V4’s New Archer Class is Pretty Fun!

V4's New Archer Class is Pretty Fun!

The new V4 MMORPG recently rolled out their latest update not long ago that included the brand new Archer class.
Mrs Stix and I have been hard at work on the way towards the end of Chapter 7 – making steady progress towards level 70 and just hitting over 220,000 combat power – when we were reached out to to take a sponsored look at how the class plays.
Obviously I was going to jump at that opportunity. I’m literally being paid to try out the new class in a game I’m already actively dedicating time to and playing through off-stream and off-video. Would you turn that down? I didn’t think so!

So, yes there were already 6 classes present in-game. The Enchantress, Warlord, Slayer, Knight, Gunslinger, Boomblade and then the newest addition: The Archer.
My main is the Gunslinger while Mrs Stix is playing the Archer so it didn’t require much to acclimate to another ranged DPS’ combat style.
First things first, as I mentioned the very first time I saw V4 the character creator provides a lot of creative freedom over your character.
You can edit – to quite a degree, I might add, your characters face – every facet of their face, and the important aspects of your characters body.
I attempted something much different to my original character. My Gunslinger looked.. more mature? I think. Angrier with the world. While my opinion might be a little up for debate, I feel as though my Archer turned out.. cuter? Not prettier, but cuter.

I guess you’ll have to let me know what you guys think as my opinion is obviously quite subjective! I think she turned out great.

Then back into the game I went!
I opted to disregard the first 40-ish levels of the game as I figured I’ve covered that in the past – and let’s be real here – I’m sure you guys are going to want a closer look at later-game content anyway, right?
Early-level grinding is very different to late-level grinding. Your abilities are significantly different – heck, your character overall is likely to be substantially different.
I’ve not played an MMO where my character at level 10 is the same at level 50.
Thankfully the Archer plays very fast. Her attacks are rapid – and at least for the first 50 or so levels she was an agile, dangerous single-target DPS.
After hitting level 50 and gaining access to new skills and skill effects I opted to alter my playstyle, as I’ve always been of the opinion that if you can tank 20 monsters and mow them all down in a single AoE.. then go for it.
It’s faster and much more efficient. So I went about turning myself into an AoE killing machine, boosting my damage, altering my single-target abilities into AoEs and things got substantially easier.
I could go into the Abyss and begin grinding – taking down enemies faster than ever, which allowed for me to grind additional Soul Shards to upgrade the Soul Stones in my gear, increasing my Combat Power further.
I actually made it to almost 80,000 by the time I was done recording, which was ridiculous.

Honestly, if you’re looking to play the game for the first time then I feel as though this is the ideal time to – there’s a 14-day check-in event going on right now for players to take part in that provides quite a few goodies each day.
Pets, Mounts, Companions, Soul Stones, Demon Stones. If I couple that with the Rookie Captain’s Intensive Training event, not only can I power myself up to a degree I wish I could have when I first began the game, but.. well, I mean in the grand scheme of things that’s what’s most important, right?
Legit, I felt like a god the entire time playing as an Archer. Partly because the events provided some ridiculously good gear, and partly because the Archer itself is a pretty powerful new class.

I wasn’t aware that V4 was going to introduce additional classes into the game, especially considering the PC version of V4 only went live several months ago, but I am pleasantly surprised.
I hope in the future they continue to push out regular updates and provide players new and exciting reasons to continue playing – new classes are definitely a reason to.

I would’ve liked to have kept playing the Archer to see how it functions at level 70 but we’re about to hit level 70 on our Gunslinger and Boomblade, then we’ll have a final look at the game – hopefully having come close to finishing the main story in Chapter 7.

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