Wiggy’s Top Favorite Best MMORPG of 2017 List That You Should Play Going Into 2018

Wiggy's Top Favorite Best MMORPG of 2017 List That You Should Play Going Into 2018

So, Stix has shown his personal top MMORPG that he’d reccomend not too long ago so I thought I might as well do one of my own, with my own opinions and personal favorites.
You might not think these are the best MMORPGs or the most fun and that’s fine. This is my personal list of MMORPGs I believe are worth trying out.
MMORPGs I personally enjoy playing and will no doubt continue to play going into 2018.


Where to start? Well Closers Online is a 3D side scrolling, instanced based, Action, Anime MMORPG with a heavy emphasis on storytelling, character progression and background story.
You (The player) are tasked with killing aliens that are / have invaded the world and it is your job as Closers to protect the people left, save the world from said aliens and beat anyone else that gets in your way.
Phew! That’s one dificult job!
In Closers Online there are 3 sides or factions if you will, that you can choose to be, each one having different characters, said characters also have their own dialog and personality even if they follow along the same story.
Yes. Each faction has their own story. These factions in question are as follows:
Closers (Black Lambs) – this is the original team that you can play, and are considered the “good guys”.
They consist of Seha, Sylvi, Yuri, J and Misteltein – which is obviously the best character and this opinion has NOTHING to do with the fact I play him..
These heroes are of course tasked with protecting the people of the world, whilst killing aliens along the way.
Wolfdog – Wolfdog is comprised of experimented phase force users, and they aren’t the nicest group to be around.
They consist of Harpy, Nata, Levia, Tina and Violet. They are primarily used as hitmen or assassins, often used to take out specific targets.
Because of this they can be heartless or even mind controled.
Finally, we have the newest added team called Wild Hüter. As of right now, they only consist of 2 members: Wolfgang Schneider and a very recent character called Luna Aegis.
Not much is known about the new team but hopfully we will learn more soon.
Of course not all of the Wolfdog and Wild Hunter team members have been released into the NA/EU version yet as it was just released into open Beta.
Right now we can only hope it doesn’t take too long for these characters / teams to be added in English.
Generally, in my opinion at least, Closers is a fun instanced Anime MMORPG that is definitely worth playing going into 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

As a long time Final Fantasy fan how could I not list Final Fantasy XIV as one of my top picks? It’s got almost everything I could want from an MMORPG. It has a fantastic story and story telling, interesting characters that make you care, highly detailed an unique regions, and is well optimized as it doesn’t require you to have an expensive nor overpowered PC in order to run it at 60 FPS.

Finally, it’s got a fun combat system, even if at times it’s slow, especially at early levels.. which I know from personal experience.. early leveling and quests are generally slow and boring at times, but it more than makes up for this as you continue! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as many of you might be aware of, came from the ashes of the original FFXIV as it was such a failure. However, thanks to Yoshi-P and his vision for Final Fantasy XIV, he managed to revive it, renaming it A Realm Reborn. FFXIV’s popularity and subscription numbers have skyrocketed since then, and continue to do
so with each expansion, said expansions being Heavensward and Stormblood, now.. if subscription numbers remain at an ever increasing rate, then FFXIV is the only MMORPG to date that will come close to the MMORPG titan World of Warcraft, which is a testament to just how good FFXIV is. Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t just have a great story or visuals, it’s also got well crafted and unique raids n’ dungeons, intense and epic Primal fights, a unique area called
Palace of the Dead, where you go floor by floor with no defined end and lastly Arenas, where you go to test your mettle in PvP combat. With all of that being said, yes, Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG I feel is well worth the subscription and definitely something I will continue to play in the coming year and many years to come.

Bless Online

Yes, yes, I know, Bless Online isn’t even out right now, why is it on this list, right? Well, while it isn’t actually out globally, other than Korean and Japan of course. Now I have had the pleasure of playing it on
the Korean server with an extensive English patch, allowing me to play this game with almost full clarity of what I need to do, and how to complete taskes or anything else I’d need. Granted the translations can be a little hard to understand
at times, you still get the general idea of whats going on. do note, This translation is available for both Korean and Japanese versions. Besides the fact I can actually understand Bless in decent English, the actual game is a lot of fun, for me at least.
The Beserkers combat is fun and action oriented, its got a deep and engaging story, with cutscenes constantly happening, with differing stories for both of the factions. Monster within Bless Online are also absolutly punishing, in fact taking on more than one
monster can be the death of you. Couple this with the pet capturing system, pet & mount system, that allows you to not only level them up making them better but also giving you the ability to actually add skills on them. Plus full world exploration &
world flying. Due to all of the features, the story, the general look and feel of the game, I personally love it, and I recommend you guys try it for yourself if or when you’re able.

Blade and Soul

Yeah… so not a shocker to see this on any list regarding ANY MMORPG.. I know. However I do find it fun, so I can’t exactly leave it out! It’s a great MMORPG. Especially with the new Hongmoon skills you gain access to once you reach the new level cap
of 55. Generally if you’re on the fence about trying Blade and Soul, you really shouldn’t be, it is first of all free, so you’re not losing anything by trying right? second the combat is fast, flashy and fun.. though if you suffer from ping issues like
myself, you will at times find your self cursing at that boss monster that won’t stop using AoE skills on you, I still have PTSD from those bosses.. Moving on though, the story while cheesy at times due to the English Dub, it’s still pretty awesome, and
the cutscenes and action within said scenes are fantastic, I mean I feel as though at times even EPIC. Besides the story, combat and graphics, yes the graphics are gorgeous, but besides all of this, it’s got Hajoon. He.. is amazing.
So with all this being said, I do think considering it’s free, that you should just cave try it out for yourself and make up your own opionions regarding it, as I personally love it and will continue to play it!


No doubt you’re shocked to see Onigiri here, and I agree I didn’t think when I originally played it, that it’d be as fun as I found it. However.. it is! It’s nothing fancy & its background visuals are often bleak, and the characters who are anime
styled an colorful stand out against the backgrounds, but the combat and the story within Onigiri will keep you playing for hours on end, did I forget to mention the music? it’s addictivly good! In Onigiri it’s worth pointing out there are no classes,
or a trinity system. There are only weapons, these weapons will determine how you fight, whether you’re a mage using a wand, a earth-crushing badass with a great-axe, or a rogue ish nave using dual swords stabbing your enemys in the butt!
All in all I found Onigiri fun, and considering it’s been around for this long, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

Dragon's Dogma Online

Some of you may not even know that there was even an MMORPG version of Dragons Dogma, but there is, and boy is it fun.. if not a little uh..difficult? But that could be said for the original game as well. Generally Dragons Dogma Online functions very
simillarly to the original Dragons Dogma Arisen. You still get a pawn companion that you can create, shape and no doubt abuse. It’s still got its combat style gritty look, and the ability to climb EVERYTHING. YOU. SEE! An indepth vocation system,
which are yes in essance classes. These vocations can be swapped whenever you go back to the city, and leveled similar to FFXIV. However if you for instance level one vocation to X level and then level a different one to the same level, you may
unlock the ability to swap into a hybrid vocation. One that you’ll only gain access to after both class are leveled. Which is a lot of fun, as you’ll find your self spawping your vocations and that of your pawns a lot, till you find the one that suits you.

The only draw back is that it’s not fully in English, and it will probably never come out to an NA/EU market.. which sucks, but at least we can still play it. I definitly suggest you trying it if you’re burned out of the western MMORPGs that everyone
sugests. Do note you’ll need to follow a guide in order to download and play this MMORPG, but its well worth it.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Ahh, Phantasy Star Online 2 an MMORPG that everyone has wanted for many years now, in English but for some reason Sega has yet to and most probably WILL never release this to the western market.. *sigh* Thank the MMO gods for English patches, am I right?
Phantasy Star Online 2 is a SCI-FI Action Anime MMORPG with a focus on story telling, oh and of course and pretty anime girls uhh I mean graphics. The in story Phantasy Star Online 2 lets you take parts in episodes 1-3 which is set in the past and as
you continue through the later episodes you’ll be playing through to the “present” time. I know it sounds confusing, and it I guess is, in a way. But it makes more sence when you play it. Phantasy star online 2 has I guess a unique questing sytem,
to start off there is emergency quests which are in essance raids, then there’s collaboration events, your run of the mill, normal quest and lastly quests lets that require you to go fishing or mining. The materials you gather can be used to cook
food. So you will NEVER go hungry while you’re on the journey the save the universe! Besides all the this awesomeness, it even has live concerts from actual idols like Hatsune Miku that I had a courtesy of watching live, It was AMAZING!
Phantasy Star Online 2 is a fun MMORPG for me personally and I definitly reccomend it to others that’re interested in an MMORPG they’ve never tried before, as it’s got fun combat and visuals, a story, and a lot of class and character custimization.
Even if it can be complicated at times.


Before you judge, remember this is a personal list, an while I do know that TERA has flaws, many flaws in fact, I still personally find it a fun MMORPG. Dispite the gender locks for the new classes.
TERA in my opinion is a fun MMORPG definitly worth playing, even in 2017, especially with the new awakenings coming out for the classes, this feature will bring more veraity and life to an already good combat system.
Dispite that, TERA is even releasing previously locked classes to other races, like the Elin gunner and the braweler being released for male human! Considering the fact that, no MMORPG has ever released a locked class
to another.. anything other than what it started on, and yet TERA did, I feel as though they’re finally listening to the many fans of the MMORPG and are trying to improve the player experiance of TERA. So with all of this information,
I would still sujest trying out TERA Online, if you like Open world, action MMORPGs with action combat and great visuals! Its a free MMORPG, so what do you have to loose by simply trying it out, right?

Monster Hunter Online

With the recent news of Monster Hunter World coming to the PC in English, It’s predecessor Monster Hunter Online is a great game to play while waiting for Monster Hunter World to finally be released on PC,
as it’s already come out for the consoles.. We poor PC fans will have wait, *sigh*. Moving on, Monster Hunter Online isn’t open world like Monster Hunter World is but when you were running around these open areas, it never felt
like you were running around the same zone, the regions never felt too small either, so whilst it is instance it still felt like a larger game. Now these said regions that you’re roaming around are very detailed even though you’re
mainly there to kill x moster, even still they’re highly detailed, that goes for the monster as well, not only that but theres a huge selection and variation to these monsters that keeps it interesting. Since we’ve talked about the graphics enough,
lets move onto the combat aspect of Monster Hunter Online. To start off let me put it out there that the combat system is slow and the boss fights are hard, very hard. Especially if you don’t have the right gear, or you don’t dodge enough.
These bosses can be bested though even if you’re undergeared as long as you find out the monsters pattern and ajust fast enough. Also have potions.. lots of potions. All of this of course makes the game challenging and great at the same time,
and keeps you on edge in every fight, which is what you’d want in your action MMORPG, right? Monster Hunter Online doesn’t have classes as you might know, instead it has weapons. The weapons you choose also have there own abilitiys and capabilities
for instance, hammers and axes break off pieces of the monster, making it easier to damage it or so it drops more items. It also deals more damage but it is much slower. Whereas the twin blades and katana are faster and more combo based but weaker
then the heavy weapons. Also, while we’re on the subject of weapons, Monster Hunter Online has an amazing crafting system similar to the non MMO counterparts, this system will keep you farming monsters for more loots until you finally get the perfect outfit
and or weapon you’ve been dreaming of!

World of Warcraft

If you’ve been a long time Byteling, you’d have no doubt figured this would be on our personal lists. Yes I am a WoW fan, ever since WotLK. It’s that MMORPG you leave and come back to only to leave for x months and then return re-invigorated, and ready
to finish all of the new content is has to offer, or just re-gear yourself so you can go PvP some people. Now, let’s talk bluntly.. WoW has a LOT of flaws, it can be at times unbalanced that goes for PvP and PvE. There are content droughts or in
Legions case too much content that you can’t even play your alts without falling behind on your main. However this is a plus, as you never feel like there’s nothing to do, and it keeps you playing all day, as you can’t wait to get that next gear piece!
I suggest trying out WoW if you’re interested in an MMORPG that full of content, whether its pvp or pve. That’s god a huge and expansive world, a massive amount of lore and a fast tab target combat system with lost of classes to choose

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