The MMORPGs With The Best Character Creators You Should Try In 2017

Top 10 MMORPGs in 2017

Today I’ll be talking about the Best character creator’s found in any an MMORPG so far. So yeah, not your typical video I know, but I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much! Let’s get to this shall we!?

Blade and Soul

To start off we’ve got, and I bet, you guys have no doubt already guessed it, Blade and Soul. Shocker right? So Blade and Soul has almost everything you could possible want in a Character Creator. It has Face and Body Sliders, Height Sliders, I mean jeez, it’s even got feet sliders.. I mean who actually needs a foot slider? Who sits there, staring blankly at there character and says, “hey, girl character I’ve spent the last 2 hours crafting to absolute pinnacle of perfection.. your feet are too large.” Not me, clearly as I always leave that.. slider. Feet aside, Blade and Soul doesn’t just have your average sliders, as there’s a large amount of MMORPGs with sliders, I won’t be going through the list of names as it could take a while. But again I digress, the sliders in Blade and Soul allow you to make truly terrifying characters, as in laughable terrifying.. not the “ah, I’m scared” kind of terrifying.. maybe that was a poor choice of word. However you can also create gorgeous looking characters, that look stunning, this goes for male and female characters; for those of you who actually enjoy playing male characters. If amazing sliders wasn’t good enough, you can also use decorate your characters eye’s with unique patterns, make you character look older with wrinkles. This Character Creator will keep you editing you character for hours, as you’ll no doubt screw up your first character.. unless that’s just a me thing.. I mean how do does one even end up with a character with triangular boobs? because that happened to me, twice. It was not pretty.

The only negative thing regarding Blade and Souls Character Creator is the fact that it’s graphical style is anime inspired. Granted that doesn’t actually have anything to do with the Charater Creator itself, however it can make creating that “perfect” character impossible for some people. I will point out that I personally like it’s anime look, as I am a huge anime fan. However I do know some people want to make characters that look more manly, or less anime ish, and therefore dislike the character creator as a whole because they it can’t create the “type” of character they want.

To be honest, there’s a surprising large amount of people who refuse to play Blade and Soul, merely due to it’s graphical style, and over the top sexulazation of characters. They just can’t handle all the plot, in essences. Have they never played an MMORPG before?

Monster Hunter Online

Moving on we have Monster Hunter Online

Well, just like all good Character Creators, Monster Hunter has an extensively large slider list, more then even Blade and Soul. For a simple example, how many MMORPGs do you know of, that allow you to not only allow you to move your characters eyebrows, but the middle of, and the end of your characters eyebrow I mean can even alter the general width of them.. and this is just your eyebrow! they have similar sliders for each face feature So yeah, there are a lot of sliders, some times too many, as you’ll find yourself going back and forth through sliders you’ve already fixed as it no longer looks as good since fixing your characters nose.. which is made 10x harder as you can’t actually understand the text, since it’s all in Chinese, god sometimes I really hate creating characters.. but it’s totally worth it. While there is large amount of face cus tomization, there is no body slider, which is a huge deal breaker for some people. But, the positive is that.. at least there won’t be a ton of tiny characters running around slaying giant beasts? The list of different hairstyles is also less in Monster Hunter Online then there are in other MMORPGs in this list. But another positive is that you have a access to color wheel for both your hair colors and your eye colors; Though, to be honest, I don’t know why the color wheel isn’t used more MMORPGs, as I’m sure a lot of people, me included, enjoy being able to have a hair color that’s more unique then “generic” blonde, black and brown.

So generally Monster Hunter Online still has an amazing character creator it’s just more focused around the face then your characters body. It may be do to the large amount of outfits you can equip in Monster Hunter Online, as the game is all about, killing beasties, and weapons and armor. But that’s just a guess, for I all I know, it could be because the dev’s were lazy.

Champions Online

Next on our list is non other then Champions Online.. yeah I bet you weren’t expecting this one!

While Champions Online isn’t as graphically beautiful as some of the other MMORPGs on this list. It more then makes up for its lacking in graphical prowess with a character creator so stuffed with content and options, it’ll take you hours to get through it all, and that’s if you’re trying to rush through it fast. Champion Online and it’s character creator isn’t focused around your characters face, as it is, in most MMORPGs, or I guess, games in general. Champion onlines focus is your characters physic, and outfit. But don’t get me wrong, you can still edit your characters face, it’s just sub pare in comparison to other MMORPGs, or other section of the character creation. In Champion Online, your character can be anything from a hulking mussel man, to a demonic devil lady. You can even give yourself wings, that actually flap if you jump, or fly. Tails that move on there own, so many outfit combinations, I mean you can become a fish man, with weird fins, and spikes, even a bird lady or you know, you could always make an average normal human in a business suit, there’s just that many options and so many choices. After you’re done fixing your outfit, you can fix up your outfit colors, which by the way, also take a while. Once you’re finally done with the colors of your chosen outfit, you can then proceed to alter your characters physic, bust side, leg side, height, you know all the good stuff. When that all done, you’ll move onto the final set of the character creation, how your character stand when they idle! Which may seems like a miner feature, but it can complete your characters persona.

So yeah Champion Online has awesome character customization, and creating a character never seemed so fun. As long as you can get over the fact that the graphics aren’t that good, of course. Since I’ve found that “most” people would prefer creating a character, in an MMORPG with good graphics, even if there isn’t much in the way of customization.


Moving on we have Aion! As you’re no doubt aware, Aion has had a Character Creator that other MMOPRGs for years have tried to replicate and copy, most of the time they end up failing pretty hard, but hey, at least they try, right?! Right? One of the reasons for this is because Aion was one of; if not the first, MMORPG to have added height sliders. Not just height sliders but body sliders, though I do believe body sliders had been used before, in Perfect World and other MMORPGs, however none of them had Aion graphics, which at that time, had the best graphics for a MMORPG, or at least one of the best. In Aion you can truly create any type of character you wan’t, be it a fantasy looking character, or not. With a color wheel for every option, that means, for your eye color, hair color and skin color. Granted depending on what race you choose to create, your skin color options in the color wheel will be different, as Asmodians have to be darker, due to story reasons. Even to this day, Aion has one of the largest selection of hairstyles in any MMORPG, as game company’s still copy there hair, some MMORPGs that have copied Aion’s hairstyles are TERA, Blade and Soul, Revelation.. but then Revelation copied a lot of MMORPGs..

The only other MMORPG to have a similar amount of hairstyles is Dragon’s Dogma Online, which by the way, also has a fantastic character creation, even if it is a little too realistic.

Black Desert Online

And finally the MMORPG you’ve been waiting to see, Black Desert Online. It’s no surprise to see Black desert here, as it has an amazing character creator, and is considered to have the best looking character in an MMORPG to the vast majority of people. As it has everything, it’s got the beautiful graphics, it has a huge selection of sliders, you can even edit your hair, making the selected hairstyle shorter or longer. Or if you like curly hair, and you want your character to have curly hair, go ahead, you can adjust the degree of curls through the slider. Do you want one side of the hair short and one side long? You can. Or you want half of your hair Black the rest blue, it’s all doable and that, my fellow Bytelings is just the hair settings, Now if we’re talking about the faces, you can merely touch a point of the face or body to want to edit, and simple move your mouse around. Or if you find that to difficult, you simply click on the point you want to edit, and use the slider options.

Black Desert Online is; to most people, the king of character creators, as you can make truly make unique and interesting looking characters. I mean there’s been people who’ve made celebrities as presets, ready for you to download, so you can look just like your celebrity crush.. or you can always make a character that’ll make anyone who looks upon your face shiver like it’s cold winters night while being butt naked.. in a blizzard.. Either way it’s top teir, as no other MMORPG has had stunning graphics and a great character creation all in the same package.

While Black Desert Online’s Character Creation is top teir, as I stated, it is, lacking in body customization. While you can adjust your legs, torso, hips and bust, and what not, they for the most part can’t be edited extremely, for instance you can’t be a create tiny little character like in Blade and Soul, or a really tall lanky character. Which I’m not saying is a bad thing or anything, but the sliders are much more grounded and realistic. Which is a plus, or negative, depending on who you ask.

So yeah, this is my list for the best character creators found in an MMORPG, However I would like to ask you guys a quick question, how long do you generally spend creating your character? As I often spend way to much time, when I create my characters. So don’t forget tell me in the comments section. Lastly, good day, night or afternoon wherever it is where you are, and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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