These KurtzPel Changes Might Make the Game Worth Playing Again

These KurtzPel Changes Might Make the Game Worth Playing Again

I think I can safely say, for the first time ever that I’m genuinely surprised by KOG Games and the update they’re pushing out for KurtzPel. This is perhaps the largest content update I’ve ever seen for it and is likely going to change the game entirely.
Not only are they adding in an entirely new PvE progression system, but they’re introducing actual full PvE dungeons, they’re re-introducing the story along with additional story elements.. this could actually turn the game into a game worth playing.

KurtzPel has always had some incredibly engaging combat, but it always felt very limiting in terms of actual content to consume. It was essentially a PvP game.. with little in the way of PvP modes.
There was content initially outside of the PvP content – you could fight various types of bosses with another player, but for the most part this has always been a PvP game.
With the inclusion of the various types of PvE content, players that aren’t interested in vsing one another will finally have a reason to log in and play.
While the game will no doubt still be entirely pay-to-win as all KOG games are, I feel like this is a fantastic step in the right direction. Dungeons. PvE progression. Story.
Thank you for listening to what players want, KOG. Hopefully it ends up working out for you guys.

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