The Best MMORPGs You Don’t Know About That You Should Try Out!

The Best MMORPGs You Don't Know About That You Should Try Out!

Today I’ll be going over what I believe are fun MMORPGs that are generally unheard of by the large majority of people, and just generally have a small or pretty non existent player base. nevertheless they’re still fun and mostly unique F2P MMORPGs!

So yeah, none of these MMORPGs are Buy to Play (B2P) or Pay to Play (P2P) – they are all completely Free to Play (F2P), therefore if something catches your eye, you’re capable of jumping right into it! Once it’s done downloading of course.

A Tale in the Desert

This is a very unique MMORPG, and a very old one that surprisingly not many people actually know of. So a Tale in a desert doesn’t have combat, this MMORPG isn’t about killing monsters, it’s about creating a world or community.

So in A tale in a desert, to become a better player, instead of trying to level up, you instead need to complete “tests” which will make you more proficient in a specific area’s like Architecture, Body, Leadership, etc. Once you complete these test, you advance in rank. Generally making your life easier. Your rank can be upgraded all the way till Oracle, once you’ve reached this rank you can then build a monuments.

A Tale in Desert’s world isn’t constant like that of other MMORPGs. After a certain a mount of time, they wipe the content, which are referred to as “tellings”.

Granado Espada

Now some of you may have heard of this, but it’s definitely a unique and generally un-heard of, at least in regards to newer MMORPG players. Granado Espada is a fantasy MMORPG, with I guess some RTS mixed in. Unlike in other more traditional MMORPGs, Granado Espada allows you to control 3 characters at any given time. Each character has there own class, and skills/stances that you control as you can swap between any of the three characters whenever you want.

This isn’t the only thing good about Granado Espada however. As it also has a very unique art style, fantastic musical scores, and while you can have three part members, you can change them whenever you want, and even unlock NPC cards, and use them in your team.

Granado Espada is definitely a unique, fun mmorpg that’s been forgotten in the mass horde of generic MMORPGs.

Sphere 3: Enchanted World

To start off, Sphere 3, unlike most MMORPGs released is Russian made. Although while it is from a Russian company, it’s in complete English. So what exactly is Sphere 3 all about? Well it’s an Action Fantasy MMORPG, therefore there’s no tab target combat, which is nice as there isn’t a lot of open world MMOs with action combat. Granted it’s not the smoothest combat, but it’s still good and enjoyable.

While Sphere has a focus around PvP, and castle sieges, there’s still a lot of PvE content, with dungeons, raids, and general story content. Going back onto the sieges for a moment, this is one of Sphere 3 key features, and you can attack castles and take them over. Or defend your own castle. Although don’t expect this MMORPG to be easy, as there’s no healer in this game, and the monsters are very punishing.

While Sphere 3 is a fun MMORPG with players still actively playing, that’re friendly, granted a small amount of players. But players nevertheless. Do not though, that Sphere 3 isn’t very polished, so if you’re looking for something that plays like a AAA titles, Sphere 3 isn’t the MMORPG for you.

Knight Online

Knight Online or (USKO) as it is commonly referred too, is an older MMORPG as it was released at least in NA in 2004. So don’t expect this to have fantastic graphics. In Knight Online you have 2 factions at war, AKA Humans, and co vs Orcs, and there allies, which allows for World PvP. Now you start off with a basic class, which you’ll stay until reaching level 10, once 10, your class will advance to the next stage until level 60 where it’ll advance again.

Now, unlike the other MMORPGs listed so far, Knight Online has a larger playerbase. As I can personally say, that while playing this game myself I in counted many people, not just AFK people in stalls, but running around doing quests. So there’s at least new players still joining. Which is a good sign.

Knight Online has its focus on PvP related content, with Lunar Wars, Castle Sieges and Battlefields. Besides this, Knight Online plays similarly to most older MMORPGs with tab target combat.

Although, I will point out that, some of the user base believe that it can be P2W. Whether or not Knight Online is or is not, I can’t say. As I have no personal experience regarding Knight Online’s cash shop, and the statement is divided among the playerbase, although I thought it was still pertinent information.

Dream of Mirror Online

Now you may have heard of DOMO before, as it’s it was originally an Aeria games title, but since 2012 that’s no longer the case. DOMO was originally shut down in 2012, and didn’t come back up until 2015 on steam, all thanks to the many fans wanting the opportunity to play it again.

DOMO is a cell shaded-esque, Anime inspired MMORPG, where you can pick between 4 playable races to begin your journey with. Now, like a lot of the MMORPGs on this list, DOMO is a dated game, and has dated controls, but it makes up for this in some nice features and a small, yet dedicated playerbase. Some of the features are as follows:

Marriage, while not being a unique feature anymore it’s still nice to have in games. However getting married or, even becoming someones mentor isn’t just for bragging rights or titles, it also gives you in game benefits. Then there’s flying and flying mounts, crafting, treasure hunts, and profession swapping!

DOMO is a rather unknown, fun Anime MMORPG that’s a little clunky going by today’s standers, but if you can get past it, you’ll no doubt enjoy yourself.

Rohan: Blood Feud

Rohan is a fantasy MMORPG that was released in 2008 be YNK interactive. Rohan even though it was released a while ago, it still holds up well in regards to the character models and graphics, nothing fancy, but still pretty good! Now, Rohan plays similarly to most fantasy MMORPGs, you explore, quest, fight against monsters and other players. However there’s a special feature regarding guilds in Rohan, which allows you to controle areas within the game. Once you own a area you can battle against other guilds, which isn’t an uncommon feature in MMORPGs nowadays, but still worth pointing out.

There are seven races in Rohan, which are Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dark Elf, Dekan, Dhan, and Giants. These races can only be specific classes, so you can’t for instance be a healing Half elf, or a Giant that uses a bow. All of these races have race specific mounts and pets, with there own unique abilities.

Rohan has an emphasis on PvP, with town battles, guild battles, world PvP, that lists the last 50 players that beat you in PvP combat. Giving you the ability to teleport to any of them, whenever you want, to inactivate your revenge.

A quick note, that there have been people to say that Rohan is now a P2W title on our videos, so while I don’t have any personal experience with this, It’s worth mentioning, so if you do decide to try out this Obscure MMORPG, you’ve at least been warned about it.

Disregarding whether or not it’s P2W, as I can’t give an accurate opinion regarding that, Rohan: Blood Feud seemed like a fun fantasy MMORPG, even if it’s a bit slow.

Wonderland Online

So as you can probably already tell, Wonderland Online doesn’t look like your average MMORPG, well, it doesn’t play like one either. To start off Wonderland Online is a anime inspired 2D, turn-base MMORPG, where you start off as a ship wrecked survivor. Wonderlands world imitates our own, with countries being represented in the game like, England, Greece, Japan and Egypt. While it’s more “realistic” Wonderland still has magic, and fantasy elements.

Wonderland is a very story driven game, with tons of dialog, are recruit-able party members. While you have your own party members, you can still party up with other players, however as soon as you join said party, only the party leader can control where you go.

In essence Wonderland Online is a traditional RPG game that’s online, and while the player base is low, as it’s been around for years now. It still has a friendly and dedicated community of people playing.

It’s a very time consuming MMORPG, but if you’re looking for something different, Wonderland might be the MMORPG for you.

Dungeon Hero

Dungeon Hero, or Hero of the Obelisk as it was originally called is an Anime inspired action MMORPG, where you take on the role as hero, ready to take down evil monster, tackle dungeons, and of course an MMORPG classic, take menial tasks AKA quests.

Joking aside, Dungeon Hero is a relatively unheard of MMORPG, that has surprisingly smooth action combat and fantastic anime graphics, although it may not appeal to everyone considering the anime style is “chibi”.

Dungeon Hero isn’t just a dungeon crawler however, as you can instanced dungeons ad the name implies, however there are also open areas, filled with monsters where you can see people fighting and completing quests. So its not a full dungeon crawling MMORPG, it’s I guess a hybrid.

Because everything with in Dungeon Hero is styled cute and chibi, I can see some people finding this MMORPG repetitive, but it’s definitely worth at least trying, if you enjoy action MMORPGs!

Loong Online

Loong Online is a Chinese Wuxia themed fantasy MMORPG. Loong Online, or however you actually pronounce it.. doesn’t actually have classes, instead you’ve got weapons and weapon skill trees that determine the skills you use and your general combat. Loong Online has a vast world, tons of quests to complete, some rewarding, some plain and tedious. Pets in Loong function differently then the ones found in most MMORPGs, because while you can have some pets that just derp around, following you along your journey, the others are actually mounts. These mounts return to pet form when not in use, which is a small feature, granted, but hey, I think it’s pretty cool.

Loong Online also has full world PvP, which to some is a downer, as you will no doubt in-counter people who just grief you to no end, but Loong Online, the game itself, is actually a lot of fun, if you can get past the intricate skill/weapon system, and the general lack of players.

Requiem: Memento Mori

This is the only, “R” rated MMORPG on this list and is I guess one of the only “R” rated MMORPG still alive. Requiem Memento Mori, is a gory game, it’s filled with pixel violence, with monsters limbs flying off as the enemy dies, or they just end up exploding. If you, the player suffers too much damage you’ll be drenched in blood.. did I mention this was gory?

So Requiem Memento Mori, or let’s just call it requiem, is an MMORPG set it a post apocalyptic world that’s overrun by deformed mutated monsters. In requiem, besides doing the normal things one does when playing MMORPGs, AKA quests, grinding, exploring and generally leveling up, you yourself can turn into a Demon. What type of demon you turn into is dependant on your Race you are. The classes within requiem are locked behind specific races however. Said races are Turan, which are the “humans” Bartuk, Kruxena and the Xenoa. These races can be 2 classes each, which can upgrade to another 4 once reaching 50.

Requiem is a strange, unique and fun MMORPG, don’t let the dull visuals stop you from trying this one out!

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