This Could be TERA’s Biggest Update to Date! 64-Bit Compatible at Last!

This Could be TERA's Biggest Update to Date! 64-Bit Compatible at Last!

En Masse announced recently that they’re going to be doing something huge for TERA, updating the game to be 64-bit compatible. This is one of the largest updates to the game in recent memory, as players have been having issues with crashing, performance issues, issues that would prevent them from even getting into the game – all stemming from the fact that the devs wanted to stay 32-bit compatible. No more, though! As of August 11th, 2020, TERA will be fully 64-bit compatible, and players are going to take advantage of that as much as they possibly can! The game sorely needed this, but it might be too little too late at this point.

While the 64-bit update, and the increased system requirements are no doubt going to be a cause for quite a bit of discussion over the coming days, it’s worth noting that the update includes more than that – it introduces the new weekend-only 20-player raid “Commander’s Residence,” where you go up against the First Corps Commander, Maknakh, and the two dungeons, Rift’s Edge and Rampaging RK-9 Kennel will be making a return to the game for the time being. These dungeons are aimed at level 70 players with optimized gear.

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