Witch Weapon – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Witch Weapon - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

So here I was browsing for a Mobile game when I came across Witch Weapon – and upon first inspection, the game looked really cool. Something I’d definitely be interested in trying out.
And you know what? I wasn’t disappointed.

Now that isn’t to say that the game is a good game. Just that it isn’t a bad game. But let me talk about that a little.

So you begin the game with a pretty well rendered cutscene. It introduces you to the story, some of the characters, the style of movement and the combat.
Admittedly.. It may have taken me a moment to figure out how to attack as I was under the impression I had abilities I could use, when the reality of things was that I could control where I moved.. but the character auto-attacked.
Which was really weird for me – something I was definitely not expecting and honestly confused me a little bit. See, the game takes place mostly in instanced battles.
You take missions and you enter levels that take the form of several waves of enemies across several screens. You possess the ability to move your character around horizontally, vertically, but don’t have any skills to use or any attacks to click.
So you move towards a target, then you let your character auto-attack the enemy using their abilities all on their own. I didn’t see any option to change this anywhere, and as such, felt a little disconnected from the gameplay-aspect of the game.
Admittedly I was required to dodge and swipe up for a special ability that I could use every so often, so it meant I couldn’t just AFK.. so I guess that’s something.

There’s a story present that drives progression through the game, unlocking new levels to tackle.
The game is a Gacha game so there are a plethora of different Waifu’s you can collect, and a few Husbando’s as well I believe. I didn’t encounter any but I’m sure they’re there.
Each character has their own unique fighting style and you can field several of them at any given time, allowing you to use as weapons – kind of like in Guilty Crown if you’ve ever seen that Anime.
Animations were pretty good – they seemed fluid. Graphically, the game looks pretty cute and the characters – both models and portraits looked great. Translations were a little rough at times, but overall they weren’t bad.

Honestly, Witch Weapon isn’t a bad game. It was a little.. empty feeling and left me wanting to engage in combat myself as the combat system actually looked like a lotta fun.
I’d definitely play this a little longer if I had the time because I like the aesthetic look and feel of the game but if I had to choose this over other, better titles, it’s a no-brainer.

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