The MMORPG TERA Online Finally Getting A Console Release! But, When Does It Launch?

TERA Online Console Information!

En Masse has been saying since 2013 that they wanted to bring TERA Online to consoles, which made many fans ecstatic, so much so that people would rather wait and play TERA once it’s out on consoles than playing it on the PC. However after years of it not being released, most of us never believed it would ever even be released. Even thinking that En Masse dropped the concept all together, until now however. They finally released test servers for the console versions for people to try out; now, you might be wondering, which consoles in particular? Well, you’re in luck because they decided to port it to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!
So you won’t have to buy a new console just to play TERA! Which is good in my opinion.

Now, the date it will be released and available for everyone is at the moment unknown, however En Masse have stated that they’re planning the official release within the next 4 or so months. Which sucks, as I know there are a lot of people dying to play TERA on Consoles right now, but at least it’s not a whole year.

So if this is something you’ve been looking forward to, and you’re ready to try it for yourself you can sign up now directly through TERA’s official website here.

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