Twilight Spirits is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS MMORPG You’ll Likely Never Play

Twilight Spirits is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS MMORPG You'll Likely Never Play

I was recording footage for Twilight Spirits – an MMORPG released onto Steam a little while ago and the environments, the characters, everything, while yes, very Asian-inspired, looked absolutely incredible.
Just take a few moments here and admire some of these areas you’ll find throughout the game – of which I only scratched the surface.
I’ve been meaning to do a video on this for a long time now. This is an Action MMO that I had been eagerly anticipating but never got the opportunity to cover as unfortunately, the game only ever released within China, much like Moonlight Blade and Justice Online, which I’ll actually be doing videos on soon.
Interestingly, to play Twilight Spirits you don’t require a VPN – it’s publicly accessible via Steam, meaning you set it to download and just play it.

If it wasn’t already evident, Twilight Spirits is an Action MMO. It features very fast, fluid action combat – not as smooth as something like Black Desert which was noticeable shortly after I began to play but still a step higher than most of the other action titles on the market.
You have a variety of different abilities, but at the same time have a very limited hotbar, providing you access to a grand total of 5 normal skills, one “Q” skill and one “E” skill. Unless the “E” key was for potions… I guess since I never really needed to heal in the time I played, it wasn’t a necessity to find out.
Speaking of healing and the combat, I will note that since this is a Chinese MMO, the discrepancy between my input and the server receiving my input was pretty large.
I’d dodge and have it registered a second or more after clicking it which made the need to almost preemptively dodge when you thought bosses were going to time a large ability almost a requirement.
Which was fine, I didn’t expect an MMO that was only available in China to have the greatest ping, but I will note that I never had latency issues in Moonlight Blade or Monster Hunter Online.

I did note that I fought against various different bosses – so allow me to elaborate a little more on that.
If you hadn’t guessed it, Twilight Spirits is a hub-based MMO. It functions just like Phantasy Star Online 2, Soul Worker Online, Kritika: REBOOT, Dragon Nest. Although from what I could tell there are a substantial amount of varied towns you could navigate between.
I moved through 4 different areas within the first 20 levels of the game, and every town was filled with NPCs, quests and some of the most beautiful vistas I’d seen in a game of this type.
There are players that occupy the towns – or there should be, but from what I could tell nobody was in the lower level areas. That could be due to the fact that Twilight Spirits actually wasn’t received all too well. For Westerners, anyway, if Steam is anything to go off of.
I’m sure Chinese players were more than happy with it as Western players complained about the language the game was released in as opposed to the game itself. As a hub-MMO, you run around the various towns, taking quests from NPCs and running dungeons.
Either alone or with a group of players. Not only are there dungeons, but there are larger-scale raids just like you’d find in PSO2 and several different PvP game modes.

There were 7 different classes to choose from as of recording in September 2020. Each class is gender locked, much as you would expect out of a non-Japanese Eastern MMO.
They do seem to love gender-locking their classes don’t they?
The class names were in Chinese so I didn’t bother to go about translating them, but the characters I was most interested in were the mage and the assassin. I opted to go with the assassin, because.. well, I mean, why wouldn’t I? She just had more to.. offer, I guess?
Each class has their own very unique playstyle. The assassin was fast, flipped around like a ninja, slashing through enemies, knocking them down, or up into the air, unleashing a barrage of blows down onto them as you smash them back down into the ground.
Admittedly I wanted to try out the mage class but didn’t really want to go through the same content again so I just stuck with the one assassin I had.
Combat took place in dungeons, with each dungeon having 4 separate instanced off areas. They were very linear and didn’t provide much in the way of room to engage in combat, instead with each essentially functioning as a small circle that you’d run around and fight in.
This might change down the line, or might be very different in PvP or raids, I can’t say.

Every area was incredibly different to the last though – aesthetically, anyway. And each zone had their own unique selection of monsters to accompany it, finishing with a boss battle.
The bosses weren’t difficult, as if you time your dodges the time around the boss slows down significantly, allowing you to get some pretty good combos, or more than that, allowing you to unload an assault onto the boss without the need to worry about any kind of counter-attacks.
I’m not normally one to boast but I feel as though by the end of my time recording I’d gotten quite good at this.

And that’s it – that’s pretty much the game.
You take quests – missions from various NPCs. Hunt missions, loot missions. There are several different dungeons you can run per zone you’re in with each having their own unique enemies, quests and boss fights.
You level up, learn new abilities, equip new gear – which unfortunately does not change the appearance of your character. There were no customization options at all from what I could tell, honestly, which was kinda disappointing.
You explore the towns, you group up with other players, run dungeons, raids or PvP.
It’s about what you’d expect from a game like this. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but at the same time, it felt like it lacked anything to do long-term, but then these types of MMOs typically do.

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