Finding a good Mobile MMO is like finding a girlfriend. So many of them look incredible on the surface, but.. wait, what am I even saying? You guys don’t care about physical relationships with real women, right? That’s what Anime Waifu’s are for.
Mobile MMOs are a dime a dozen. There are so many, that navigating between them has become a chore. Especially given how empty, barren and shallow the vast majority of them feel.
Yet after having played through quite a bit of Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray Raven, Arknights and Azur Lane recently, I found myself on the lookout for a good Mobile MMO. And after hours of searching, I went ahead and compiled a list of 15 Mobile MMOs that are far above all of their competition.
These are MMOs I enjoyed. MMOs that I would recommend.

Blade & Soul 2

Blade & Soul 2 is the hotly anticipated sequel to Blade & Soul – a high quality action MMORPG developed for PC. Interestingly enough, it is also available fully cross-platform.
While the sequel showcases a much more tame combat system, significantly less explicit character models and an entirely overhauled graphical style, disregarding its ties to its predecessor, I’d say it is probably one of the better Mobile MMOs I’ve played on the platform.
This game looks gorgeous, it has some solid gameplay, a narrative worth following, a large world to explore, and plenty of content to partake of. It is set within the same Blade & Soul world and features a lot of similarities to Blade & Soul – for better or for worse.

Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an MMO that released just last year, and has since gone on to become one of the most stunning Anime titles on both mobile and PC platforms, being full cross-platform compatible itself.
Unlike traditional MMOs, Gran Saga allows players to not only build your own character, but also recruit a variety of other characters. Meaning it features a Gacha system, requiring players earn or buy characters to use in-game.
The game features an enormous open world for you to run around freely exploring. It has some pretty fluid combat – I mean – you can just look at it and know how smooth it feels. It has a story to follow, but it’s your pretty basic traditional narrative.
My only gripe with the game is that it isn’t available in English yet, but it should be releasing Globally this year.

Rangers of Oblivion

Rangers of Oblivion is a gorgeous Monster Hunter-esque MMO. As in, it looks and feels like a Monster Hunter game.. but on mobile. And with better looking character models.
It’s also simultaneously one of the best Mobile MMOs I’ve ever played. Sure, it doesn’t offer the same levels of freedom that other games do with regards to exploring an open world, but it offers better action combat than them.
Maybe not on par with something like Punishing Gray Raven or Honkai Impact. But when do MMOs ever have as good combat as non-MMOs?
With an extensive character creator, gorgeous graphical style and surplus of areas to explore – this is a MUST PLAY MMO!

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is both the largest success and most horrendous failure of the last year in terms of an MMO. This game is by far the best looking Anime MMO on Mobile platforms. It’s also fully cross-platform compatible, with a fully PC-compatible UI – something most games don’t take the time to do.
But it’s been overrun with bugs, glitches, legal trouble concerning asset theft for their trailers… yet underneath all of that, this is simultaneously one of the best Mobile MMOs you’ll encounter.
It’s absolutely gorgeous. It has full action combat without any auto-play at all. A fully utilized world. A narrative. Plenty of things to do. This is what a cross-platform MMO should be. And the depth of the character creation and customization? Yes, please.
Now to wait for this game to launch Globally later this year..

Odin: Valhalla Rising

So I feel like several of the MMOs listed here are cross-platform compatible between PC and Mobile. And I didn’t even mean that.
Odin: Valhalla Rising is a gorgeous medieval MMO that was considered to be a true competitor to Black Desert Online. While it failed to live up to the quality of BDO, it ended up being a ridiculously successful MMO in its own right, becoming one of South Korea’s highest selling MMOs on Mobile devices.
Featuring gorgeous graphics, stunning environments, incredible quality character designs, an enormous world and decent quality combat, it’s no doubt this went on to make over $100 million dollars within its first month.
It is also scheduled to be releasing in 2022 – this year, Globally! So it’s an MMO to be on the lookout for!

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is Black Desert Online.. on Mobile. Much as the title would lead you to believe.
When this game came out, many people marvelled at how incredible it both looked and played. Sure, it felt about as much like Black Desert Online as Blade & Soul 2 felt like Blade & Soul, but it still had the.. feel, the classes, the combat, the graphical style of its predecessor.
And for those of you that are unaware – BDO is one of the best looking, best playing MMOs on PC still, 6 years after it released.
Black Desert Mobile is absolutely gorgeous. It plays incredibly well, and it’s a worthy port of the original PC incarnation of Black Desert that’s sure to interest you if you’re a fan.

Toram Online

I actually played Toram Online recently over on PC – yes, it just launched onto PC recently, and is now a fully-functional cross-platform MMORPG.
And you know what? It’s honestly one of the better ones out there. It utilizes unique combat – that’s a hybrid between tab-target, turn-based and action. It captures that unique Anime aesthetic that Asobimo has become known for and provides an MMO that looks better than most of its PC counterparts.
This is a JRPG.. that you play with other players. It’s as much as JRPG as it is an MMO – and that really helps it stand out. Where other games feel like you’re running around without purpose, Toram truly feels like there’s a reason you’re in the world you’re in and playing the way you are.
And now that you can play it cross-platform.. all the more reason to try it out.

Perfect World Mobile

As a huge fan of Perfect World International, I was ecstatic to get into and play Perfect World Mobile. It wasn’t just a cheap port of the game over onto Mobile devices. Rather, it was an upgrade. It looked better than Perfect World. It played better than Perfect World.
Yes, the world was significantly smaller. The flying seemed to serve much less purpose. But at the same time, so much of this game felt nostalgic to me, having played Perfect World International back in 2009 for 2 whole years.
This is an absolutely gorgeous game with some great-quality combat. I don’t believe it has much of a narrative, but let’s be real.. neither do most MMOs. This ain’t no Final Fantasy game.

Alchemia Story

Alchemia Story is my favorite Anime MMO on Mobile devices. This is yet another hit title from Asobimo, who absolutely dominate the Anime MMO market.
Much like Toram, and, rather, much like the vast majority of JMMORPGs, Alchemia Story has.. well, a story. An actual, fully functional narrative. This is something so rare in MMOs – yet something that seems to be rather common in Japanese MMOs. PSO2. Final Fantasy XIV. Asobimo MMOs.
Unlike the majority of the MMOs included in this list, though, Alchemia Story features an interesting instanced combat system. You create your character and your waifu or husbando, you move about a large world. And when engaging enemies in combat… you’re teleported to an instanced encounter where you take turns attacking enemies.
This, coupled with the games gorgeous open world and incredible looking aesthetic make this game an absolute MUST PLAY for any Anime fan.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, which I’m going to refer to as Integral Factor henceforth because the title’s too long otherwise, is a semi-faithful adaptation of the Sword Art Online Anime series.
I’m not sure specifically how much of the novels the game adapts, but playing through the Aincrad arc was a surreal experience for me. From being trapped in the world, to meeting characters from the Anime series. It was an experience you don’t really get in other MMOs.
And the characters are so accurate – from their personalities to their character models. Add in the faster-paced action combat and the gorgeous setting that perfectly depicts what the world should look like and.. well, you got yourself a Sword Art game.

Dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles is an.. interesting title. It’s a full MMO, yet at the same time, is completely different to an MMO. You quest. You level. You explore lands. Yet you cook food. You build. You harvest and attempt to survive.
It’s probably the most unique MMO I’ve played – on either PC or Mobile devices, and often left me confused as to what I should even label it.
It has an incredible character creator that allows you to prefectly craft your ideal avatar, has a very high quality setting, and has some fast-paced action combat.
This is a unique MMO you won’t wanna miss out the opportunity to try.

Iruna Online

Iruna Online is pretty much Toram Online, but a Mobile exclusive version of it.
It looks like Toram, and it plays like Toram. In essence, if you like the theme, the setting of Toram Online, but for whatever reason don’t want to play it, this is probably your best bet in providing you a similar experience while being a different game.
There’s really nothing else to say about it – I know some people will be upset by that, but Asobimo makes a lotta similar games.

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja also released onto PC recently, after having been a Mobile exclusive title for years.
And despite it being heavily pay to win, this game is an absolute blast to play. Its gameplay is top-tier. Its character models are even better than that. Seriously, seeing the outfits for your character. The control you have over creating them. The character animations.
Everything about this game – including its action combat is high quality. Well.. I mean its narrative is also pretty good, but I did find it to be beyond cheesy. Like, the kind of cheesy where you wanna barf in your mouth a little every time a cutscene plays. Which isn’t bad. It’s just.. interesting.

Avabel Online

Avabel Online is another MMO just like both Toram and Iruna. I feel like these 3 games are the most similar games of any genre I’ve seen. Well, almost as similar as Genshin and Breath of the Wild.
Much like the other 2 Asobimo titles, Avabel Online is a cute Anime MMO set in a large world, has some decent combat, customization options. It’s a solid alternative to the two aforementioned titles – so if neither of those are doin’ it for ya.. here you go.

Noah's Heart

And finally, Noah’s Heart. The reason this is last isn’t because it’s the best, or because it’s the worst. Rather, because it’s the only MMO that hasn’t fully released yet. However, it has held a Closed Beta test, so we did manage to get footage of the game.
And while it’s still a little rough around the edges, this is touted as being not only the successor to Dragon Raja, but a step in the progression of the MMO genre, providing procedurally generated zones, fully replicated seasons, a gorgeous graphical engine, world, and action combat system to rival even Black Desert Online.
And while it’s still a work in progress.. playing the Beta test was a lotta fun. I look forward to when we get to participate in the next one, or, better yet, when the game launches – hopefully this year.

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