TOP 5 CONFIRMED MMORPGs Coming in 2020

TOP 5 CONFIRMED MMORPGs Coming in 2020

We fans of the MMO genre end every year in more or less the same way: Disappointed in the year that passed, and looking to the future in hopes that the next year will bring something better.
I mean that’s what we have to do, right? Otherwise that means giving up on MMOs and that’s something a lot of us can’t do.
This year has been much the same. We haven’t really seen anything release that has stood out – at best, Astellia Online turned out a bit mediocre, ArcheAge: Unchained wasn’t what people wanted it to be, and.. well, okay.
Final Fantasy XIV released their Shadowbringers expansion which has been heavily praised as the best MMO expansion ever, and WoW Classic launched to a very positive reception, but overall it was a lackluster year for new releases.
Next year – and don’t hate me for saying this, but actually looks to be looking up for MMORPGs as we have so many new games either confirmed to be releasing or launching in some form of playable state. And I’m excited.
So here we are, the final “top MMORPG” video of 2019: 5 Confirmed MMORPGs Coming in 2020. I hope you guys are ready!

New World

Yes, we’re gonna go ahead and start this off with Amazon’s upcoming New World MMORPG. Not a lot of information was released regarding the game over much of its production.
What we knew earlier this year was that it was going to be a PvP focused survival game, much like ARK or Rust and I’ll admit, that definitely has an audience.
Then the developers kinda went quiet for a while, and that caused a lot of distress in the community: People thought they’d given up, they’d ceased development.
Thankfully that wasn’t the case, as instead, it was announced that New World has not only made great strides in terms of general development, but heck, they’d also set their eye on both a closed beta and full release launch date.
They revealed their new trailer for the game which honestly looks really damn good, but also made the revelation that the game was no longer going to be a sandbox survival game. At least, not in the traditional sense.
Instead, they claim it’s going to be an actual “MMORPG” that has a capacity of up to 1,000 players concurrently per server.
The game is set in a large sandbox world with players playing through the game on a single, large land mass.
Combat will take the form of third-person action, with a variety of weapon types being equippable at any given time and a plethora of skills to learn and master if you want to overcome enemies in not only PvE, but also PvP.
There are absolutely no classes in-game, instead having players rely on the use of weapon-swapping depending on the situation and necessary role.
There is going to be a large focus on PvP, although from what I’m aware you’re no longer forced into it.
There are various territories guilds can claim that earn them beneficial bonuses – but controlling those territories leave you open to attack as well, having guilds constantly at war with one another, vying for supremacy of the land.
I’m very excited for New World because it’s being created by quite a large company with quite a bit of funding.
It looks and sounds like it could be a very fun MMO to play with up to a thousand other players, and having to make political alliances to survive sounds like something I’d be willing to at least try.
I honestly don’t know if I could do it but I’d sure as hell try to.
New World has a Closed Beta scheduled for April 2020 with a full release coming in May 2020.

Phantasy Star Online 2

I’ve talked about Phantasy Star Online 2 repeatedly since Microsoft made their announcement that the game would finally be launching in North America in 2020.
We’ve been waiting nearly 8 years to get the game over here so you can bet I’m excited to play it. To date, it’s still one of Japan’s top rated MMORPGs and us Western players have been thirsting after this ever since Sega released it.
PSO2 was announced earlier this year at E3, after which pretty much no mention of anything pertaining to the game was discussed in any form – until out of seemingly nowhere, Microsoft revealed that closed beta would be happening in the very near future for players playing through the Xbox One.
Registration is currently open this very moment for people trying to get into the closed beta.


Phantasy Star Online 2 is a very highly stylized Anime-inspired MMORPG, and while it was released back in 2012, still remains one of the closest experiences you’ll get to a complete Anime MMO.
There’s no open-world, no sandbox, instead, PSO2 has you set in a large space-hub where you take quests from various NPCs, participate in story-related content, customize your skills and more.
Everything you do begins from the hub, with you going out to participate in various types of content on your ship.
Content is for the most part, instanced. After accepting quests, after deciding to go out and explore, you’re mostly cut off from other players that aren’t a part of your group.
It has highly engaging combo-oriented action combat that allows for players to swap between several different weapon types at any given time, providing you the ability to fulfill various roles in the group.
There are several races and classes in-game, with each class having their own specialties.
The main focus of the game is PvE though, as while there is a PvP scene, it isn’t nearly as frequented as other games and honestly from what I’ve been told, doesn’t really offer much in the way of reward for time invested.
Phantasy Star Online 2 has always been a fun MMORPG for me and I look forward to Microsoft releasing it over here in North America.
It’s truly one of the best Anime MMOs available, and is easily one of the most perfected hub-based MMOs on the market.
Phantasy Star Online 2 has an expected Closed Beta scheduled for February 2020, with a full-release coming for Xbox One in Spring 2020, having a full-release onto PC later in the year at a currently unconfirmed date.


This one really came outta nowhere. Prior to their announcement, I had no idea this was a game even under development. Yet I’m glad to see that it was, and this is the perfect time to.
Lost Ark is currently in the process of undergoing internal testing to get a Western release. Project TL just announced they were going ahead with a release in South Korea in 2020.
Diablo 4 was just announced this year by Blizz. Path of Exile 2 was announced at the ExileCon.
So many top-down isometric Action games are in the process of launching that this is the perfect time to get ahead of them and weasel themselves into a share of the market ahead of the game.
The devs behind Corepunk claim that the game is going to feature a large, seamless open world for players to explore. Unlike most games that either have classes or opt to not include classes, Corepunk has heroes.
But not heroes in the sense of a MOBA where they’re pre-set, pre-determined heroes with little customization.
Instead, the game will offer the normal, traditional class archetypes in the form of tank, healer and DPS while providing hero specialization flexibility.
This means that while your hero is likely going to excel in one area more than another, each and every hero is highly customizable into the kind of character you want to play.
Every hero has 3 distinct weapon specializations with each weapon having their own combat style and associated abilities.
Combat is action-based and in the trailer supplied, gameplay itself, both combat and even movement looks a little slow.
The devs behind the game have promised that they’ve already worked on the general speed of the game and have improved it quite significantly so it no longer feels as sluggish. This will likely be shown off in a future trailer.
As for PvE, there will be various dungeons and raids for players to tackle either solo or with a group. PvP will have both open-world PvP that players can opt in or out of via a toggle system, and instanced PvP like arenas.
Corepunk is currently undergoing internal Alpha testing, however the devs have expressed their interest to begin closed beta testing in the very near future.
While there’s no confirmation on when specifically it will be available for the public to test, they did reveal that they plan on beginning open beta testing at the end of 2020.


If you haven’t heard of TemTem then you’ve been missing out. I’m a giant Pokemon fan.
Mrs Stix and I are in the process of finishing off Pokemon Sword literally as I’m writing this up – yes, I’m currently sitting on the bed with my laptop in my lap while she’s attempting to catch a level 50 Flygon with her Boltund she named Bork.
At 4AM in the morning. Maybe we should call someone. Maybe we just need to finish the game. We’ll see how much longer the game takes to finish, I guess. If we end up malnourished, then you guys know what happened. Blame Bork.
Now, TemTem is probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Pokemon MMO.
I feel like a Pokemon MMO with the backing of Game Freak and Nintendo would – or, could be one of the most densely populated, feature rich, profitable MMOs ever made, considering how thirsty people are for anything Pokemon related. But I digress.
TemTem is set in a large, pretty open world.
I played the game for around 8 to 10 hours and then some more off-screen before stopping so I could experience the rest with Mrs Stix.
But in that time, I had more or less the freedom to go where I wanted and do what I wanted, with the odd NPC cutting me off from progressing until I beat the Dojo leaders – TemTem’s version of a Gym Leader.
Unlike most MMOs that offer classes, or opt to not offer classes and instead offer weapon types, or, if you’re like Corepunk, instead offer pre-set heroes – TemTem takes a step in yet another interesting direction.
Instead, you take on the role of the Human in control of the TemTem, seeking out new TemTem to capture, level and evolve, as opposed to leveling yourself, learning new abilities for your character.
It’s an interesting divergence from the norm. One that I’m excited for because it’s so outlandish – so drastically different to what we’re used to.
The combat is turn based, sending out 2 TemTem to fight at a given time. There’s no action, everything relies completely on your Pokemon’s stats and abilities.
If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game then I guarantee you, TemTem is just like it.
TemTem will be launching into Early Access on January 21st, 2020. That’s a mere few weeks off for fans wanting to play.

Lost Ark

Finally, and perhaps most importantly depending on who you are – Lost Ark is an MMORPG that a lot of you have been anticipating for almost as long as this channel has been running.
Which is only a couple years, granted, but I wanted to add a little flair to- well, you know what, nevermind. Lost Ark is a South Korean MMO with an isometric camera view, like Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Tree of Savior or Devilian.
I’ve played the South Korean version of the game and the Russian version of the game both. While the South Korean version of the game requires a South Korean social security number along with a VPN, the Russian version doesn’t.
All you need is a normal VPN – ranging from a couple dollars for a decent one. I use ExitLag to access the Russian version of Lost Ark for those of you wondering. A link can be found in the video description if you want to try it free for a few days.
Lost Ark is your traditional MMO: It’s set in a large open world with lots of NPCs to take and complete quests at, large cities to explore and chill in, and features a fairly interesting narrative with which to progress the story forward.
There is plenty of customization to be had: Physical character customization, and a variety of different class choices after completing the initial tutorial for the game.
While the game does feature a large world, it also features two forms of travel: Both by land and by sea, opening up new encounters, new scenarios and new opportunities to explore and conquer.
I’ve never played an isometric action game that had poor combat. Every game I’ve tried, even if the overall game turned out to be terrible, had at the very least decent functioning combat.
Lost Ark is no different – it features some great, high quality action combat with lots of combos, plenty of flashy special effects for skills and – well, it’s a South Korean game. That’s what they’re known for after all.
From a PvE perspective, Lost Ark offers quite a bit of content. There are your basic quests, over-world bosses, dungeons and smaller-scale raids to participate in. On the PvP side of things, there’s instanced PvP like in most MMOs.
While there is no 100% definitive release date right now, the developers behind Lost Ark were looking to hire various staff that are fluent in English to help with the upcoming release of the game in the West.
They’ve since completed their recruitment phase and are likely very close to announcing the game in English. It’s honestly unlikely that we’re all that far off from it at this point.

People have been claiming for what seems like.. ever, that the MMORPG genre is dying. That just isn’t true. When Final Fantasy XIV released their Shadowbringers expansion, they saw record high subscribption numbers.
World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion and WoW Classic relaunch had ridiculous numbers, just like their upcoming Shadowlands expansion no doubt will.
We have amazing looking games like the games mentioned in this list, we have upcoming MMOs like Blue Protocol or Project BBQ to name a couple off of the top of my head.
The genre is far from dying, it’s actually in the process of picking right back up at this juncture, and I’m excited to not only be a part of this next chapter, but to be able to actively be a part of growing this genre with our viewers.
Because you know what? Together, we make up a large percentage of players that play MMOs. You guys are as much a part of this channel as I am and I look forward to moving in to these upcoming games with all of you.
2020 is going to be a very exciting year.

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