Upcoming (Best) MMORPGs In 2017 You HAVE To Play!

What’s up everyone! My name is Stix, and today I’m going to be going through my personal list of upcoming MMORPGs that should hopefully be out sometime in 2017 that you absolutely NEED to play!

Going into this remember that not every MMO listed in this video will be free to play or pay to play or whatever other lingo is used these days, they’re just some MMORPGs that personally
excite me as I can’t wait to get my fingers on them!

Remember though that these are all UPCOMING MMORPGs therefore they are expected in 2017, but there may of course be complications that prevent their initial release this year.
Also remember that we don’t know how good or bad these games will be until they officially release – so – yeah, keep an open mind if you can.

One last, quick thing: For this video, the games will not be listed in any particular order, not to confuse you, but because I’m equally as excited for quite a few of them.
Therefore I believe it’s easier to just list the best, most unique looking MMORPG coming out this year!

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Alright, so now that the intro is outta the way, let’s get into this, shall we?

Bless Online.)

Okay so to kickstart this off, let’s go in with one of the most anticipated free to play MMORPGs of this year: Bless Online.
Now, Bless Online is pretty hyped for a reason: It’s a pretty traditional MMORPG, it’s got a huge open world, it’s got action combat, fantastic graphics – y’know, all the things that make a great MMO.
The one thing holding people back and the single thing that may prevent Bless Online from becoming the number 1 free to play MMORPG
is that many gamers that tried it out during the beta ruthlessly criticized its combat.
Thankfully, the team behind Bless Online heard these concerns and publically announced a complete overhaul of the combat to hopefully better please its future playerbase.
If Bless can successfully appease the masses that loathed the combat they first witnessed, Bless Online could very well take over the free MMORPG market, as it has the makings of a great game.

Dark and Light.)

So Dark and Light.. yeah. This was probably the most mentioned MMORPG in one of my previous top 10’s, and I figured now that more information has come out surrounding it, I’d take a look.
And I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised.
I will preface this by saying that I am personally unsure of exactly how much of Dark and Light will be an MMO, but the devs behind it, along with communities associated with the game are
marketing it as an MMO – so I’m listing it as such as well until it is revealed to be otherwise.
Now, the game itself looks great, graphically, but I’m sure you all know that “A great game good graphics doth not maketh” – so bear that in mind.
Dark and Light looks and feels a lot like ARK: Survival Evolved, an open world action adventure survival game that pits you against huge dinosaurs that generally wanna fuck you and everything
you take the time to build up.
Dark and Light is generally being marketed as the same kinda game – with the difference being that is supposed to be an MMO, along with being more fantasy driven, having wizards and tons of magic
and spells and all that Harry Pottery goodness.
So if you play ARK and enjoy magic, this may be what you’re looking for.

Peria Chronicles.)

Ugh, I cannot stress how goddamn good Peria Chronicles looks.
I’m not a weeb by any means. I’ve seen some Anime, sure, but like most gamers, who hasn’t at least seen one, amirite?
Now, if any of you guys watch RoosterTeeth’s RWBY series, you may recognize the gorgeous cell shaded graphics being used for Peria Chronicles.
I’m also personally a huge fan of cell shaded graphics, so this is right up my alley.
Now, just because I think the game looks amazing doesn’t mean the game will play amazing.
From what I’ve seen, the combat in Peria Chronicles may either excite you, or completely turn you off of the game.
If you’re a fan of games like Pokemon or Dragon Quest, then this might be for you, as unlike normal tab target or action combat, Peria Chronicles employs a pet-summon-monster thing where you
summon a monster to fight for you, similar to Pokemon (or Dragon Quest, if you’ve played it and enjoy the monster fighting in it), and while I can personally say it’ll be a nice change of pace,
I can definitely see a lot of people being completely turned offa the game due to the combat alone.
Peria Chronicles offers a lot of unique features though – such as town creation – map and region creation – user generated quests – and more.
It’s a fairly ambitious attempt at a very user driven MMORPG, and could easily be one of the best, or worst MMORPGs when it eventually comes out.

Lost Ark.)

I’m sure people were expecting both Lost Ark or at the very least Lineage Eternal on this list, right?
Let’s start off by saying that Lost Ark looks absolutely stunning. Which you can clearly see so long as you have eyes and aren’t visually impaired.
Which I’m not hating on btw. Just throwin’ that out there for you over sensitive folk.
Now, Lost Ark is a different looking MMORPG to most the others on this list – in that it’s an Isometric Action MMORPG similar to Diablo and Path of Exile, if you play either of those (and you should – they’re great games.)
The combat looks fantastic, the graphics, skills, classes: all of it looks phenomenal! So much so that it has creeped up in my list of upcoming MMORPG I wanna play!
There have been some setbacks in production that have delayed the game, but the team behind Lost Ark are seeking new testers to (hopefully) iron out any remaining bugs before a (possible) Open Beta!
Just because Lost Ark is an Isometric MMORPG though doesn’t mean it’s gonna stick to dungeons or small zones though.
While that will be its primary focus, a large over-world has been promised that is said to be fully explorable.

Revelation Online.)

Now I’m sure some of you may be turned offa this video as soon as you see this – other people may be rejoicing seeing this here.
Regardless of what floats your boat, the fact is that Revelation Online is coming out soon, and that means people are about to flock to the new shiny thing.
Revelation Online, or Revelation from now on since I’m a lazy fuck and can’t be assed adding the “Online” onto it every time it’s mentioned, is a huge open world Action MMORPG.
Yes, open world. None of that shit that Blade and Soul pulled with instancing every zone with loading screens. God that pisses me off having to load every damn time I want to move to another area.
Revelation is completely explorable without loading screens, be it by air, or on a trusty steed.
From what I can tell, the game also offers completely open world PvP as well – one of the things I plan on taking advantage of heavily, starting at level 40.
You are of course able to run into the safe zone of a town or city, but outside the confines of said safe zones it’s going to be a huge free for all.
And there will be a lot of ganking going on.
This unfortunately may turn some of you off, but personally, for me, one of the things I find most satisfying about World of Warcraft are the PvP servers.
I love being able to fight for the area I’m in. I love being able to puff my chest out and claim dominance only to be ganked by a buncha butthurt nolifers, only to find them alone and mess them up.
But this won’t be for everyone, and that’s fine. If you’re a fan of open world PvP like in WoW or Perfect World as a better comparison – this is totally for you!

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.)

Next up is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (from here onwards referred to as Pantheon for the reasons listed above.)
Now Pantheon is a stranger one; being completely crowdfunded, the game is going to have a lot of people heavily scrutinizing every aspect of the game until it’s perfect.
Which it will never be, unfortunately. Which also means that as such, it will never be able to live up to people’s expectations.
However, Pantheon is a great looking game. It’s nothing graphically groundbreaking – dare I say it’s not even a beautiful looking game, although it doesn’t have to be.
For the last 11? 12? years, World of Warcraft has absolutely dominated the MMORPG market with its graphics – so if that is anything to go by, Pantheon should have no problem at all as long as the game itself turns out well.
Which I’m not saying it won’t. I’m actually really excited about it myself.
In my first top 10 ever I neglected to mention Pantheon as I hadn’t read up or watched much about it, but after having invested some time in it I believe it could turn out to be a great MMORPG.
It really just depends on how much all those people that backed the game are willing to devote to and support it.
Pantheon boasts a large, open, sandbox world, with slower but reactive strategic combat that requires you plan ahead, meaningful interaction that helps shape your story,
and a unique harnessing system that allows you to acquire spells and abilities from lost relics or fallen heroes.
Now, will Pantheon be a good game? It’s hard to say, but from what I’ve seen and heard, and the general player feedback I’ve seen (and received on previous top 10s), there are a lot of people looking forward to it regardless.

Lineage Eternal.)

And now we have the 2nd Isometric Action MMORPG (if you can call it that) in this list.
Lineage Eternal is the next game in a line of games created by NCSoft that have achieved huge popularity over the years, and a direct sequel to Lineage 1.
Now the game itself, similarly to Lost Ark, looks gorgeous. But what do you expect from the people that brought you Aion and Blade and Soul, amirite?
The combat in Lineage Eternal is no letdown either though, comparable to Lost Ark (although maybe not as polished?), the fast, action based combat looks and feels great, although unlike Lost Ark,
Lineage Eternal is trying to set itself apart from other Action MMOs like Diablo and Path of Exile by changing up the combat quite a bit.
Let me elaborate.
In Lineage Eternal you have the ability to create your own character, and you have complete control over that character. Obviously.
However, you’re also going to have control over multiple other characters.
I have yet to hear an exact number, but both being given the option to swap between and control several different characters will help set it apart from all the other games of its kind.
Which is a good thing I think.
The more Lineage Eternal sets itself apart from all the other games, the higher chance it has of being a unique, fun game. At least I believe so.
Playing through the same game with a different skin isn’t my idea of a good time, but what can you do?

Chronicles of Elyria.)

So Chronicles of Elyria is another crowdfunded MMORPG (wait, is this becoming a thing now? having to pay to fund MMOs yourself, then pay for them further? ugh.) supposedly coming out in the near future.
Although I’m not personally a huge fan of crowdfunded games myself (partially due to them never turning out how you want them to, and partially due to so many never ending up complete,)
I can admit a good looking, or at least good seeming MMORPG.
While far from being the best looking MMORPG coming out this year, Chronicles of Elyria is nevertheless a pretty good looking game.
We haven’t seen much footage from the game itself yet, but from what we’ve seen, both the environments and combat seem pretty decent. Which for a crowdfunded game is to be expected.
Neither of those are its selling point though.
The selling point for Chronicles of Elyria is that it’s setting itself up to be a truly different kind of MMORPG.
Think: The Sims.. Online, I guess. If you’ve played The Sims. If you haven’t, then I guess the easiest comparison would be.. think real life, but in an MMORPG.
You supposedly participate in an ever changing world where politics, religion, and general decisions you make in your every day life have an effect on the world as a whole.
Chronicles of Elyria sets you loose in an open world filled with finite resources, limited inventory space, hunger, thirst, and fatigue that bring you ever closer to your inevitable death.
And death is just that: Actual death. You are fully capable of dying in Chronicles of Elyria – but don’t think that’s the end!
Although you’re capable of dying, you also have the ability to have a family, and continue your journey as your son or daughter, creating a cycle of life and death and life and death and so on.
This gives you the ability to create a character, or multiple characters, differently. However you want. Completely unique and original.
That is the selling point. If it doesn’t sell you – no problem. The game won’t be for everyone!

Moonlight Blade.)

Last in this list, and simultaneously the one I’m most excited for is Moonlight Blade.
Yes, guys, it has been officially confirmed that Moonlight Blade is coming to the West!
This game.. geez. I’m not normally a fan of Eastern-themed MMORPGs, disliking Age of Wushu, and not really enjoying Swordsman Online, but Moonlight Blade hits all the right spots for me.
This could potentially be the MMORPG I dedicate the most time to in the future when it eventually releases.
Moonlight Blade is a martial arts themed Action MMORPG with stunning graphics, beautiful scenery, and fast, fun action combat.
The game boasts a truly huge open world with what looks like open world PvP – along with a fun bounty system that allows for people to take out writs of assassination on targets for revenge.
Players can also end up in jail for their crimes – similar to how it is done in ArcheAge.
Moonlight Blade also plans on having large naval battles, guild vs guild wars, large scale faction vs faction wars (similar to the Horde vs Alliance in World of Warcraft,) and.. a shitload of other stuff.
That should probably have its own video.. and probably will, now that I think about it.

That’s it everybody! The end of my list of upcoming MMORPGs you HAVE to play in 2017!
Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. It was a little different to how I normally do things, and may do more like this in the future, so let me know if this specific format worked for you.
If it didn’t – let me know why.
Are any of you guys looking forward to anything in this list? Is there anything we missed that has you all hot and bothered? Let us know down in the comments below.

We love talking with you guys, and we love hearing from you guys. Especially about games we may have missed, or overlooked.

Anyway, thank you all for giving me your time today – I do appreciate you setting aside a few minutes to sit through all of this and love you all. <3 Don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to stay updated with new lists, new gameplay, and general fuckery in other games. Take care guys, and see you in the next video!

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