not surprising if you’ve taken a look at their population numbers recently) move by Perfect Entertainment, both Swordsman Online and Jade Dynasty have been announced to be shutting their doors to players on June 5, 2018.
Perfect World Entertainment posted individual announcements on each respective website. They read relatively the same, stating their planned shut down.
In preparation for their shut down, Perfect World Entertainment have disabled each game’s ability to purchase cash shop currency.
In addition, those who had already purchased premium currency between February 1 and May 1 can expect their entire purchase to be converted into Arc credit and applied to their account for use in other PWE games.

Echo of Soul

With the closure of their Classic servers and the launch of their new Phoenix update, players can be happy to know that they have added in various forms of additional content, including a new PvP field, two new dungeons, and a new 10-person normal difficulty raid.


Yes, another TERA news segment. You should be used to these by now. With the addition of a month long anniversary event we talked about last week, En Masse have decided to drop new content for both the PS4 and Xbox One every week, starting earlier this week.
The dev team went ahead and posted a short road map earlier this week showcasing things like the Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground, a 10-day double XP event, and Ruinous Manor’s hard difficulty to name a few.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is undergoing a business model shift as the game will no longer be offering monthly subscriptions.
Instead, the subscriptions will be replaced with a “starter pack” that will – in essence – unlock most of the same perpetual benefits for a one time fee instead.
Players that have an existing subscription in place will retain their subscription and won’t need to do anything additional to keep that. You will be able to cancel it at any time – but will be unable to re-subscribe, naturally.

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