Tower of Fantasy: My Thoughts on the Closed Beta

Tower of Fantasy: My Thoughts on the Closed Beta

The upcoming Tower of Fantasy MMO is currently undergoing a Closed Beta test – and I know a lot of people have been wanting me to cover it.
Partly because this is an Anime MMORPG – which will potentially compete with the likes of Blue Protocol, and partly because it’s a cross-platform fully open-world Anime game – which will potentially compete with the likes of Genshin Impact.
Blue Protocol and Genshin Impact are two Anime titles that have been more anticipated than any other Anime game in.. well, I don’t even know when the last time players were this excited for an Anime MMO or even just an Anime RPG.
So you can bet Tower of Fantasy has a lot to live up to.

So what is Tower of Fantasy?
An upcoming Anime MMORPG that has a beautiful semi-scifi setting. As is evident from both the trailers, and the gameplay that has been captured, the game has a very large focus on story.
Story is important to me as it allows for me to really become enthralled with a game – otherwise I’m left with this feeling of disconnection from the world, the characters and ultimately the entire game.
While the combat definitely feels a little slow and awkward, I will admit it’s shaping up to be pretty good. Remember that this is in fact going to be an MMO as opposed to a single-player or co-op game so gameplay and the world overall will probably lack the polish you’d find in the aforementioned genres.
Although while it feels a little slow, it still looks pretty good. Granted I definitely hope they make improvements to it – as I feel like improvements are no doubt necessary if they really want this game to succeed.
One note worth pointing out, is that Tower of Fantasy, much like Genshin Impact offers no forms of auto-play. Where mobile games built for mobile devices are overrun with auto-mechanics, such as V4 and A3, Genshin Impact nor Tower of Fantasy have any type of auto-mechanics whatsoever.
This leads me to believe, much like its competitor, that Tower of Fantasy is also being built for PC players in mind – as a PC MMORPG with cross-play functionality between mobile devices – something that I was honestly hoping would happen.

And that’s about everything we’ve encountered thus far.

Tower of Fantasy is shaping up to be a pretty solid looking Anime MMORPG. Will it be able to compete with either Genshin Impact or Blue Protocol? I guess only time will tell, but I’m excited to see where things end up ultimately going with the game.
I was disappointed Gran Saga ended up being a mobile-ish MMO but am more than glad Tower of Fantasy is going the PC route.

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