The Upcoming MMORPG – Bless Online New Information On The Payment Model! Will It Be F2P Or B2P?

Bless Online New Information On The Payment Model

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and like I’ve said many times, if there’s any new relevant news of these upcoming
MMORPG’s I would inform you, and today there is!

Please do keep in mind that while there is new information, some of it is vague once again as Bless doesn’t like to give the full information on anything!
alright moving on!

Now, Bless Is as I know what a lot of you are waiting for, looking forward to and hyped about, for good reason as I’ve played it, live-streamed it and I personally found it to be a fun and refreshing MMORPG. With it’s in-depth pet capture system, immersive graphics and open world, bless is definitely
looking like the best upcoming MMORPG this year.

Now the new information was from a resent interview with Jae-hoon Jeon, which is the game director for Bless Online. In this interview he was asked “Bless as been in development since 2011, how will it compare in 2018 to other titles such as Black Desert or the upcoming release, AIR?” Jae-hoon Jeon, went on to say that Bless, differentiates itself for the other titles due to it’s unique combat style giving player’s full freedom over their skills and its hybrid nature. It doesn’t matter if you come across the same class wearing the same gear, at the same level, they could potentially play completely different due to the sheer variety of skill choices to make. Then of course you can take almost every monster found within the game world, that can either be a pet or mount. Lastly, he boast that there’s Realm v realm combat. As Bless Online has large scale PvP, where 100 players can verse another 100 players in a massive PvP battle that can take place on land, in the sky or on the sea. Which is interesting as this is the first time we’re hearing anything regarding the sea in Bless Online, or ariel combat for that matter, I do hope he elaborates more in the future as it’d be awesome to see ariel and sea combat, that would really set Bless Online apart from other MMORPGs!

Moving, the game director was then asked, when would we see an early access to the game? And will there be player wipes? And put simply there isn’t going to be a early access, only a soft launch, with said soft launch there will be no player wipes, everything you do will remain as you left it. He also continued to state, that the global version of Bless Online will have different content than the Korean version, with other significant improvements, once again however very vague as to what is actually going on.

Then he was asked the question you’ve all been waiting for, what is the payment model, is it F2P?  Answer is, probably not! Jae-hoon Jeon said, while they haven’t finalized there monetization plans as of yet, they don’t want there game to be P2W, and promise it won’t happen. They’re leaning towards a B2P model instead but once again, they haven’t fully committed to this idea, and are still deciding if its the best course of action.

Which is great news guys! While live-streaming Bless Online many of you had expressed wanting Bless to be a B2P title, even polls on Bless source had the
majority of the fan base leaning the same way, so while I can’t say that they were influenced by player feedback, as I didn’t interview them, it is coincidental. This is a good thing however, at least in my opinion. Since there’s only three things I believe would make Bless Online fail; One, It becoming a P2W cesspool. Two, Lack of content and updates. Three, lackluster combat, or general combat complaints.

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    Yikes Reply
    Aug 29, 2020 @ 14:22 pm

    The major issue with bless when it launched to pc was the horrendous lag, if that’s addressed it will still be better than a lot of MMO’s which are available on Steam at the moment. I’m not going to be a fanboy for it but It’s not like there are tons of new MMO”s launching all the time so It’s still worth seeing how they will do.

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