The Deadliest Crates in PUBG

The Deadliest Crates in PUBG

In what’s probably the most exciting update of PUBG, the new map Miramar is a brand-new environment that’s in a desert. Yes, that means less foliage cover and more sand. It does, however, provide some unusual hiding places to make up for the lack of plants to blend in with.

Miramar in a Nutshell

Miramar is as big as Erangel and is based on Central America and Mexico. As such, rocks and sand are plentiful. Plants are almost non-existent and the few that you do encounter offer minimal cover to hide in. The map has seven major cities as well as many possible vehicle spawns to get to each (or out of the electrical storm) quickly. Then there’s a prison on the southwest part of the map with two bridges as its entrance, as well as water in the south and eastern side.

The Deadliest Crates

Since there is a lack of foliage cover in this map, one player discovered the best hiding place. At that moment when only a handful of players were left, his friend got shot, and he was left alone. He ducked into a building and vaulted over a crate. He noticed a nook behind the crate, so he dropped to it and crouched down.
He waited. The other players kept attempting to kill each other, and then two of them went into the building where he lurked. He climbed the crate and shot both down. Then, he jumped back into his hiding place. Moments later, another player stalked in and got shot by the lurker behind the crates. He wins his chicken dinner just because nobody thought to check behind some innocuous crates.
On another note, a different kind of deadly crate is one being guarded by someone else. There’s a video on YouTube where a player does just that and gets 27 kills. Granted he has a friend with him at the time, but it’s still impressive.

What Can You Do About Them?

Well, now that you know about these crates, what you can do is be wary of them. Throw a grenade at those nooks behind crates. Watch as other players inspect a crate first and you can be the one to shoot them down if someone else hasn’t yet. Otherwise, maybe just avoid all kinds of crates from now on. You don’t know what’s lurking behind or around them anyway.

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