The Last Faith is a New, Upcoming Metroidvania Game and it Looks Incredible!

The Last Faith is a New, Upcoming Metroidvania Game and it Looks Incredible!

Alright, I have to talk about this. I was browsing around earlier when I saw a game called “The Last Faith.” It’s a Kickstarter game that had a goal of $50,000 and has already, within a few days of launching, gone on to raise over $70,000.
This is a game very heavily inspired by the Metroid and Castlevania titles, so if you’re a fan of them.. yeah, you’re gonna wanna check this out.

So if it wasn’t evident from the trailer, yes the game is a side-scrolling platformer with a very dark, very Gothic theme at its core. And it looks absolutely beautiful.
I almost feel as though I’m at a point in my life where I think pixel art games like this – games that utilize sprites look better than 3D games. Does anyone else feel that way when looking at games like this and Sea of Stars? Yes? No? Maybe so?
Regardless, according to the Kickstarter page – and I know this is one of the most important aspects of the game to a lot of you, but The Last Faith employs a very reactive action combat system and features an array of different weapons with their own unique style of play.
There’s nothing more boring than running around with a sword.. and that’s literally it for the entirety of the game so this’ll keep things exciting.
You have the ability to power up your weapons with special buffs, you have a variety of different magic spells you can use to both damage enemies and support yourself.
And the world is, according to the developers, “absolutely giant, with terrific environments and a highly detailed pixel art style.” That’s always reassuring, right? Lots of different environments to explore, lots of areas to loot and plunder.

I mentioned earlier that the game has a dark, Gothic vibe to it. Games like this have a very strong emphasis on story traditionally, and you can bet that’s the case here. The game is set in a world where magic and science coexist. Can you imagine a world like that? No? Neither can I.
According to the Kickstarter page, we take on the role of a guy named Eric. And it looks like we’re going to be going up against Gods, false Gods, ancient orders that have long-since been lost.. and a ton of fun things.
Through the story you’ll gain access to a plethora of new locations, with there being a large, giant map you can traverse and non-linear levels. Honestly, I’m not sure really how this applies to a side-scrolling game like this – since realistically, you can go left or right.
That feels linear to me but maybe I’m missing something, I dunno. Regardless, I feel like if it’s anything like MapleStory, where you have a large world you can freely move backwards and forwards between on both an X and Y axis, that could work.
I’m not all too familiar with Metroidvania games.
The Kickstarter page actually delves pretty deeply into not only the combat, but the weapons, elemental buffs, magic abilities, the story and so much more, so if this is something you’re at all interested in, go ahead and check it out.
I would be here for over 20 minutes summarizing this otherwise.

The Last Faith is currently going to be launching onto Steam, and is expected to launch onto additional platforms like the Switch and PS4 – with Xbox platforms getting the game eventually as well.
The Last Faith began development in 2018, and the devs have been working hard at it since. I didn’t see a confirmation of when specifically the game would be launching onto Steam, but according to the Kickstarter, you can obtain a “physical copy” as of September 2021.
So if you’re looking for a release date.. there you have it. Or that should be what you should expect, at least.

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