The Top, Best Obscure MMORPGs You Have To Try Before They’re Gone!

The Top, Best Obscure MMORPGs You Have To Try Before They're Gone!

I know, I know. “Not another top video” – but wait! This one is a little different.

With my last video doing so well over the last 2 weeks, I figured I’d go ahead and do an alternative to it: The Best obscure MMORPGs you should definitely try playing before they disappear.

Over the year of this channel existing, I’ve had the pleasure.. and sometimes displeasure of playing through well over 500 different MMORPGs. Some of them were terrible, some of them were amazing.. Regardless, there are some MMORPGs that exist currently that just.. don’t really have much, if any, exposure or attention from MMORPG Youtuber’s at all, and that is a shame, as there are some fun games out there that nobody knows about.

So let me bring some of these games to light for all of you by listing them in no particular order, off the top of my head..

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online was originally released way back in 2014. It features a fantastic looking steampunk world, filled with visuals you don’t often find in an MMORPG. This is because – for some reason – developers seem to have an adverse dislike for creating worlds inspired by it. Which is a shame, because I actually thoroughly enjoy the steampunk genre. Now, not only is the game wonderful to look at – I mean, not as opposed to something like Black Desert or Blade and Soul, but for a more traditional MMORPG – the character models are beautiful as well. The majority of the races in the game are actually beautiful to look at. If only the combat were as good as the game looked. Which it.. is not. Combat was the part of the game that bothered me. It seemed like they wanted to go for action combat with unique mechanics, but when it came down to it.. that fell through. And we ended up with.. this.. mess. Which isn’t to say it’s bad – it’s just.. not very good. And that’s fine! There are plenty of games out there with worse combat, and not every game is good at every thing.


RaiderZ was originally released in 2015 – only a couple years ago. It was then shut down due to bugs that made the game unplayable. Later, it got brought back up as a private server by the team over at WildRaiderZ, who maintained and managed the game over the last year and made it a home for fans of the game that wanted to continue their journey through the game. As of 2017, and going into 2018, the game has been picked up officially once more and will be re-launching hopefully next year. The game itself is beautiful – probably one of the best looking obscure MMORPGs out there. It’s like a free version of Black Desert released a few years prior. It also has action combat – which is something that most MMORPGs a few years back would never have done. Action combat only becoming a thing in the last couple years. It plays more like a console game than it does a traditional MMORPG to be honest and that is good – as MMORPGs at the time all played more or less the same way. Nowadays, when this kind of thing is the norm, it may feel inferior. But, the game is well worth checking out due to how good it still manages to look and feel, while somehow meshing in the good parts of traditional MMORPGs and the fun parts of action combat.

Dragon Ball Online

While Dragon Ball Online may be incomplete – it is still nevertheless an incredibly fun game to invest time into. Especially if you’re a fan of either Anime, or the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball Online may be a fairly generic, fairly traditional MMORPG by most standards, but the fact is that it’s a freakin’ Dragon Ball game, man! A DRAGON BALL GAME! Who here was born in the 90s and never watched Dragon Ball Z? Huh? Nobody! Everyone here has – it was the greatest Anime of our generation – so popular even that Dragon Ball Super is currently airing – and to insane popularity. Which.. mmm. Actually, on second thought, I’ll contain my inner weeb here and not go off on a huge Anime-obsessed rant. Dragon Ball Online captures the look and feel of the Dragon Ball universe, but that’s pretty much it. The dialogue in the game is atrocious, not all of it even being fully translated into English. The combat is somewhat poor. And by somewhat I mean it’s pretty crappy. It’s slow, clunky and YOU CAN SHOOT CHI BLASTS AT PEOPLE! Which is so fucking awesome! Mmm. Deep breaths, deep breaths. Visually, the game looks just like you’d imagine a Dragon Ball game would look in an MMO. Which is great – because it definitely aids in helping you feel like you’re in a Dragon Ball world.

Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade was released way back in 2013, and shut down in 2016 – much to the dismay of young perver-unhappy.. players, everywhere. The game – visually at least, isn’t anything fancy. The game world itself was fairly bland and void of much to look at, however the character models were some of the most bodacious I’ve ever seen. I mean they’re even more shapely than in Blade and Soul – there is more focus on.. plot in Scarlet Blade than in any other MMORPG I’ve ever played. And I’ve played a lot of them. The character models, and the characters themselves are the main focus of the game. The outfits you can wear – the outfits you don’t even have to wear since you can be completely nude in the game – it’s all incredibly entertaining to experience. Couple that with the fact that the game employs an action combat system to a degree is impressive. It’s not action combat like Black Desert, but it employs a semi-action combat battle system. There isn’t really all too much you can say about this game other than if you’re a pervert – you’ll probably love it.

Dragona Online

Now granted we’ve only played this game a single time.. and I do plan on playing this more often in the future to try and ge a gauge for what the game is actually like, hopefully with some of you on stream.. But, from what I’ve experienced, the game is some great, traditional fun. Its combat system is more or less the same as the vast majority of MMORPGs but it isn’t slow at all. It’s actually fairly decent for the kind of game it is. I mean I’m not saying it’s as good as WoW’s or Final Fantasy XIV’s, but it’s not bad. Graphically, the game looks really good quality as well. It’s very pleasant to look at and really captures the fantasy MMORPG feel. Which is good – if you’re sick of hack and slash Asian themed MMORPGs. Unfortunately I only saw a maximum of two people in total while playing for several hours, and that is fine, as this is a list of obscure MMORPGs after all – they’re bound to have low populations as opposed to what we’re used to. But the game was fun – and something I’m surprised isn’t more popular than it is.


Probably the only isometric MMORPG I’ll list here as I’m not really a fan of them, Devilian was released back in 2015.. so I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s obscure. I.. honestly don’t know. If you can make it past the login screen without creaming your pants then good on you. I, along with many other teenagers were not fortunate enough to be blessed with such restraint and control. There isn’t much character creation in the game but the characters you make look about as good as the characters in TERA! Which is surprising since the game also semi-resembles TERA. I had actually commented on that in the video we did for Devilian originally, and it was pointed out to us that the game was designed by the same team that designed TERA. The combat in Devilian works pretty well – it’s actually really good, entertaining and surprisingly good quality considering it’s a free to play isometric MMORPG. It isn’t up to Path of Exile or Diablo III quality combat but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it still looks and feels great. It follows the same formula that every other isometric MMORPG follows so I can’t really comment on its originality – but the game overall is a lot of fun to play through.

Perfect World International

I remember when Perfect World used to be packed, immensely so. I spent years playing that game, burned through thousands of dollars on cash shop items and in-game gold.. Ahh, those were the days. Back when I was still a teenager, back when I had no cares in the world outside of who I wanted to gank today.. Mmm. It’s a shame to, then, see the kind of game Perfect World has become today – and the population numbers as well. But again, this is about obscure MMORPGs – MMORPGs that aren’t really played anymore for whatever reason. No need to reminisce about my love for this game. Perfect World, even to this day, has quite an extensive character creator – being better than 95% of MMORPGs released in this day and age, and although it doesn’t look as good, graphically, you can’t say it looks bad by any means. The game looks beautiful – especially the new zones and new races that are added every year or two. Unfortunately, the gameplay is definitely not as good as the game looks, and shows its age. Combat in Perfect World is slow, and although not terrible, the latency problems present when playing from anywhere outside the US make for a second or two delay – really messing with your ability to PvP. Which is a large part of the game, as Perfect World also offers PvP servers – servers that offer open world PvP – only escapable through fleeing into towns or cities. While not the greatest MMORPG – it’s definitely worth trying, if only to experience some fun open world PvP and great character customization.


An older Anime MMORPG released way back in 2004, FlyFF has somehow remained relevant, even if only a little, over the last 13 years and has yet to suffer the eventual death that many an MMORPG in this day and age have suffered. It is one of the older MMORPGs that I actually believe are worth playing still. Both Wiggy and I have played through quite a bit of FlyFF and have enjoyed all of it, even if the game requires an immense amount of grinding. But then again, back when FlyFF was a relevant MMORPG, grinding was a big thing. People used to love grinding in MMORPGs – just like Perfect World. But these days people would rather do the same quest with a different name in a different region – repeatedly – until they reach max level. Kill this monster 10 times. Bring me 10 of this monsters teeth. You know. The usual. Well, actually, with Black Desert Online being the only exception of a current gen, or as close to a current gen MMORPG as you can get, as Black Desert is all about grinding. Anyway, I digress. The graphical style of Flyff is still better than the few other Anime MMORPGs released around the same time that are still online, and the combat.. well the combat is more or less what you’d expect. But, one of the things that set FlyFF apart and make it worth playing still in my opinion.. is the flight system, something missing in many MMORPGs. That isn’t the only reason, but I mean.. you can fly.

Lineage II

Once one of the most played MMORPGs on the market – Lineage 2 fell into the shadows with the release of better looking, better playing MMORPGs. Still very entertaining, Lineage 2 offers a more traditional, old school fantasy MMORPG feel that these days is missing from MMORPGs. Which is unfortunate, as people these days find it difficult to dedicate time to MMORPGs and this could very well be one of the reasons why. Lineage 2 is a very pretty game, character models look fantastic and you can tell why people fell in love with the look and feel of the Lineage world when you experience both the visuals and gameplay.

Requiem: Memento Mori

The only game of its kind that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Bloody. Gorey. Immense fun going around and picking fights with monsters as you don’t know what limb is going to come flying off next. Requiem is a very generic, very traditional MMORPG at its core, featuring the same combat found in most MMORPGs – the same slow, boring combat that made you try out action MMORPGs for a change of pace. It also doesn’t have an amazing graphical look and style. Instead, the game does something different: Offers a unique, dark, apocalyptic story packed full of monstrous NPCs ready to ravage you.. however, the thing that sets it, and its combat apart from all the other MMORPGs is its combat. Which I get doesn’t make sense. In Requiem, you can decapitate monsters, dismember their limbs.. blow them up, I mean the kinda things you can do in combat is just incredibly satisfying on a whole different level. Legit just worth playing due to the crazy shit you can do to monsters.

Digimon Masters Online

Oh, man. I could probably make another top 10 Anime MMORPG list with all the Anime MMORPG listed in this video.. Geez. So Digimon, is, probably, the most accurate, possibly the best actual MMORPG adaptation of an Anime series. It features a unique battle system where you tell your Digimon what to do as opposed to fighting yourself – a little reminiscent of the old Digimon World games for the Playstation, and a very, very good looking graphical style. Although the translations leave a little to be desired, the game itself is incredibly fun to play around in as a huge Digimon fan – and probably the only thing I’ve played that has quenched that thirst for a good Digimon game since Digimon World 1.

Ragnarok Online

Remember when this MMORPG used to be the king? When everyone and their granddaughter used to partake in it? Ragnarok Online was once an actual, solid competitor to World of Warcraft. Nowadays, unfortunately, like most MMORPGs of its kind, it has all but disappeared. That is a shame, though, as going back to Ragnarok Online brings back a lot of fun memories. Oh, wait. Nevermind. I never played Ragnarok Online when it was popular, but I’ve heard it was amazing. By today’s standards, it may not be. However, its adorable sprite graphical style and unique combat system leaves you being very entertained – unless of course you’re not a fan of the combat style it employs. In which case you’ll hate the game.
Whew.. I feel like maybe I should go ahead and stop there. Why? Because after checking.. this may end up being one of my longest “Top” videos ever, and I’m not even done! There are other obscure MMORPGs I wanted to list that piqued my interest but this list will have to do. If you want a follow up to this, a part 2, as it were, then let me know in the comments section down below. Anyway, that’s it for me guys. Later.

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    Hello mmobyte! Where can we find the music you’ve used in the top 10 obscure mmorpg? Thanks you guys rock!

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