The Best Mobile MMORPG, Android, iOS Games of 2019

The Best Mobile MMORPG, Android, iOS Games of 2019

Honkai Impact 3rd

You cannot have a list of any kind pertaining to mobile games and not include Honkai Impact 3rd. It’s just.. not possible. It is one of the best animated most highly engrossing games on mobile devices and I cannot get enough of it.
Its graphical quality could rival a PC MMO, its combat could rival even non-mobile games – I daresay right now, in the West, it has one of the most fluid forms of play of any game I’ve played.
Then the game itself is heavily driven by plot – and yes, that kind of plot as well. Plot is in abundance, everywhere I go, everywhere I look. Both character plot and story-related.
This is by far the best game I’ve played on a mobile device. I would recommend it to anyone.

Rangers of Oblivion

This has to be included. Rangers of Oblivion is an MMORPG that plays like a Monster Hunter game. You have a hub, you take quests from the hub and then you go out into instanced off zones to complete them.
Character creation is probably one of the best I’ve seen in a Mobile MMO. I’ve seen maybe, maybe 2 other games with comparable quality creators, one of which I’ll list later on.
But the sheer amount of customization left me almost jealous that most PC MMOs don’t have nearly as good creators. And the game is fully voiced!
For a mobile MMO! Granted the voice acting is a little cringe, but so are most Asian ports of PC MMOs. Combat was pretty good, nothing exceptional.
I found myself awkwardly dodging and failing to aim my magics but I had a lotta fun in it.

Epic Seven

I couldn’t not include this. It was our most requested game up until I finally did a video on it. And I could understand why. I mentioned Honkai Impact being one of the best looking mobile games, and so is this.
You cannot look at gameplay from Epic Seven – or even the character models, and say that this is anything other than beautiful.
Granted there’s no character creation that I’m aware of, it is a Waifu collector that has you go out and unlock tons of super adorable females to send out to battle. Males too, but most people don’t care about that.
Combat unlike Rangers of Oblivion and Honkai Impact is not action, but turn based, rather, which is an interesting difference.
You cannot play this without looking at it in awe. It truly is that good looking.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Another one I had to include because it’s possibly the most accurate interpretation of the Sword Art Anime I’ve seen on mobile devices. The character creator is fantastic.
Not as detailed as some of the other games here but not disappointing at all. Combat was a hybrid of tab-target and action while the game itself was completely open-world. Well, kind of open-world.
You weren’t stuck in a hub taking missions. Instead, you took quests, went out to a large variety of zones and completed them just like in any other MMO.
This has lead to some people calling it “uninspired” or “basic” but honestly.. that makes it better to me. A traditional MMORPG on mobile devices? Yes please.
We have MMO channels. How could we not give credit for a basic non-mobile MMO on mobile?

Dragon Nest M

Successor to the popular PC game with the same title.. minus the M, Dragon Nest M deserves a spot here purely because of how fun it is. Graphically, it isn’t anything special.
It looks about as good as its PC counterpart did, maybe a little more HD honestly. Combat was auto lock on which was a little disappointing though. Also the lack of character customization was a bit of a downer for me.
And the voice acting? If you have yet to, then I recommend going and checking out my video if only to see how the voice acting is. It’s perfect.
But where this game shines is that its autoplay features are pretty much non existant at later levels. A mobile MMORPG with no use of autoplay? Hell yes!

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Everyone that has dabbled in the MMO genre over the years knows all about Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love? That’s the mobile version of Ragnarok Online.. but a better looking version. Much better.
Crisp, HD graphics and a brand new take on the franchise.
Eternal Love has pretty decent character customization, attribute points allowing for a lot of actual character customization – something I’ve noticed is sorely missing from MMOs on mobile devices, and the combat is very reminiscent of the old Ragnarok Online game.. which was pretty cool for me.
I loved Ragnarok Online. There’s an auto-combat feature but it seems useful for AFK-grinding when you’re busy as there is a limit on how much you can actually grind before you can no longer gain XP.
All in all, pretty traditional Mobile MMO. Could definitely recommend and I definitely enjoyed myself.

Azur Lane

I believe this was the very first mobile game I ever played. And boy was it difficult!
I didn’t fully grasp the controls, the whole “Waifu collector” aspect of the game was so foreign to me and the combat system took a lotta getting used to but after that… it probably became one of my favorite games.
You can’t auto-play this which admittedly may be part of the reason I enjoy it so much but the combat – which requires you be aware of what’s actually going on, and the graphical style are some of the cutest I’ve seen.
Your Waifus look fantastic, and the loading screens.. holy, don’t even get me started on those. Like most games of its kind you operate out of a menu that has you deploy your Waifus on missions to progress the story.
Outside of that, the main goal of the game is to build the largest harem you can.

Dawn of Isles

One of the 3 best character creators I’ve seen in a mobile game. Yup, this game has it. Dawn of Isles.. man, what an exciting game.
I played it before it launched and it was one of the most fun experiences I’d had on a mobile device. Extensive customization, survival aspects that require you to craft equipment like axes, picks and other items, food and more.
You go out, chop down trees, harvest resources, do combat with monsters, level, gear up and progress like you would through any other MMO but.. well, I’ve never seen a survival MMO before now.
Combat was pretty good and a lotta fun although you did require a target to actively fight things. So no the combat was not action but it is probably one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played.
Everything felt so high quality and everything just melded together so perfectly. I couldn’t have hoped for it to have been any better.

Alchemia Story

And here we have it, the final game on this list. And also the other mobile game with comparatively good customization to Rangers of Oblivion and Dawn of Isles.
Alchemia Story is an MMORPG that my wife MrsStix plays with me, and my sister Wiggy plays with her Asian boytoy.
It offers one of the largest, most expansive game worlds I’ve ever seen in a mobile game and surprisingly, old JRPG styled combat that takes you into a separate loading screen for every encounter.
This makes the game feel very much like an old JRPG with modernized graphics – which is very cool.
There is no singular quest hub that you take quests from and there is no small instanced off zone that you run around in. It’s a full, complete PC MMO.. on mobile.

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    Viktor Saut Reply
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    I guess the newcomer Rise of Nowlin ready to step in as one of high demand game on South East Asia.

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