The Very Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2018

Video: The Very Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2018

The Best Free to Play MMORPGs

So all the way back in November of 2016 I posted a video titled “Top 10 Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2016-2017“.
In it, I detailed what MMORPGs I believed were the best choices to play over the end of 2016 and further going into 2017.
That video alone went on to garner over 350,000 views and almost a thousand comments. Some people were disappointed with a few of the games listed, others were surprised some of those games were still alive.

With all of this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to go over what I believe are the current Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2018.

Please be aware though that just because I believe these are the best does not in any way mean they are – you may actually hate multiple of the games in question, even.
And you’re more than welcome to. But you should elaborate on why you believe how you do, though, as I’d love to hear it and will be replying to as many comments as I can in the comment section below.

With all of the important stuff now out of the way, let’s jump into the video, yeah?


How could I not start this off with one of the quirkiest games on the market?
Yes, we all know about WildStar‘s population issues – it should be titled “Dying Star“, ha.. ha ha. Yeah. We’ve all heard the jokes, the people crying “The game is dead” and the like.
But regardless of the games overall playerbase, the fact remains that it is still a hell of a free to play MMORPG.
It may have been a terrible pay to play game but its quirkiness, graphical style, large world, professional voice cast, action combat and in depth class system should leave no question as to why it’s listed here.


Whether you’re playing the WildRaiderZ private server or you’re waiting for the official RaiderZ game to relaunch in the.. well, according to their Facebook page.. no wait, the official release is unconfirmed.
Regardless, the game – for its time – offered some of the best graphics and combat mechanics in a free to play MMORPG.
It held a decent playerbase but due to problems with the original developers, the game ended up being shut down.
Either way, with some of the best graphics in a free to play MMO, some of the fastest action combat and some of the most unique combat mechanics I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, there aren’t too many games that can compare.


I know some people complain that Neverwinter is pay to win, others complain that the population is incredibly low, but the fact of the matter is.. it’s actually quite an impressive game!
Its combat is fairly impressive, its character creator – class selection and race selection both. It’s probably one of the most impressive fantasy MMOs out there in terms of how good it looks and feels.
Neverwinter never really took off all that well due to the publisher, Perfect World Entertainment messing it up with their pay to win nonsense but nevertheless the game offers a solid fantasy experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

One of the very, very few limited scifi MMORPG left alive. Star Wars: The Old Republic was originally pay to play but after critical negative reviews surfaced and the playerbase dropped significantly.. they ended up swapping models real fast.
Rich storytelling coupled with fantastic voice acting, large, open areas filled with memorable characters, a choice system that drastically affects the outcome of your story, and a shared universe with the movies.
The Old Republic really is one of the most impressive games I’ve played through – it’s just a shame that the population is so low right now.


Another MMORPG that started off pay to play, Rift has the makings of a ridiculously great MMORPG.
It was originally touted as the WoW killer back in the day and although it never achieved what it was originally supposed to, it nevertheless managed to provide something very close to, yet also different to World of Warcraft.
People to this day still refer to it as one of the original WoW clones, setting the standard for what was a generation of clone after clone of the MMO titan.
Offering cross-race faction PvP, a large amount of classes with a high customizability, multiple expansions and their new Prime servers, I’d be a fool not to include it in this list.

Blade and Soul

Although admittedly a very pay to win game, you cannot argue the quality it offers.
Blade and Soul is probably one of the highest quality MMORPGs on this list that started off as a free to play title. You can tell this by the sheer amount of voice acting, visual style and fluidity of the combat.
It’s almost impossible to have a better MMORPG than Blade and Soul, in theory.. but beneath the surface the game is a little more shallow than it’d like you to believe.
Which is no problem whatsoever! Every game has its shortcomings.

Dragon Nest

Generally considered by many to be one of the very best the Anime MMORPG genre has to offer.
With some of the fastest action combat, cutest graphics and a storyline that actually has importance – it’s no wonder why.
Dragon Nest somehow retains a playerbase albeit being incredibly old and dated, even going so far as to have a mobile port released recently as the spiritual successor to it.
Nevertheless, the entertainment Dragon Nest can bring is unrivaled in the Anime MMO niche.

Bless Online

Although not officially released in the West yet, a Western release is confirmed.
Both Wiggy and I have since played both the Russian and Korean versions of Bless Online and the game is an absolute blast.
It has some of the best character creation in an MMORPG – let alone a free to play MMORPG – along with, yet again, a storyline that you can actually enjoy making progress through.
There was one point in specific where it left a lasting WTF on my face because I honestly had no idea things like that happened in MMORPGs but eh.

Hello Kitty Online

’cause it’s adorable.


Probably the only game of Nexon’s we’ll list here because Nexon is a garbage developer, but Mabinogi is by far the best Anime MMORPG I’ve ever played.
Or, at least the most interesting.
I did an “Is it worth playing?” for Mabinogi a couple days ago because I felt it needed a review so if you’re interested in hearing what I have to say, go check that out.
Suffice it to say, it has some of the most interesting tab-target combat, one of, if not the most unique class-system available in an MMORPG, and one-of-a-kind style graphics.
Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. Just be warned.. it is old.

Perfect World International

Although I shit on Perfect World – the company – all the time, the fact of the matter is that Perfect World International, the game, is one hell of a game.
Yes, it is fairly pay to win at this point, but the sheer size of the game, the variety of classes, the character customization.. it’s all pretty much completely unrivaled in terms of MMORPG size and quality.
I played the game years ago and I can say with all certainty that it is by far one of the most fun MMORPGs I’ve ever played.


No free to play list would be complete without TERA, naturally. Not counting Guild Wars 2, it is one of the most populated free to play titles still.
Notice I said one of, not the most.
TERA initially started off as a pay to pay title so right off the bat you’re capable of telling that it’s a higher quality game than most of the games in the genre, and the frequency of updates and additions leave no time to get bored.
Unless you’re a hardcore player, in which case there’s no stopping you from getting bored in any MMORPG.
With one of the best action combat systems in a free to play MMORPG, impressive character creation, an insanely large world to explore and some of the best graphics available – I’d be surprised had you not actually tried this already.

IRIS Online

I’m sure most of you are completely unaware of what this game is. However, being a huge Anime fan I couldn’t help but not include it.
It is probably the most adorable free to play Anime MMORPG I’ve ever played. If you’re a fan of games like Fiesta, FlyFF, Florensia or Aura Kingdom, then this is probably the most fun you’ll get out of something close in similarity.
Like all Anime MMOs, it is tab-target, all the monsters are adorable to look at and it doesn’t offer anything really innovative or that separates it from the pack.
Nevertheless, it is one of the best looking Anime MMOs out there with the least lag, least bugs and.. it’s just so cute to play!

Secret World Legends

Originally a pay to play MMORPG as well, Secret World Legends ended up opting for a change of business model in 2017 in an attempt to revive a dead population.
It worked, as the game had new life breathed into it – allowing players to finally experience what the game had to offer in an overhauled iteration.
The game features some impressive realistic graphics – a graphical style not normally utilized in the MMO genre at all, decent action combat, full voice acted quests and a story- based on what faction you inevitably pick.
Really, one of the few free to play MMORPGs out there that are this detailed.



Riders of Icarus

Okay, I lied. There are two Nexon games in this list. That’s it though I swear.
Riders of Icarus, outside of Dragon’s Prophet and Dragomon Hunter is pretty much the only Pokemon-inspired MMORPG out there.
My wife, Adrienne loves the game. It’s one of her favorite games of all time. Along with Rift.. and Blade and Soul, and.. TERA. I swear though this list isn’t bias and based on her likes though. Scouts honor.
(send help)
Riders of Icarus is unique though in so that you are able to fight, tame, ride and fight with the monsters you encounter in the open world. Some of the things you’re capable of riding and taming are truly impressive.
It is also incredibly attractive – having ridiculously good graphics, and a character creator to envy for something 100% free.

Guild Wars 2

I couldn’t do a top 10 best anything list without including Guild Wars 2 in it, as even though the expansions are locked behind paid purchases, the base game is so good you’ll want to purchase them anyway.
With fast action combat, in-depth classes, large scale PvP that pit entire servers against one another, a gripping, constantly evolving story to progress through and fully voice acted main scenario – Guild Wars 2 is pretty much unrivaled for best free MMORPG.
And it has Tybalt. Everyone loves Tybalt.


Whether you prefer Old School RuneScape or its most recent iteration, the fact remains that RuneScape holds the title for most populated free to play MMORPG.
And it is well deserved.
The game has been going for almost 150 years now and has helped revolutionize the genre ever since it’s original conception all the way back in the early 12th Century.
Okay, it may not be that old, but in all honesty the fact that it still remains so popular in an age of BDO, ESO, WoW and Final Fantasy XIV still to this day continues to baffle me.

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    Ludwig Dickmann Reply
    Jul 15, 2018 @ 15:02 pm

    If you want a REALLY free (as in, no in-game advantages for money, no hidden fees whatsoever) MMORPG, try PlaneShift ( Created by a small but enthusiastic community, fantasy-setting, with strong emphasis on RP.

  • author image
    Ovie Reply
    Aug 15, 2018 @ 18:59 pm

    Or you can try to play Overwatch as a fun alternative to all these MMO games out there. The ranking system is insanely good especially if there is someone who can assist you with a small Overwatch Boosting provided

  • author image
    Onokpachere Reply
    Aug 31, 2018 @ 19:55 pm

    Ovie what part of “free” didn’t you understand?

  • author image
    ThePesmergia Reply
    Dec 3, 2018 @ 13:33 pm

    This list is horse crap. Over half of these are pay to win games, the remaining are dead/bad games. I’ve played most of these games, and Guild Wars 2 is the best on the list by light years. Don’t waste your time on anything else.

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