The Twilight Spirits MMORPG Is A Huge Letdown..

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings, my name is Wiggy, and this is more of an update video rather than a news video.
So this a follow up to the Twilight Spirits gameplay video I did. If you haven’t watched that video, you can if you want, or I’ll just briefly explain it.

Twilight Spirits is a hyped up, newly released Action MMORPG. So like most games in general, they never live up to the hype, but in Twilight Spirits case, it wasn’t
just down to gameplay.

Twilight Spirits is riddled with errors, whether that’s from trying to install it, from updating it, to actually getting past the login screen.
I personally have encountered an error while trying to record our gameplay video for Twilight Spirits. While having errors or bugs isn’t necessarily
new to gaming as most MMORPGs, or games, have them, Twilight Spirits also suffers from latency issues and general lag. And of course the random complaint, that
it’s not in English.. although, I can agree that I’d want it in English, so I can actually understand what’s going on, it makes sense that it isn’t.
As it hasn’t been picked up by any western publisher, thus the reason it’s still in Chinese. And, at the rate it’s going, it may never be translated into English.

If you’re unaware, it’s currently available on Steam, now if you got to the Twilight Spirits page on Steam, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Out of the 803 reviews as of making this video, 528 of them are negative, with only 270, positive, and if you look closer at said positive reviews, they still
have the same concerns, AKA it’s a fun game, but it’d be a lot better without the latency issues, etc. Although, Surprisingly not one really complained about
the lack of character variation, so apparently that kind of thing only bothers me!
So generally the complaints were not around, poor features, or combat, so much as the complains were regarding, inability to play, connection issues and latency.

Although, due to all of this negative backlash the developers have apologized for the less than stellar launch, stating that they’re working on addressing these issues
and that there team is working on the following:

Fixing the default graphic’s settings.
Improving upon the guide, and general class/skill explanations in the tutorial section.
Allowing you to name your character with English letters.
And to Optimize the experience of players and reduce lag.

How long it’ll take for these changes to actually come to pass, remains to be seen.

So that’s generally what I wanted to inform you guys about, as I felt it was relevant information.
Although I would like to ask you guys, what you think? Can Twilight Spirits be fixed? Or What?

Either way guys, I hope you found this informative, even if it doesn’t have any good news. So good day, night or afternoon wherever it is where
you are, and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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