V4 is a Brand New Cross-Platform MMORPG from Nexon

V4 is a Brand New Cross-Platform MMORPG from Nexon

A lot of people have been anticipating this game, so much so that the day after launching – the day I chose to record, there was a queue of 800 players waiting to log in on the 4th server – the fourth!
But I mean let’s be real here, if you can make a character that looks as good as the character I made.. it stands to reason as to why. Right? And there are multiple classes that look this good available to choose from!
Well, maybe not that good. I created that all on my own after all.

Now let’s talk about the game. There are 6 classes you can choose from: Warlord, Slayer, Knight, Gunslinger, Boomblade and Enchantress. If you know me – which you guys should by now – you’ll know that naturally I was going for Enchantress.
Not only does she look absolutely incredible, but.. she’s a freakin’ mage. I get to explode people and fly around on my stave. What other reason could I possibly need to roll her?
Character creation is very, very good. I was a little surprised by the amount of customization options I had over my character – I created my typical light-haired blue-eyed beauty as I always do. And she turned out incredibly.
One thing worth noting is that you have control over everything. Yes, her head size, facial structure, and the most important assets as well, obviously. Yup. You’re welcome for that.

After creating your character, you’re greeted by a pretty sick opening cinematic where you’re introduced to the main cast of characters as your group goes up against a giant dragon.
And then bam, you’re in-game. And my god if my character isn’t the most adorable character you’ve ever seen. Right? Right?

Oh, also while we’re zoomed into my character, I would like to note that gear you obtain in-game actually changes the physical appearance of your character. Meaning that all new gear has its own unique visual appearance.
This is something that I appreciate having in games as I’m of the opinion that when you obtain gear, it should look different. Otherwise what’s the point? Y’know?

As I mentioned earlier, V4 is a fully cross-platform MMORPG. It just launched on to PC – and that is what I played the game on. But at the same time the game launched simultaneously on Mobile devices as well, allowing players to choose their platform of choice.
This is the direction I feel the genre is currently moving: We’re getting more and more cross-platform compatible MMOs as time moves forward.
Thankfully, from what I played through, V4 has quite an emphasis on story – and you guys know I love story in my games. They’re the driving force behind me maintaining interest in them. If the story sucks, or if there’s a lack of story, then I won’t be entertained, and I’ll stop playing.
So seeing V4 put such a large emphasis on story was promising. The characters from the intro cinematic held importance to the story, and each of them would appear throughout the story as it continued to unfold.

Combat is an interesting blend of auto-target and action combat. Regardless of which you prefer, it’s worth noting that V4 has some incredibly flashy spell effects. I only played through the Enchantress, and as such my experience is exclusively limited to her, but I had flaming tornadoes, glacial ruptures in the ground.
Not just that, but after accumulating enough of the resource, you can actually enter this incredibly powerful, badass looking Demon Hunter form that not only buffs your statistics, but also provides you with new abilities, making you an unstoppable killing machine.

The areas you find in-game though are actually pretty beautiful, honestly. I’m not gonna lie, I hadn’t played V4 on mobile prior to their launch onto PC but even if I had, I wouldn’t have expected it to end up looking visually as good as it ultimately ended up looking.
Color me impressed. The rivers, the forests, the mountains. The environments were much larger than I had anticipated and not at all linear.

Interestingly, during story-scenarios your team would accompany you into battle. This is a very unique feature, something I hadn’t experienced before. And honestly it was pretty cool.
The characters I had spent recruiting over the first few hours of the game had a purpose.

Although I didn’t get to experience it due to wanting to get this video out as soon as I could, I would like to note that V4 is a PvPvE game. Or, it is within certain zones. While the core of the game is PvE oriented, and there are PvP modes, one specific zone, Lunatra allows for players to openly engage in PvPvE content.
You’ll be out in the field, fighting monsters, fighting other players, and tackling large-scale bosses that take hundreds of players to take down due to the sheer difficulty.

There’s a lot to do in V4. There are a lot of options that have varying impacts on your stats, on your abilities. Upgrading via the Workshop, Imprinting, the Potential feature. Gear. It’s a lot of micromanaging, but it provides a plethora of things to do, and that’s never a bad thing.
Ultimately, I feel as though V4 is a pretty good port of a Mobile MMORPG on PC. I played through the entirety of today, taking my time with the game as opposed to rushing things.
V4 is a fully cross-platform compatible MMORPG, allowing players to toggle auto-pathing and auto-combat, but from what I’ve seen in my experience, auto-combat will probably get you killed during boss encounters as it requires responsive reactions to events that are going on.
Graphically, it looks pretty damn good for a game built on Mobile first and then ported over to PC. Better than plenty of titles available on PC right now. These graphics were definitely not something I was expecting.

  • author image
    Chris Jacobs Reply
    Jul 29, 2020 @ 11:15 am

    since my PC bombed out, been using my phone.

    I installed it. played till the first start of combat. and uninstalled it.
    The auto combat being on from the go just killed it for me. maybe i did something wrong. but i was not in the mood
    for another auto combat game. i want to play myself.

    I am currently playing Dawn of Isles. nothing compares to it. it really is a gem. hopefully there is new news on tree of savior for mobile

    i need me some new mmo goodness

  • author image
    Hugelham Reply
    Mar 22, 2021 @ 23:39 pm

    I am struggling to instal in on pc? can you give further detail on how?

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