Wayfinder’s Beta and Early Access Delayed

Wayfinder's Beta and Early Access Delayed

Wayfinder is an MMO Mrs Stix covered a month or two ago during its Beta test phase, and she had a lotta fun in it.
At the time, the game was under NDA but we were given access and allowed to release our footage as part of their collective of creators given exclusive permission. After the Beta concluded, the Wayfinder devs revealed they would be holding a follow-up Beta during April, accessible Globally.

This announcement¬†turned out to be a little overzealous, as the Beta has now been delayed to May 10th, with the Early Access also rescheduled to “at some point in Summer 2023.”
While we understand delays are impossible to predict, and absolutely necessary in the MMO world as first impressions are everything, it’s nevertheless disappointing as Mrs Stix and several of her gamer friends were all already preparing to play together.

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