Top 20 Best Mobile RPG Games of 2019 | Android & iOS

Top 20 Best Mobile RPG Games of 2019 | Android & iOS

With the end of the year right around the corner I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to make a video detailing what the best Mobile RPGs of 2019 are.
I did a video on the best Mobile MMORPGs earlier this year, and although this list will include a few MMOs, it will be filled with mostly exclusively RPG titles.
With that out of the way, let’s jump right in..


Another Eden is a beautiful Japanese RPG that takes you on a journey through time and space. If you’ve ever played through Chrono Trigger then you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia here.
The story was worked on by one of the people that originally worked on Chrono Trigger and that’s very evident. Graphically, Another Eden is perhaps one of the most crisp, beautiful, well playing titles in this list.
Combat is turn-based but it flows just as well as old JRPGs used to.


ELCHRONICLE is a story-driven classical JRPG – with full cinematic videos and completely voiced over. Combat utilizes an interesting hybrid of auto-combat and action combat making for highly engaging real-time action battles.
The game is supposedly open world – not without loading screens but open to explore.
Graphically, the game looks incredibly unique – it’s nothing like the majority of “Anime” inspired JRPGs that Japan is often known for which is a welcome change.


Era of Legends is a new MMORPG that recreates the classical MMO feel on mobile devices.
The game boasts a truly giant, immersive world for players to explore, thousands of quests to participate in and a true MMO experience unlike any other you’ve had on mobile.
The combat is lock-on tab-target, but has a lot of different skill combinations you can make so the game doesn’t get old too fast.
Honestly, this is one of the better traditional MMOs out there for mobile devices.


LYN: The Lightbringer is a stunningly beautiful RPG set in a world that follows the events of a cataclysmic war between Light and Darkness.
The game utilizes an interesting blend of gorgeous illustrations and 3D animations to make one of the most unique looking games I’d ever seen on mobile devices.
Combat – at least the actual meleeing of your characters is completely automatic but you get to choose your skills as their cooldowns become available.


Brown Dust is a tactical RPG that puts you in the shoes of a young mercenary and his hot harem of female mercenaries.
The game has beautiful Anime inspired illustrations and hundreds of different characters you can recruit with a strong emphasis on strategic gameplay. It is a tactical RPG after all.
Combat is turn-based, with your units and the enemy units exchanging blows one by one until nobody is left.


Rangers of Oblivion was one of the first games I played on a mobile device and I was taken a little aback by how detailed the character creator was and how good the game both played and looked.
It’s essentially a Monster Hunter-inspired MMORPG with a free-roaming world that allows you to equip a variety of weapon types and engage in actual action combat.
It has amazing next-gen 3D fantasy graphics and is probably one of the closest experiences you’ll ever get to a Monster Hunter MMO on mobile.


Sdorica: Sunset or Sdorica: Mirage, whichever version of the game you’d like to refer to this as is an RPG with a large focus on storytelling, featuring completely handcrafted 2D animation from a variety of different animators.
There are over 60 unique characters all hand-drawn each with their own unique personalities and the combat.. is probably one of the more unique systems I’ve seen employed in a game.
Instead of having your characters each possess their own unique skill-sets, you’re given this weird kinda.. system that has you line up anywhere between 1-4 little orb things at a time.
Depending on how many orbs are aligned, your attack will vary completely.


King’s Raid is actually one of the most viewed videos on my channel with over 50,000 views currently. The game is a side-scrolling RPG with real-time battles that you can opt to participate in or out of.
The combat, at least pertaining to the physical aspect of it takes place automatically but you can choose which skills to use when they’re ready and available.
The character models and the graphics themselves are stunning for a mobile title. Sometimes I forget that mobile games are capable of looking this good.


You can’t be an MMO or, heck, even an RPG fan in this day and age and not know about Sword Art Online. Integral Factor is a mobile adaptation of the title.. on mobile, in MMORPG form.
This is – and I kid you not – one of my favorite titles on mobile.
It has an amazing Anime creation system, combat that looks and feels like it’s out of the .hack games for PS2 but is actually pretty well done and an interesting open-world with segregated zones, allowing you to see other players out in the world.
I’ve played my fair share of MMORPGs but this is the most “PC MMORPG” feeling game I’ve played yet.


Darkness Rises is a gorgeous action adventure RPG that utilizes some of the best combat in a game of its kind.
While technically kind of a “dungeon crawler,” the game itself is absolutely beautiful and offers players outstanding customization options.
I know I’ve said this a couple times but holy crap I love having the ability to customize my character as much as this game allows.
The game has a very large emphasis on story as that’s the kind of game it is but it offers a lot of epic boss fights and fantastic visuals to keep you from getting bored.


You can’t do a “top RPGs” or “top MMORPGs” video without including both Era of Legends and World of Kings. Why? Because they’re two of the most traditional, most MMO-accurate titles you’ll find on mobile devices, duh.
World of Kings specifically is probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to a PC MMO with full-dungeons, races, combat and.. just an all-round “MMO experience” unlike any other on mobile.
The combat was lock-on tab-target which was expected as even by today’s standards, most MMOs go the tab-target route.
Graphically.. the game wasn’t “stunning” like some of the other games in this list but it felt so.. and I know I said this already, but “MMO-accurate” is the best term I can think of.


First Summoner is actually one of my favorite mobile RPGs currently.
To this day, I still have the game downloaded on my phone and log in occasionally due to the difficulty, complexity and how freakin’ amazing the characters in-game look.
The game is a story-driven chapter-based RPG that has no auto-battles, no auto-play, no auto-anything but instead tests your strategic capabilities and drives you to almost want to quit the game every other chapter due to difficulty.
I haven’t seen many games with character models as good as First Summoner’s, and the use of strategic combat is.. something I’ve missed from my childhood.


Overhit is a self-titled “visual masterpiece,” and I’m gonna be honest here.. the character models themselves are incredible to look at.
South Korea absolutely knocks it outta the park whenever they release a new game because it always looks like a console title when looking at characters.
When participating in combat, which is pretty much automatic with the exception of skill usage, however, it becomes evident that it isn’t as beautiful as some of the other games in this list but man does it look good nonetheless.


Dragalia Lost is probably the only “swipe controlled” action RPG in this list and that’s because it’s also the only one I’ve played out of what, 40 or so mobile games thus far?
Graphically, the game is very Anime-inspired with beautiful scenery and environments to traverse. Combat is complete action-oriented meaning there is no targeting system and no lock-on targeting system.
You swipe the direction you wanna fight and use your skills. This is something severely underutilized in mobile games and I think it’s something that should be focused on more going into the future of the genre.


Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer survival RPG that is.. actually really freakin’ good.
It has an engaging storyline, has an amazing character creator that truly allows you to create a gorgeous avatar, beautiful environments and overall graphics and provides you more features than most mobile games.
You can build and customize your own island, craft items, gear and food, go out hunting, you can tame a variety of epic monsters, and.. then it’s as multiplayer as an MMO.
You can see and group up with other players in the open world the game provides you. Seriously, amazing game.


Astral Chronicles is an RPG that sets you on an epic journey through time and space.. kinda like Another Eden. But in this case it’s more like Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray if you’ve ever seen that.
The game is very story-driven and is absolutely adorable, offering beautiful hand-crafted backgrounds and super cute character models.
Combat was highly intriuging to me as to cast spells you were required to use your finger to draw the corresponding symbol for the skill with your finger, meaning that to actually best some of the encounters, you needed to be present.
This meant that auto-play was possible in some cases but not possible in others.


Azur Lane is a little different. See, while it’s technically an RPG, it’s a strange hybrid of both an RPG and a 2D shooter with tactical aspects.
The game is completely story-driven and features over 300 different characters, referred to and named after various ships from all around the world.
Combat takes the form of a side-scrolling shooter, where you use your finger to move your characters around the screen dodging enemy fire while trying to line up your own attacks.
Graphically, the backgrounds are mostly just the ocean with the occasional rock here and there but the characters – both their portraits and in-game models are absolutely adorable. One of my favorites, actually.


Epic Seven was probably and is likely my most requested game on the channel. And I can understand why when looking at it!
Like its name suggests, it has quite an epic storyline populated by some of the hottest women in a mobile RPG. I’m not kidding, these women are gorgeous.
So are the special effects in battle, which actually is turn-based, having players select the skill they want to use for each character before going through with using them.
And although the combat plays well and the character models are gorgeous, the game itself has quite a bit of free-roaming. And the areas you’re allowed to roam are as beautiful as the women!


I know I haven’t included many of this kind of RPG in this list, but here we go: Girls’ Frontline is a strategy RPG – a very difficult, very demanding strategy RPG with a pretty strong focus on story.
Graphics are fairly realistic – at least as far as backgrounds go, and the character models.. well, in-game models are chibi which I’m always a fan of and the character portraits are beautifully drawn.
One thing worth noting is that when your characters get hurt in battle, their outfits actually rip and get broken down, which is.. yeah, something highly enjoyable to experience.
Combat itself though requires strategic use of character abilities which can make or break a battle.


And that covers my list of the Top 20 Mobile RPGs to play in 2019. These will last you until 2020, surely. If not.. then I don’t know what to tell you!

Last but not least I left what is perhaps still, to this day, the best looking Anime inspired RPG on mobile devices.. Honkai Impact 3rd.
This is also one of the most popular RPGs on mobile devices, and if you play the game you’ll completely understand why. This game has by far the best action combat I’ve ever seen in a game on mobile.
It’s also one of the most beautiful I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing through with absolutely stunning characters – all of which have a pretty large emphasis on plot.
It’s got a good story, allows for plenty of characters to play as while engaging in the game and.. is all ’round considered one of the best mobile games.
You truly have to try this game out to understand exactly why it’s so highly recommended.

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