The New Justice MMORPG (Treacherous Waters) Looks Fantastic!

What’s up everybody!

My name is Stix, and today I’m bringing you a little bit of news regarding an upcoming Wuxia themed MMORPG called Justice (or Treacherous Waters overseas).

Little is actually known about the game to be honest other than it is one of the best looking MMORPGs to have ever graced our screens.
As you can no doubt tell by watching the clip playing in the background, the game is absolutely gorgeous.
And yes, everything you see in the clip is actually rendered in-game. Completely, 100% in-game graphics.
Can I get an “OMG”? No? Kay then, moving on..
Unfortunately Netease, the devs behind Justice and more recently Revelation Online have yet to provide any actual in-game character models yet,
so theoretically the game itself could look amazing buuuut.. the character models could look pretty terrible. Which I’m not saying they will. Honest.
I’m just stating that it’s possible for the character models to suck.

According to NetEase, Justice will bring a “totally new martial arts experience”, along with “stunning graphics”.
While we can see how “stunning” the environments can be, once again we have yet to see anything concrete or substantial regarding any other forms of the game.

NetEase also went on to mention that the game will support 3D along with 2.5D graphics.. but nothing beyond that.

There is supposedly a beta release schedule planned later this year – with more information being revealed at a later date with an “exclusive interview” with the devs themselves.
Hopefully we can get some actual gameplay outta that as all we have currently are some delightful environments – which is great ‘n all but I want to see more.
I want to see character models. I want to see combat. Is it fast action combat like Black Desert? Slower like Blade and Soul? More like Moonlight Blade?
Come on! Don’t leave us hanging here! We’re interested in Justice now! Why make us wait?

Eh well. You guys can expect more on this as the year goes by as we’ll make certain to keep you all updated on anything Justice related.

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