The Elder Scrolls Online: An Introductory Look at the MMORPG in 2020

The Elder Scrolls Online: An Introductory Look at the MMORPG in 2020

Mrs Stix and I have been streaming The Elder Scrolls Online on Twitch over the last month or so, after having made it all the way through TERA and Blade & Soul last month.
I’ve never invested much time into it, and she’s never even played it, so this is a new adventure for both of us. Especially considering we’re beginning with the Greymoor DLC.
We’ve been having an absolute blast in the game so far, and would like to share some of our experience so far with you guys. Do note: This is NOT an official review of the game, this is a multi-part look at the game for fun.

With that out of the way….

The Elder Scrolls Online is a lot of fun. We’ve played for around 12 hours as of this moment, and have played through a variety of different dungeons, have been attacked by guards, vampires, werewolves, met tons of NPCs, done quite a bit of the new Greymoor DLC story, and partied up with plenty of you guys in-game.
We have a long way to go before we can adequately and accurately give our official impressions of the game, let alone score it against other games we’ve invested hundreds if not thousands of hours into like Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft.
But so far? We’re enjoying ourselves. We’re enjoying exploring Skyrim. We’re enjoying what the game has to offer as new players – without the concern of rushing, without caring about hitting endgame or what it has to offer. We’re just having fun.
I feel like this is how people should tackle new MMOs. Instead of this obsession with rushing to endgame, they should take their time, enjoy what the game has to offer on the way to endgame, and then when you finally get there.. look back at everything you’ve experienced.

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