The Best Upcoming 2018 MMORPG’s You Should Look Forward To Playing!

The Best Upcoming 2018 MMORPG's You Should Look Forward To Playing!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and let’s talk about some upcoming MMORPGs I am personally looking forward to playing, that you will no doubt enjoy also!
But before I get into this list, I will point out while most of these games have 2018 releases, here are a few that are that have unconfirmed 2018 release dates, but are rumored to be. So with that being said let’s get to the list shall we?

Soul Worker

Soul Worker.. Yes, by now I’m sure most people have heared and or seen something about this MMORPG. Soul Worker is an Anime Instanced action MMORPG,
set around teenages with special powers, that are called “Soul Workers” thus its name. This MMORPG, while being instanced based has a heavy emphasis on the story element,
and there’s hours and hours of written dialog to read through, and tons of voiced dialog as well. This is one of the many reasons I am persoanlly looking forward to its english
release, as I’ve played the JP version of the game, and while I can’t understand a lot of the story.. It seems very interesting, it’s got a very anime themed and structured story,
which is perfect fom me. One of the other reasons, is the graphics and combat, as there isn’t really any Anime MMORPGs coming out anymore, let alone one that looks as good as
Soul Worker, it’s got beautiful cell shaded graphics, that is easily rendered for weak PCs. Then There’s the combat that’s literally the best part of Soul Worker, even though
the story seems interesting, and the graphics are fantastic, the combat is even better, it’s fast and flashy, while having to use strategy in your battles, as to overcome your opponents.
All in all, this is a MMORPG, is worth being anticipated.

Lost Ark

Lost Art Is a isometric Action MMORPG, now, you might be thinking, is it just like every other isomentic action MMORPG out there? With you just running dungeons over and over, or something
like a path of exile rip? You’re in luck it’s neither! In fact it’s actually quite different to the norm. Lost Ark has a traversable open map that you can travel across with your ship. Not only
that but you can also discover hidden areas and find hidden treasure while exploring the world map! Besides the world exploring it’s got very fast and flashy combat as most isomentric action mmorpgs
have, with a horde of classes to play through. Now This MMORPG isn’t out yet in Korea, but after many delays it’s been in CBT and, if there are no more delays, it should be released this year at least
in Korea. I know that many of you, will hate the idea, that it will not be released in English, but maybe someone will make a english patch for Lost Ark, so we all can enjoy the game. Here’s hoping!
In essence it’s a fun looking isometric MMORPG with a new spin, not just the same old thing, repeated.

Bless Online

Bless Online is one of the larger hyped MMORPGs, since it was announced to be release, which was all the way back in early 2017, when revelation online’s release was released.
so, yeah.. a while ago. Now Bless Online, has encountered many a problem along its road to release, from its server being shut down, and the korean server being bare, also Aeria Games cancelling
there deal to bring it to the west, which.. in this case isn’t a bad thing, but still worth pointing out.
However there’s been some success in regards to the japanese version for Project rebuild, it’s actually got a good population. There’s been some good news stating, Neowiz will be bringing Bless Online to steam within 2018 globally, which is
fantastic, right? Now most of this is older information, so let’s get to the good stuff, which is what this game actually is.
Bless Online is a open world, hybrid MMORPG, with features such as, an in depth monster capturing & leveling, that can either be your travelling companion that can gift you boons, such as increased XP, damage, defence, or gains from
gathering; or a mount that can also be upgraded, and leveled that can increace your movement speed, jumping height etc. Then there’s world flying, an engaging story with a plethora of voiced cutscenes, beautiful visuals, no gender
locked classes, in depth skill system & a ever improving combat system. Speaking about the combat, it has a hybrid combat style, similar to Guild Wars 2, being classes, that have tab target skills, and action skills that require no target.
For instance the Beserker class as it is, based off of the Project Rebuild uses full action combat thus not requiring a target, where as the mage or assassin primarily use tab target
So why is it so hyped? First of all, because it’s something people have been waiting for, something some what different whilst still feeling familiar, yet some people prefer the older traditional feeling MMORPG, in a new skin with new features.
Generally guys, there’s too much information, regarding Bless Online so I’ll leave it here.

Ascent: Infinite Realm AIR

Ascent Infinite Realm or better known as AIR, is an MMORPG that has just resontly made it onto the upcoming MMORPG radar as it was made known just this year. Why is it on this list you might ask, Surely it’s not going to be released so soon?
The answer to that is yes and no. No, it’s not going to be released in English 2018, however it will most likely be in a playable within the year. I mean more than a CBT test, as it’s already had that.
Lets go over what AIR is actually about and why I am personally looking forward to playing it.
AIR is a steampunk Open World MMORPG, the game revovles around the air, with ariel combat, controllable air ships with, mechanical wings for gliding, and mechs for ground combat.
The graphics for AIR can be perceived as breath takingly beautiful, probably the best on the whole list, as it’s the yongest MMORPG on this list as well. Much like the other titles listed here, AIR has an engaging plot, and interesting features. Some of which
are, house creation, creating custom airships, breeding monsters that can be your mount or companion and customize there look, and many more features. All of this makes me really excited for AIR’s release, even if at the beginning,
I’ll have to play it in Korean. The only thing I’m not sure I’ll like is the combat, now I can’t say for certain as I haven’t personally played it as of yet, but it does “seem” slow and pretty basic in terms of special effects.
But that could just be early level.
All In all AIR has so many features I cant wait to try out, the world looks amazing the “steampunk theme” everything. I am definitely playing this MMORPG as soon as possible!


CrowFall is a westeren MMORPG with a finite world system. Within the world of Crowfall nothing is constant, everything has an end no matter what you do. Now.. All of the worlds you play, in this game, are first of all procedurally generated and each and everyone one of these finite worlds goes through a a cycle of spring to winter, when said world reaches winter the world ends, with everything achieved there being erased, with a new world beginning.
Generally the world will last in real time, 3 months to a year, depending on what happens. Another thing to point out, is that with each passing season the worlds recources become more and more scares, and the monster become
harder. Crowfall has a ton of races and classes to choose between, even races you never thought you’d ever be able to play, like a Centaur, or a hulking.. cow. Ignoring the unique world system, the races and classes, Crowfall has
an indepth crafting system. In fact, to go into detail in any part of Crowfall would need it’s own video dedicated to it.
While there’s been no confirmed date for this game yet, it has been rumored it might be released this year. So I thought it fitting to be on this lists.
Crowfall is an interesting MMORPG, definitly something to keep your eye on in the coming months, I just hope it doesn’t turn out bad!

Final Notes

Well guys this is it! This is at least my personal picks for what upcoming MMORPGs you should look out for this year!
There are other games coming out, many without a date or even a rumored date, so I decided to leave them out.
I hope you guys enjoyed this list, if not I hope I alerted you to some MMORPGs you may not have heard of before.
Before I end this video though, I would like to ask what MMORPGs are you looking forward to this year? If you have any!
Either way thank you for watching this video and I’ll be seeing you guys in the next video and or live stream!

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