Twin Saga – A Fun But Empty Action Anime MMORPG

So we hadn’t played Twin Saga in a while.. pretty much since it first launched, so we thought it deserved another look, and see how it compares to Aura Kingdom, Eden Eternal, and other similar Aeria game titles.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that, Twin Saga is a really pretty MMORPG and the combat seems a lot better then the one found in Aura Kingdom. Granted, it could be do to the fact it doesn’t really have any ping issues, but if we’re excluding that fact.. the combat still seems generally faster.

However while Stix and I were running around, in the normal areas and in the overworld, the game seems.. empty. The last time we played you couldn’t go two steps without seeing a heap of people running around, now you see only a few people spread out, if you’re lucky.

All in all Twin Saga seems like a fun Anime Inspired MMORPG, if a little empty now.

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    Arman Leo Baluca says:
    Please release the game now.....
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    acidgod says:
    kill the fucks who keep stealing from gamers these filth deserve nothing but our worst fuck bless...
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    Kexin says:
    Any new updates on the progress? Hope PWE releases English version! I miss JD and would love for it ...
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    RedKolz says:
    Hello, i'm very excited for the game. btw if anyone has a friend invite code for the Japan CB please...