Thrud – Broken Heaven (斯露德) Pre-Registration

Thrud - Broken Heaven (斯露德) Pre-Registration

THRUD is a gorgeous new upcoming Waifu collector that takes the form of a Harry Potter inspired Quidditch bullet hell game.

THRUD is an upcoming Gacha game that allows for players to collect Waifu’s, deploy them atop magic broom-like “style staves” to fight, attempting to regain control of the world that has since been lost. THRUD has been in active development for several years now, and while there is no confirmed release date within China, or Global release date currently, the game seems to have come far enough along where there is fully captured gameplay available online.

A lot of progress has been made over the last few years, and the game has changed quite significantly from what was shown back in 2019. Whether or not this is the direction the game should be going remains to be seen. Nevertheless, when additional information is released pertaining to either the release date, Global release date, or Beta test periods, this page will be updated. Until then.. you can pre-register via TapTap below.

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    Diego Lima Reply
    Oct 5, 2022 @ 7:12 am

    I hope we get a lot of nice gatcha’s coins and itens

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