Wild West Online To Offer Free Trial For New Players And Faction PvP Revamp

Wild West Online Faction Based PvP Changes

The devs behind Wild West Online have offered up information pertaining to their current faction-based PvP system and a new free trial for new players, accompanying their patch sometime next week. The original iteration of their faction PvP system was released along with the launch of the game onto steam back on May 10th 2018, however, after careful consideration, they have opted to remove it with the upcoming patch due to “unnecessary complexities to gameplay mechanics.” Replacing that is the new “Mcfarlanes vs Steele” form of faction PvP, with Sheriffs vs Outlaw becoming the two new factions in the game.

Wild West Online Free Trial

Wild West Online will be launching the next update with the addition of a free trial that will be made available both through their official website and Steam. The free trial will allow players to level all the way up to level 20, experiencing what the game has to offer in a manner equivalent to Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft. No experience will be accumulated beyond that point, however, and free trial players will not receive any rewards or unlock any achievements.

What Is Wild West Online?

Wild West Online is a online persistent open world action game that immerses players into an unrestricted PVP range war on the Western Frontier. Once you step outside the safety of town, you’re stepping into the fight! WWO is intended for multiplayer online action-shooter game fans and social (PVP) roleplayers. This is not a story-driven MMO experience with AI enemies and deep NPC narratives, rather the PVE features in WWO are designed to enrich the PVP experience with social roleplaying, farming, mining, crafting, homesteading and quests.

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    Rapthorne Reply
    Jun 8, 2018 @ 19:40 pm

    Westerns aren’t my thing, but I’m actually really curious about this one

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