Tower of God: Great Journey Pre-Registration

Tower of God: Great Journey Pre-Registration

Global pre-registration has been opened for a brand new new upcoming Anime Gacha RPG Eastern Odyssey, releasing this year in 2023.

Pre-registering for Tower of God: Great Journey will reward players with Epic character Endorsi, 10 Tower’s Summon Tickets and 50,000 Gold through the in-game mailbox, all of which are reason enough to take the time to pre-register for if you have any expectation of playing the game, and will be a massive missed opportunity if you don’t.

More rewards are planned to be offered to players when various target goals of their social media are hit. Tower of God: Great Journey is an idle action RPG – much like the recently released Eversoul Gacha game, based on the popular Korean webtoon Tower of God. The goal is to climb the tower with other characters because that’s a fun past time. The game managed to hit #1 in South Korea with over 2 million total players after launching, so evidently our market was next.

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