The Best Upcoming Sword Art Online MMORPG’s You Should Be Playing!

Greetings and salutations my name is Wiggy, and you may have noticed there’s been quite a lot of Sword
Art Online MMORPG’s coming out resonantly. So I thought I’d make a video compiling them, for those of you,
interested but, can’t decide which one to start off playing, or which might be the most fun or best.

So to start off, not all of them are for the PC, there are some for the mobile device, therefore I’ll be
sure to mention what device they’re for at the beginning, as to not crush your hopes and dreams if it sounds
intersing to you.

Alright let’s start off with Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. Now to start off this MMORPG, and yes it is an MMORPG,
it’s just not massive multiplayer.. it’s more mediumly multiplayer.. and you will need unlock Multiplayer, like you do in
most of the Sword Art Online games. So, this incarnation of Sword art online is set in the gun gale arc of sword art online.
With Death gun, and the world you exist in being kinda dull, post apocalyptic, mechanical full. Which is NOT a bad thing!

So, to start off it looks amazing, and it’s for the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and it WILL be releasing on steam for you playing pleasure.
Another thing to not, you’re not just playing Kirito along the Gun Gale arc, you actually create a character, you choose your weapon,
it’s stats and you can even make choices along the story. Generally if you like Anime MMORPGs, or sci-fi MMOs, this is definitely something
you should try. If you are interested in it, then REJOICE it’s coming out to the NA/EU market on February 23rd.

Moving on, let’s talk about Hollow Realization!
Let’s start off by saying that this is not really an MMORPG, it’s much more single player than Fatal Bullet, but once again there’s still
an online experience, it’s just more condensed. Only being able to have 4 players progressing through the story. Thus making this more
of a Co-op game rather than an MMORPG. However the majority of people who play MMORPG’s tend to have a small cluster of friends and therefore
I’m sure you guys would enjoy hearing about this game anyway!

So it’s got it’s own story, but somewhat similar to the original series story, which was set in Aincrad. Now just like in Fatal Bullet,
it’s got character creation, so you do not have to play as Kirito or any other character in the Sword Art Online Series, however you can
have them as your companions, which is nice. Here I come Sinon, my bae! Archers/Snipers ftw am I right guys?

Now this is already out, if you’d like to try it out for yourself, and it literally just came out on steam, today for you to play!
But for those of you who don’t want to play this on the PC, you can also play this on the PS4 and the PlayStation Vita.

Last on our list, is Sword Art Online Integral Factor, which is for the mobile device, BUT before you judge it too hard, it actually looks
like a pretty damn good Mobile MMORPG. It’s got giant open plains to explore, with nice fluid combat, especially for the mobile device,
the graphics are beautiful, and there’s no auto-combat! Which plauges most mobile games. Now this game also follows along a “similar” story
to the aincrad arc of the anime, however you still create your character, and there are still play choices. However unlike the other 2 games
listed this isn’t in English as of yet, it’s currently just in Japanese.

Basicly if you want to fully immerse yourself in the Sword Art Online World, you should play Hollow Realization until Fatal Bullet launches
and play Sword Art Online Integral Factor, whenever not at home at a PC or PS4, and it’s like you never leave Sword Art!
It’s a fantastic plan until a full nerve gear VR headset is viable! Just let your inner weeb out and have fun!

Well this is it, thank you guys for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed this, and a quick question to you guys, will you be playing
any of these games? Or are you already playing one of them? If so, how’re you liking it?

Either way guys, good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I’ll see you guys in the next video or live-stream! Till then, don’t forget to join
our Discord! It’s super cool, it has stuff and things! Join for stuff and things!

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