Wonderers: Eternal World Could Actually Change the MMO Genre!

Wonderers: Eternal World Could Actually Change the MMO Genre!

Smilegate, the studio behind the popular Lost Ark MMO announced earlier this week that they were working with NGELGAMES to bring another MMORPG project to fruition – Wonderers: Eternal World.
This is a fairy-tale themed action MMO confirmed to be launching Globally in 2023, with a Closed Beta scheduled for April – next month.
Eternal World is going to feature a vibrant fantasy world brought to life with Anime-inspired 3D graphics, set in a world where fairy tales – like Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella are all real.
This is admittedly a fascinating direction to take the game as we don’t have a single MMO like this on the market, and could end up being a gargantuan hit if handled correctly.
MMO fans have been begging studios for something new, something invigorating, innovative that makes them actually want to log in, explore and retain their attention long-term, and this might very well be that game.

Smilegate released some info – the exact release date, a full gameplay trailer, along with additional details on world size, features. And we’re going to go right ahead and take a look at that.

Wonderers: Eternal World is entering Closed Beta in the USA and Canada on April 24th, and will last through April 30th. The game utilizes a full action combat system.
Wonderers: Eternal World has been confirmed by Smilegate to be releasing fully cross-platform on PC, Android and iOS with no plans for a console release at present.
The full release of the game has yet to receive a release date, however, it was revealed to be releasing Globally within 2023, likely towards the 2nd half. Pre-registration will be open and available in the near future.

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    Arthas Reply
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 18:13 pm

    is there a link available to the website, I want to go there and check it out, but I looked on google and I cant find any information on this game other than a few videos, please and thank you.

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