Tower of Fantasy: Global Release Date? Console Confirmation?

Tower of Fantasy: Global Release Date? Console Confirmation?

Mrs Stix and I have been playing a LOT of Tower of Fantasy. We’ve been streaming it for over 50 hours now, every day, over on Twitch. And we’ve been having more fun in it than in any other MMO released in the last 6 months – Lost Ark, Elyon, New World.
Despite the video I did exposing malpractices that the company behind the game was involved with, I have always been an advocate for the game. Just because I have something negative to say about a topic, doesn’t mean I haven’t, or can’t continue to also say positive things about it.
Things aren’t only black or white. And as such, I’m capable of having and expressing mixed feelings, mixed opinions on a game without hating it. Nevertheless, we’ve had a few recurring questions pop up over our time streaming, and those are questions I want to elaborate on today.

Number 1)

Let’s start off with the most important topic first: Last month I did a video titled “AT LAST! TOWER OF FANTASY GLOBAL + CONSOLE CONFIRMATION!” where I went on to cover several Tweets that were made by both the Global and Japanese Tower of Fantasy Twitter pages.
Unfortunately, I was too overcome with excitement at the time to process the fact that the Japanese Tweet, that went on to confirm they were working on a console release may have been a translation issue.
The Tweet, when translated, read: “It will be played on smartphones & PCs, but the console is under development! We will let you know if there is any progress.”
I know Google Translate isn’t the most reliable of sources, and instead of taking the time to run it through multiple translators, I took to making a video with that single instance as reference.
When running it through a much more reliable translator, DeepL, things read a little differently: “It will be played on phones & PCs, but consoles are under consideration for development! We will keep you updated on any developments!”
For whatever reason, Google had completely omitted the “consideration” term from its translation, leading me to falsely believe that the game was in fact confirmed to be releasing on to consoles.

I have no issue admitting if I’m wrong. I was. I acted in hubris, didn’t verify with multiple sources, and posted a video too quickly. And as a result, there have been a multitude of people that have been lead to believe there is a confirmed release expected for console some day.
I do want to add a little speculation to this, however, as I do believe we can still expect one, given the Japanese Tweet states it is “under consideration,” and according to their Discord, they don’t have plans for a console release “at this time.”
So I apologize for the mistranslation. There is no confirmed console release planned for Tower of Fantasy at present, but I do feel there will be eventually.

Number 2)

When is Tower of Fantasy coming out GLOBALLY? What is the exact release date?
That is the most asked question. By far. We can’t go 2 minutes without having 3 people ask for the exact day of release. And unfortunately, at the same time, that’s the one question that is also impossible to answer.
A Global version of this game is confirmed. We’re playing it on stream every day – it’s translated in English, features English voice acting for various characters. But we have no clear indication of when the game will be launching for us.
What we do know is that Tower of Fantasy is confirmed to be coming out in 2022. This information is publicly available across their social media, their Discord, and can even be found in-game.
They’re very vague concerning “when” in 2022 the game is going to be releasing. Given the Beta lasts for the better half of this month, I guarantee we will not be receiving it in the month of May, and June seems out of the question since they’re going to have a lot of feedback to process.
Which means we’re definitely looking at either the 3rd of 4th quarter of 2022.

Number 3)

Is Tower of Fantasy an MMO? “Why don’t I see other people out in the world with you?”
These are questions we get en masse as well. Yes, this is a full-fledged MMO. We’ve had groups of players on-screen simultaneously, all out in the world. We’ve participated in 7 different world boss fights now, and have had 10, 20 people or more all rushing to engage the boss with us.
Granted, we had to announce there was a boss in world chat so players were actively aware of its presence. We’ve seen players while running around doing the story, while out collecting.
Sure, they haven’t been too common due to the sheer size of the world, and the fact that this is a Beta test. The combination of the two severely limits the frequency with which you’ll actively encounter other players.
But the number of things you can do out in the world, the selection of group content available to you. This is what an Anime MMO released in 2022 should be.

Number 4)

Is there a way to still get into the Closed Beta?
The answer to that, as far as I’m aware, is unfortunately no. The chance to access the Beta test closed a while ago, before the Beta began.
Yes, there was a security breach that allowed players to gain illegal access to the Beta test and I’m unsure of if those accounts were immediately banned after being found out or they were allowed to continue to participate in the Beta.
But legally? No, there should be no way for you to access the Beta if you did not receive official access.

Number 5)

Will there be future Beta tests? Maybe an Open Beta?
That is unconfirmed. If the devs believe they received an adequate amount of feedback over the course of this test phase, then I don’t believe there will be.
However, if they want to test other features, or the 2.0 update for Global players, a 2nd follow-up Closed Beta test might take place.
An Open Beta has not been confirmed, but is definitely a possibility.

And finally, Number 6)

Is Tower of Fantasy a Genshin Impact clone?
The simple answer to that is.. both yes and no.
Yes, there are definitely aspects of Tower of Fantasy that take inspiration from Genshin Impact. The graphical style, the world. But it takes as much inspiration from Genshin as Genshin took from Breath of the Wild.
So while it might be accurate to call it a “Genshin clone,” it would be more accurate to call it “another Breath of the Wild clone.”
Although it does do quite a bit different to Genshin to sufficiently set itself apart.
It’s an MMORPG. Has actual competent multiplayer content. Has significantly better rates on Waifu’s. Has better combat mechanics. More varied content.
Although its animations are definitely worse. I feel the world isn’t nearly as large. The story isn’t as good.
It has its pros and its cons, like every game.

Overall, I hope this answers some questions you might’ve had concerning the game.
Yes, I’m having fun. Yes, Mrs Stix is having fun. Yes, I did a video “exposing” certain aspects of it, but that doesn’t mean I have anything against it. But I do believe players should know the history of a game and its company BEFORE dedicating time to it or spending money on it.
It’s my duty as a content creator and I’d be doing you all a disservice if I chose not to cover it.

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